Saturday, March 21, 2009


Greetings! It is cold and clear in Chester County, PA I have to type quickly because I am on schedule to deliver an antique love seat to a beautiful old Chester County Farmhouse this morning. It has been reupholstered in a thick, tightly woven Lee Jofa print and looks aged and awesome. I have finished painting the rattan furniture finally along with the side table and have reupholstered the chair seats and made cushy back pillows out of a Carole Fabrics printed microfiber floral pattern. I will bet that you thought that Microfiber came in solids only, right? Well, Carole Fabrics 'Tapestria' line came to the rescue again. I have already placed the sofa cushions and brick colored diamond quilted upholstery weight fabric into my truck (late last night) so I wouldn't forget to hand it to the upholsterer today. I also have to pick up the taupe vinyl and all of these outdoor fabrics make sense as it is Springtime now and people are ready to move outdoors. This is the opposite of the past several months when it was hard to get someone to do a late evening freeze time power walk with me. Now Spring has sprung and also apparently have outdoor furniture springs. To the rescue! Speaking of opposites and not in a positive way but, it is what it is...on this day in 1788 a fire in New Orleans left most of the town in ruins. We all remember the effects of Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005. Water did the same years later. Back to pretty things! After the shop today I am visiting friends in Haverford and always have a great time with them. Tomorrow morning I measure a full house for new carpeting which will take me quite a while as I am uhm, particular. As long as it goes well and I don't get odd Uncle Horatio, that crazy loon to install, it will be dandy. I remembered to turn my phones off last night so as not to be disturbed by odd hour crazy callers. It must be going around! But not on my home phones! I have to run now. Have a great day and if someone says something dumb, turn it into something intelligent. Make it opposite day only if it is for the good.
"About the time we can make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends." Herbert Hoover