Thursday, March 5, 2009

...every little thing...

Greetings. It is 24 degrees here in Chester County, PA and it will only be getting warmer. Yippeee! Yesterday was spent painting footstools, tables and rattan to create a 'Beach House (Cottage House) look. It takes a lot of time to make shiny new things appear aged and vintage. I should be finished by week's end and will then do the paint remover thing. Why do it every day when I can go around looking odd? I ran into AD who is off to CA to golf. Have fun! Fore.

I also 'ran into' a friend from High School via email. The back and forth messages were short but sweet and as it turns out I happened to have made a huge difference in her life. She actually told me that I pretty much saved her sanity in those years. Wow. What a nice thing to say and what a tiny barometer of mental health also! Glad to have been of service. Sometimes we never know what little things we do can make changes in people's lives. For better or worse, so be nice. If not nice, then at least don't be cruel just be quiet.

Every little thing can have an effect on this universe. Just think back to this day in 1770. Five Americans, including a black man named Crispus Attucks, and a boy are killed by British troops in an event that would contribute to the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War five years later. In short, a tense situation developed because of a heavy British military presence in Boston and that boiled over to incite brawls between soldiers and civilians.

This eventually led to troops discharging their muskets after being attacked by a rioting crowd. Three civilians were killed at the scene of the shooting, and two died after the incident. It sparked a rebellion in some American British Colonies and culminated in the Revolutionary War about five years later. So don't strut around seeking all kinds of power. It could blow up in your faces. Don't take any crap either. Find the fine line and be decent.

Speaking of such...I spoke with a gal from Penn Dot yesterday and they have begun to process my paperwork. They still aren't sure where my vehicle title is, but geez. it really has only been...well, it will be a year on March 28th. Maybe my documents will show up on that day and it will be an anniversary of sorts. I placed my accessory order yesterday also and included the Al Fresco Metal Bird Furniture. I am interested in seeing if it will 'fly' out of the shop...pun intended, or I will be dusting it off seasonally. We shall see. Sometimes what I think is fun is a bit too off the mark. I received clever cocktail napkins in the mail too and I love getting fun things. I put one to use last evening. This morning I am thankful because, rather than the park, we walked the neighborhood. One of the reasons that we go to the park is for privacy and less vehicular action. Well, today the Schipperke thought that he would show a School Bus who was boss and darted out. Thank God he is fine but we will be back to the park again tomorrow. I will also buy another leash. This one is maybe a month old and never should have gone on unlock like it did. Check your leashes every time people. Yikes and phew! Have a great day. Today's photo is my Al Fresco Metal Bird Tray Table.
"Words may show a man's wit but actions his meaning." Benjamin Franklin