Thursday, March 12, 2009

...fireside chats...

Greetings from a sunny, cold Chester County, PA. Last evening, after a great workout I did some birthday shopping for my niece who turns the big 16 this year. It was not a car dealership KK, I am sorry to say. Then a friend came over for dinner and we decided to eat outside. As evening turned into night I lit oil lamps and we had our own kind of fireside chat. The moon was full and the sky was covered in storm clouds although it never did storm. I saw a shooting star through a break in the formation and am sure that it wasn't an airplane. We pushed the season by grilling and it was nice. I put another coat of Sea Shore Paint on the outdoor furniture that I am (still) 'vintaging' and the pieces will need at least two more coats. I didn't figure on this, but on thew other paint splattered hand, some jobs that I think will take eons are finished in a jiffy. It tends to even out in the end. It seems that JF and I aren't the only ones to have Fireside Chats. On this day in 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the nation for the first time as President. in his first Fireside Chat to the United States. His "fireside chats" were considered enormously successful and attracted more listeners than the most popular radio shows during the "Golden Age of Radio." Roosevelt continued his broadcasts into the 1940s, as Americans turned their attention to World War Two. I placed an order for another Shower Curtain using buttonholes at the top rather than grommets. I prefer that look and the one that I made for MW looks better in that fashion. This curtain is a Kravet Indigo on Cream Toile entitled 'House Party' and I can well imagine it being most properly named for the house that it will be adorning. These folks are wonderful people. I wish that you could meet them. I picked up the parking bulbs for my SUV late yesterday also and will change them today. It is always wise to drive your vehicle up to a window and then back it up, to check out all of your lights from time to time. When I see one is out, I buy two and simply change them both as it is only a matter of time before the other bulb goes. It also gives the police better things to handle than pulling someone over for an outted light bulb. Have a great day.
"Beware how you take away hope from another human being." Oliver Wendell Holmes