Wednesday, March 18, 2009

...charge on!...

Greetings from a sunny and what promises to be warm Chester County morning! Yesterday's installation went 24 out of 25 as a factory error, albeit a small one took my perfect score from me. But I will not wallow! I will have the minor adjustment ready and have 25 more window treatments to install tomorrow. Charge on I say! Speaking of which, on this day in 1850, American Express was founded by Henry Wells and William Fargo. 'Oh, the Wells Fargo Wagon is a 'comin'... anyway, charging on...

Romantic Homes! is featuring my 'Gilded Songbird Needlepoint Pillow' in it's June issue and that makes me very happy. If you do not already subscribe to this stylish interiors magazine, please treat yourselves. They have constants in every issue, a few examples of which are:
“Make It”—Craft or sewing project • “Insider Trading”—Tips and resources for homeowners
“Browsing”—shopping ideas • “Shopkeeping”—Inspirational stores across the country, Top 10 sellers and area information...
Fabrics, wall coverings, fine furnishings, vintage vavoom style, collectibles, entertaining ideas, beautiful homes and more.

I phoned my carpet installation service late yesterday to get pricing on a large job that I am calculating for Sunday and got a Circus Barker on the phone by mistake. He should have answered the phone by saying "Ringling Brothers, how may I direct your call?" Yikes. It was probably someones crazy Uncle Horatio filling in while someone visited the facilities.

This morning I will board mount box pleated valances and a few indigo blue toile swags, keep some shop hours, and then get my Mt. Bike and ride late in the afternoon. Yahoo for warmer weather! Have a great day, charge on and if Uncle Horatio calls you, be polite as always but keep it short.
Here is the link to their magazine...Romantic Homes!

"Don't you know that silence supports the accuser's charge?" Sophocles