Thursday, December 31, 2009

...goodbye 2009

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! It is snowing right now in Chester County, PA and the pine trees look beautiful. How do you plan to spend your evening? Many make loud noises like cans being dragged by vehicles along the road to embrace the new year. Others wear polka dots in order for their next year to be fruitful. Others buy and display round fruits like watermelon, melon, oranges, etc. on their tables to get more blessings for the upcoming year. Others scatter coins all over the house and stock up coins inside their purses and pockets as to invite and maintain luck. Sweeping dust on the floor is forbidden since the "luck" will go away, so put away the broom and other cleaning devices. Explain it to fussy Aunt Gertrude after her third glass of champagne. She will understand. Some say that if you jump at exactly 12:00 am on January 1, you'll get taller. Let Tom Cruise know that. Cleansing our souls with alcoholic beverages is another New Years Eve practice. Apparently my soul gets cleansed often during the year.
On this day in 1904 the first New Year's Eve celebration was held in Times Square (then known as Longacre Square) in New York, New York. Joan Rivers hosted having just turned the legal drinking age. I am off to pick up SB's doggy from Primrose so have a happy, safe and healthy NYE and 2010.
"There is nothing more uncommon than common sense." Frank Lloyd Wright

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

...hanging on by a thread

Hello. The ceiling at work caved in due to a lot of ice build up but no one was knocked unconscious. From what I can tell. Challenges occur but we must keep raising the bar on what we can do. Do you ever feel like you are "Hanging On By A Thread?" Be thankful for the thread people. Tomorrow night many ring in the New Year by toasting with alcohol. Please be responsible while also having a great time. Come to think of it, on this day in 1919 Lincoln's Inn in London admitted its first female bar student. I believe that she sipped on a Gin and Tonic, but I was next door at the time and cannot report accurately. If you hit the link and listened to Smokey Robinson and thought it sounded Carpenters-like, you are right. Richard Carpenter arranged and sang backup vocals. Light a candle this evening for 'purpose.' Karen Carpenter wanted to duet with an African American singer way back in the early 70's. She thought that record charts should embrace the music, not the color of the artists skin. Hang on everyone! Everything will work out as God wants it to. Have fun today and I wish everyone silk if you are hanging on by a thread.
"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." Franklin D. Roosevelt

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hi. There are two more days in 2009. What do you plan to do with them? Many people that I have spoken to are more than ready to bid adieu to this year and bring on 2010. Yes, it has been a challenging year for many but personally, I am not that ready to say goodbye. Not that I have a choice. Luckily I have a blog that is a sort of new age diary and can easily look back to all of the good things that happened this year. Even if I deleted the posts they would hover somewhere out there. Was it a challenging year? Yes. Was even the most simple of tasks, (like delivering a box of Holiday chocolates to the mechanic, that almost started a police chase)a way to test my mettle? Maybe. All I can say is, road closed and everything else, they did receive the candy. I don't want 2009 to be extinct. No one can take away the memories, as long as I have a blog and/or my current mental state. On this day in 2003 the last known speaker of Akkala Sami died, rendering the language extinct. My concern is, if he was the only one who spoke that language, it must have been lonely for him prior to his death. There are two more days left in 2009. Make the best of them. We can always hope and pray that 2010 is a better year, God willing. "B" will probably buy the pictured table, but don't worry. They can make more. They are not yet extinct, or backordered...yet.
"Keep the faith, don't lose your perseverance and always trust your gut extinct."
Paula Abdul
*cough* that wasn't a typo on my part...

Friday, December 25, 2009

...Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Make the Yule-tide gay,
From now on,
our troubles will be miles away.

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more.

Through the years
We all will be together,
If the Fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.
And have yourself A merry little Christmas now.

...peace, love, and goodwill everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

...egg nog

Hi. Are the stockings hung by the chimney yet? It is a blustery 23 degrees here in Chester County, PA this morning.Last minute errands and adjustments are being made by many in preparation for Santa's arrival. Don't forget to leave something for him. He will need all of the fortification that he can get. Maybe a plate of cookies or some eggnog. As most of us know, eggnog is a sweetened dairy-based beverage made with milk, cream, sugar, beaten eggs (which gives it a frothy texture), and flavoured with ground cinnamon and nutmeg; alcoholic versions also exist, but not for Rudolph. He needs to stay keen to lead the sleigh. Some cadets were keen on getting their drink on, this day in 1826. The Eggnog Riot at the United States Military Academy began that night, wrapping up the following morning. What a party that was! It was caused by the smuggling of whiskey by three cadets two days prior to the incident across the Hudson River to make eggnog for a Christmas Day party in the North Barracks that would eventually involve more than one-third of the cadet class by the time the riot ceased on Christmas morning. A subsequent investigation by Academy officials would result in seventy implicated names and court-martialing of nineteen of the cadets and one enlisted soldier. Among the participants in the riot, though he was not court-martialed was Jefferson Davis, soon to be known as " I'll have another one Davis."
Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Be smart, be safe and have a great time.
"Never be haughty to the humble or humble to the haughty." Jefferson Davis
" Two Advil are better than one" Jefferson Davis, the following morning...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Greetings. The delivery went great yesterday as we lugged furniture upstairs without even dinging a wall! Even the client pitched in which is often rare. Their dog Figaro helped also. When I took him outside and threw a snowball for him, his bewilderment on where it disappeared felt cruel to me. I didn't throw a second one. That's not rare when it comes to me and animals. Friends are here from Naples, FL and are adjusting to the colder temperatures. I was walking around in a turtleneck; they had on layers and layers and one friend was grasping a hand warmer. The blood must thin after a few months. Speaking of both rare and blood, on this day in 1972 the 16 survivors of the Andes flight disaster were rescued after 73 days, having survived by cannibalism. Happy Holidays! My 'overnight' tassel trim arrived a week later but I understand at this time of year.It would be rare to receive it on schedule. It isn't like it was a Holiday present. Have fun, wrap but don't get too wrapped up that you miss the true meaning of this time of year. Sing carols also.
"Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own." Aesop

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 intercourse

Hi. It is the season for celebrating miracles. Hanukkah ended a few days ago and Christmas is fast approaching. Helping hands aided me late yesterday and that was a miracle in itself. I installed a 12', 3" diameter, solid wood pole and really thought that I could do it all by my lonesome. Thank you Dr. B! CN stopped over late last night, just after I returned home and we finally got to hang out for a while. God works in mysterious ways! Yes, we did have a martini but it was a teeny tiny one as both of us have become lightweights regarding alcohol. Now, let's talk about sex! Kidding. This is not that kind of a site. On this day in 1809 the Non-Intercourse Act, lifting the Embargo Act except for the United Kingdom and France, was passed by the U.S. Congress. It had to do with trade export, not, uhm, you know what. My guess tho' is that I will get a higher hit count on my blog due to it's misleading title. Today I deliver furniture with B and G and that will make MP a happy camper. Everything seems to be getting done. Do you find that in your life? I hope so. Have fun today, enjoy the little and large miracles that happen and when it comes to intercourse, well, that's none of my business. urgent! Click here to watch puppets perform your favorite carols!
"In human intercourse the tragedy begins, not when there is misunderstanding about words, but when silence is not understood." Henry David Thoreau

Monday, December 21, 2009

...I see little people

Hello. Enough snow for you? I don't have to lift a shovel here and it was cleared in no time. I love it; the dogs on the other hand looked like cartoon characters as none were taller than the snow. Dwarflike, in fact. I have finished wrapping local gifts...the ones that get shipped were finished a while ago. Don't peek! I am installing drapery if the trim comes in this morning. Precipitation precipitated timely delivery. Warning: Do Not Eat Chocolate Chip Cookies Before Bed unless you want a night filled with odd dreams. Yikes. Felliniesque to say the least...and I will. Back to dwarfs...little people these days. On this day in 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first full-length animated film ever, premiered at the Carthay Circle Theater. Chocolate chip cookies were served at the front counter along with Coke and Dots. Well, have a great day and get that shopping done! It isn't the thought that counts, it's the quality of the gift. Just kidding. I need to put down those cookies.

"He who knows best knows how little he knows." Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, December 20, 2009

...what's your sign?

Hi. Chester County, PA is covered in snow and it looks pretty amazing. All signs warned of a substantial snowfall and it sure happened! The white Bichon who lives here took one look at the white landscape and I think muttered, 'forget this' but I can't be certain. Snow blowers masked his exact words. Television reports keep referring to this as a Winter Storm, but Winter begins this year tomorrow. In truth, this is an Autumn Storm! Sign off on that, those who are detail oriented. On this day in 1968 the Zodiac Killer killed Betty Lou Jenson and David Faraday in Vallejo, California. He/she has never been identified. If you are in a singles bar and a freak comes up to you asking your sign, perhaps your reply should be "Do Not Enter." The huge mall near me actually closed yesterday. Merchants did not put "Yikes" signs on their doors as they left, so expect a flurry (get it) of activity this week as last minute shoppers reach for Pet Rocks, Tickle Me Elmo Dolls and the latest Partridge Family album. Have fun today, keep your eye on all kinds of signs and fly.
"Lead, follow, or get out of the way." Laurence J. Peter

Saturday, December 19, 2009

...let it snow!

Hello. It is snowing in Chester County, PA and it looks beautiful. Last evening as we were making a Train Cake, the doorbell rang. It was our friend from the park stopping by to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! We all ate cake and drank mint tea. I sent her off with two stockings. I had never been to her home but she claimed that the fabric looked familiar. Hmmmm. She emailed me this morning to tell me that she has two pillows and a quilt made from the same fabric that her Mom had made her. Coincidence? I think not! Happy Divine Connections, again and again. Happy Birthday Sandy O'Hara!

Oh the first snowfall of the winter
Was a day that we all waited for
When it drifted to and fro'
Why you should've seen the snow
It was near seven feet or more
By the old barn door

Oh the first snowfall of the winter
What a joy for a boy to behold
In each house you'll find a sleigh
That was waiting for this day
And of course, down the road a hill
For each Jack and Jill

Every winter breeze that scurries
Sets the snowflakes up in flurries
It's the good old sentimental season when
Folks put runners on their surreys
And forget about their worries
When a man becomes a boy once again

Oh the first snowfall of the winter
Jingle bells bring us spells ever dear
Under wintry skies of gray
It was snowing all the day
And it showed no signs of stopping
Every kid with eyes of popping
Will soon be belly-whopping on his ear

On the first snowfall of the winter
Oh the first snowfall of the year
The first snow of the year
Is just about the best snow
Well I'll say any snow
Is a pretty good show...

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." Bill Cosby

Friday, December 18, 2009

...times two

It's that time of year! I received furniture yesterday, a chair and ottoman, desk and desk chair and then an accessory order arrived. The driver was telling me how they have doubled their delivery routes but have to do it in half of the time. He had just finished a delivery in Center City, apparently hit a bridge and was afraid that he was going to be fired. How do you feel lately? Like you are doing twice as much to stay even? I totally understand. It can be challenging, to say the least but please hang tough. If only the strong survive then we all will. Even if everything we do is times two. On this day in 2002, then Governor of California Gray Davis announced that the state would face a record budget deficit of $35 billion, roughly double the figure reported during his reelection campaign one month earlier. Oops. I ran a yard short of a tassel trim this week so I kinda know how he felt. Have a great day, do it right the first time and double step if need be.
"If you fell down yesterday, stand up today." H. G. Wells

Thursday, December 17, 2009

...time flies when

Hello. I heard 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer' again and it still saddens me as this was Max's favorite song. It is still very different 'cause he is not physically here but I did see him on the sofa two nights ago. I was sober. Speaking of loss, I sent Dee Solitario my annual Christmas card and mybad, I am always so busy that the weeks fly. I received a card in response from her wonderful daughter who told me that Dee had died suddenly last August 26th. Dee rescued and housed dogs as her livelihood. She also had the battle of battles when eminent domain took her lovely home and property and was always kind, decent, caring and wonderful. I looked back to my blog from last year on August 26th to see if I had any 'feeling' about her sudden death because I am usually pretty good in that regard. I never wrote a blog on that day. Then I looked on August 27th, and there it was. Read if you want but it isn't necessary. Dee sent her regards to me and I felt them. Rest in Peace Dee! I will hold this years' Santa ornament in safe keeping. (She collected them.) I will not be surprised if it gets moved. Dee had a wonderful sense of humor. Now for safety tips during this Holiday Season.

Maintain holiday lights. Avoid overloading electrical outlets.
Use only nonflammable decorations that are placed away from heat vents and if using an artificial tree, make sure it's flame retardant and preferably not that hideous silver. I'm kidding.
Avoid using candles when unsupervised, sort of like small children and demented old oddities.
Select a fresh Christmas tree and keep it in water at all times; needles on fresh trees should be green and should not fall off easily.
Make a fire safety plan with an escape route; and practice doing it. This can also provide entertainment if you ring the bell at 3 in the morning and awaken people from a deep sleep. I don't recommend it, but it could prompt a few giggles. Just make sure you have received all of your gifts first.

Please also keep in mind the use of space heaters. There should be at least 36 inches of clear space between anything that can catch fire. Malfunctioning fire places or furnaces are also sources of danger. Homeowners and office managers should make sure they get their furnaces and fireplaces primed and ready for the winter. A lot of times smoke detectors aren't working or aren't even there, so please make the time to check these instruments and either replace the battery or replace the units altogether. I know that in some places the economy is a bit rough, so instead of that extra sweater for Aunt Nell, get the place safe. She will be fine. Please keep in mind that smoke kills more two and four legged people than the fire or flames.
I report this information out of love and caring for humankind. And if there are some not nice people who read this blog, it goes for you too. Just 'cause you may be a little mean doesn't determine that you need to suffer.
Have a great day and please try to take nothing for granted. Time flies.
"Only do what your heart tells you." Princess Diana

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

...sand castles

Hello. Last evening was spent wrapping and prepping USPS boxes for web orders. The UPS orders were dropped off yesterday so that the stocking can be hung by the chimney in a timely fashion. I have to be at my shop early today. I am receiving an upholstered furniture order, an accessory order and a man is coming in to pick up a bistro set from my floor. It is a surprise birthday present for his wife. shhhh! Things seem to be rolling along. All it takes is a lot of time, energy and cash. If anyone is coming up short on any of the three items listed, here are my replies.
Time: Turn your clocks back again. Like sands through the hourglass and all of that.
Energy: Sugar free light Ripe It the gross.
Cash: well, on this day two years ago, Ron Paul, not to be confused with the drag queen Ru Paul, raised a record amount of money online in a single day "money bomb." Over six million dollars in 24 hours.
Not that cash is the be all, end all. Gifts should come from the heart. I know, if you had a sand dollar for every time you heard that. But,if my website could only do a fraction of that amount! Have fun today as well as working and studying hard and keep it together as best you can. Realize also that sand castles look great sitting on a beach but there is no crime in washing them back to sea. We get many chances to build new ones.
"Even Castles made of sand, fall into the sea, eventually." Jimi Hendrix

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

...lean on me

Hi. We walked while it was still dark out this morning and weren't the only ones. It's hard to have a conversation with three leashes in hand and barking dogs, but I try to make the time anyway. It isn't all about me and the dogs. Sometimes people, even tertiary relationships need an ear. In a world full of people some can still feel alone. You can see it in their eyes if it's light enough out, or if you have enough light. I'm not saying to adopt everyone that you run into; that simply isn't wise. A wave, a nod of the head or a simple gesture of kindness goes a long way. We don't have enough time to walk a mile in every one's shoes that we encounter, and nodding our heads at everyone may cause some to think that you are suffering from a neurological disorder. Keep it simple, keep your eyes open and keep the light on. If a friend or family member is going through a hard time, take the time to really listen and think about what you and they are saying. People sometimes need to lean on you. Sometimes you need to lean on someone. Find the time and strength please. We are all human. On this day in 2001, the Leaning Tower of Pisa reopened after 11 years and $27,000,000 to fortify it, without fixing its famous lean. Have a lovely day, and do your best to be a strong lean-ee. Tomorrow you may be the lean-er.
Shown today are 'Canary Yellow Ceramic Bottles.' When you are finished with one, you can always put a lid on it.
"I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay." Dave Matthews

Monday, December 14, 2009

...if the shoe fits

Hello. Are your feet tired yet from all of the Holiday running around? Shoes, like mattresses, should be of the highest quality. Those ads stating "buy one, get one free" equals one pair, right? Maybe not, but don't skimp or you can't skip. Some cultures use shoes as a way of protest. Hopefully they don't go to Payless for that. On this day in 2008 President George W. Bush made his fourth and final (planned) trip to Iraq as president and almost got struck by two shoes thrown at him by Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi during a farewell conference in Baghdad. Shoeing, throwing shoes and/or showing the sole of one's shoe or using shoes to insult are forms of protest primarily associated with the Arab world. Whatever one thinks about a world leader, show some respect, don't shoe a lack thereof! Between UPS and USPS boxes, I am up to my neck in them, but am happy that orders keep coming in. Have a great day, show some soul but not sole and if you want a great gift for a friend or loved one, get them a pair of quality shoes. Dear friends own Wallach Shoes so keep it in the family. You shop, they ship. Shown today is the "Florentine Ceramic Footed Planter." Get it? 'Footed.'
Wallach's Shoes
(610) 642-6070
21 Haverford Station Rd
Haverford, PA 19041
"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled." Plutarch

Friday, December 11, 2009

...give me liberty

Hello. It's 25 degrees in Chester County, PA this morning. No wonder the boys ran rather than walked today.They don't like the cold but like their custom lined coats even less. They like the freedom of not being confined but I am only doing what I think best. Besides, they look cute walking together. Hmmm. Maybe it isn't all about them. Beau looks like he could guillotine me when I tie his teal toile coat on. Speaking of which, on this day in 1962 the last execution ever in Canada occurred when Arthur Lucas was murdered for murdering. My 'Needlepoint Dog Stockings' are a website hit apparently but now, as stock is dwindling and deft fingers are more than occupied, some may be disappointed. I can always alert them as to what breed stockings are left. Then they can go and rescue another dog for the Holidays! Have fun today and be as free as possible without being a jerk. "Florentine Tall Vase With Handles" shown. The Florentine line is old as the hills, but 'new'.
"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up." Paul Valery
Update: If you have any cash to spare, even the smallest denomination, please keep the Mazzoni Center in mind.

Mazzoni Center is Philadelphia's LGBT health center. We are the health professionals, social workers, HIV specialists, counselors, educators, and volunteers who are leading a revolution in LGBT health care.
Mazzoni Center • 21 S. 12th Street • Phila., PA 19107 • ph: 215-563-0652 • fax: 215-563-0664 • •

Thursday, December 10, 2009

...scum alert warning. Scopes verified virus!

Hey people! I have received many of these toxic emails. The supposedly come from UPS, FedEx and especially DHL freight. Please read the following and do not open the attachment.
A message to our customers about new virus Infostealer.Banker.C
Please be advised that if you received an email suggesting that DHL is attempting to deliver a package and asking that you open the email attachment in order to affect delivery, the email is fraudulent, contains a virus, and the package does not exist. Please do not open the attachment. This is due to the Infostealer.Banker.C virus, which has been confirmed to be a real virus attached to a fraudulent email.

This virus is not coming from DHL – the authors of the malicious email virus are only using the DHL name in their message to grab user's attention. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Peace. Not the real DHL. Pun intended. not the real deal...

...drapery side panel sale...part 2!

My Drapery Side Panel sale is continuing to provide a custom look for a very nice price. Patterns, silks, linens, cottons and more. Drapery Hardware is also priced to compete with your Holiday Shopping needs. Don't forget your windows! Call Jim at (610) 322-6081 or email me at for more information.
There are 8 heading options and many, many colors and textures from which to choose. Gift Certificates also available, but this special pricing ends on 12/31/2009. and green are Christmas colors

Hi. Blue and Silver are Hanukkah colors. Red, Black and Green are Kwanzaa colors. Red and Green are Christmas colors. On this day in 1868 the first traffic lights were installed outside the Palace of Westminster in London. Resembling railway signals, they used semaphore arms and were illuminated at night by red and green gas lamps. The semaphore was borrowed from railway traffic signals. Let's pretend for a moment that traffic signals were blue and silver. Pretty. Or red and black. Pretty! The silver may confuse people as it may match too closely with poles, and other metal hardware. Black may not illuminate into the night as well as green so things may come to a standstill. It would be fun if somehow colors could be alternated without creating more traffic havoc. Color blindness also comes into play. Have a great day and enjoy every color out there. I just added these cute 'Mini Lamps' to my website. Light up the world, or at least the roadways.
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 quest

The rain is falling rapidly over Chester County, PA this morning. I can still see the forest for the trees tho'. It isn't that heavy a rain. Juan Diego saw more than the forest on this day in 1531. The Virgin of Guadalupe first appeared to him in Tepeyac, Mexico City. According to the traditional account, the image appeared miraculously on the front of a simple peasant's cloak. Had it appeared on the current year's Chanel Blazer, button detailing and lining aspects would probably have distracted the 'seer' from the Virgin Mary. I believe that all of our minds have the capacity to see and know far more than many allow. Closed minds see even less. The energy of the universe has much to offer. We need to figure out how to see, listen and somehow harness that energy. Or just go with it. I received a returned, battered, bent, broken box from UPS and it looks as though a truck ran over it. They are denying the claim but I have taken it to a higher level and have provided photos showing the packaging. I will prevail. In the meantime I have ordered a replacement mirror for the client and am considering shipping it telepathically. I just can't figure out how to get them to sign for it. Have a great day, keep your eyes and your mind open and beware of company protocol. Sometimes it is a ruse for simply having f*cked up. Shown today are pieces of Ceramic Fruit. NO Zip Lock bags needed.
"As selfishness and complaint pervert the mind, so love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision." Helen Keller

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

...immaculate perception

Hi. It is downright cold in Chester County, PA today. A few more people bought the needlepoint tree skirts and luckily they are available to ship in time for the holidays. My Mom was born on this day and will celebrate her 21st birthday again in Heaven with, no doubt, many friends that she has met there. She is probably singing with John Lennon, who was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman in front of The Dakota apartment building in New York City on this day in 1980. My Mom used to perform a robust Patti LaBelle imitation into a hairbrush and am sure that she and John have come up with a few duets worthy of a record label. She visited me the other evening after a most grueling week. I had narrowly missed hitting two deer on my way home and planted myself on a sofa in my Living Room. All of a sudden I was surrounded by Chanel #5. Two dogs and the cats remained silent, but Charlie stood up and barked at nothing visible so Mom and I chatted a bit and then the perfume went away. Today Catholics celebrate the Immaculate Conception which is, according to Roman Catholic Dogma, the conception of the Virgin Mary without any stain of original sin. My Mom wanted to have T-Shirts made up when very young girls found themselves 'with child.' She wanted to call it the "Me Too Mary" line. It would have been a huge commercial success. Have a great day, take nothing for granted because we all know how things can change on a dime.
"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door." Coco Chanel

Monday, December 7, 2009

...pearl surprise

Hello. How is your shopping going? Many jewelry stores are advertising constantly and that is no surprise. This time of year makes up a major part of the retail precious jewel sales.A pearl is a hard, generally spherical object produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk. What a surprise to find such a gem inside! The shell and the pearl are made of calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form, which has been deposited in concentric layers. Bite one to see if it's real! Another surprise happened on this day in 1941. Before making an official Declaration of War, the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the US Pacific Fleet and its defending Army Air Forces and Marine air forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,(their time.) The surprise nature of it was the major factor in changing U.S. public opinion from an isolationist position to support direct participation in the war. The lack of any formal declaration prior to the attack led President Franklin D. Roosevelt to proclaim "December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy". No surprise was the warm reception that I received late yesterday when I met with LB. A total class act, just like her Mom. The pearl doesn't fall far from the shelled mollusk. Velvets in scarlet and celadon were chosen along with beaded trims and other details important to people with discerning taste. My 'Needlepoint Holiday Stockings' and 'Tree Skirts' are selling quite well via my website. I am always surprised when people find me from all parts of the continent. Have a great day and if you encounter a surprise, I hope it's the best kind.
"Continue to surprise those who would put you in a neat demographic. Be insistently curious." Gordon Gee

Friday, December 4, 2009

...rocking horse

Hi. How is your week going? If your office or school room seems like a prison cell, try to escape... even if only in your mind. On this day in 1875, notorious New York City politician Boss Tweed escaped from prison and fled to Cuba, then to Spain. He may or may not have hopped on a Rocking Horse, but let's pretend that he did. It makes the story all the more fun. I visited DL and SL...and KL last afternoon and chose Graber Pleated Shades and we had a chance to catch up. Thanks to NO, here is a Seasonal video that should warm even the coldest of hearts. Have fun today, work hard, study hard and take time to enjoy life also.

Click here: The Rocking Horse (Christmas Version).
"The way to have power is to take it." Boss Tweed

Thursday, December 3, 2009

...Tiger Woods

There once was a Tiger named Woods,
On the course he delivered the goods.
In the private sector,
They used a detector,
And invaded as much as they could.

The economy seems to be moot.
The jobless just may have to loot.
The deaths from the wars,
The slowness in stores,
For the media seem just a hoot.

Once there was time for the news.
Challenging more than ones views.
Now 'reality' thrives,
People cutting with knives,
Talking heads simply wait for their cues.

...a clever reader has added to my limerick. It reads as follows:
Tiger's shame is now all the news
With so many sharing their views

We liked him just fine when he stayed on the line
but it seems he had more on his mind.

Now the press watches his pain
there must be good money to gain

His world has exploded, his marriage imploded.
How will he handle all of this scandal?

Why do we care, because it is there
to remind us all that those who act small
will eventually fall. elouisem

On this day in 1929 President Herbert Hoover announced to the U.S. Congress that the worst effects of the recent stock market crash were behind the nation and the American people have regained faith in the economy. On a much lesser note, a Hollywood starlet privately entered a drug rehab, an affair was kept out of the spotlight and underwearless girls were not videotaped to advance theirs and the paparazzis careers.

"I wasn't naked, I was completely covered by a blue spotlight." Gypsy Rose Lee

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

...Gemini Dream

Hi. I was driving late yesterday while talking on my Bluetooth and told a friend that a Full Moon was coming. People were driving with careless abandon and I could feel added energy. As it turns out, yesterday and today are the Gemini Full Moon. This particular Full Moon tends to create a lot of activity and energy. See. I'm not crazy!
According to Lynn Hays, "this Full Moon is in Gemini, the sign of communication, changeability, short trips, and anything of a mercurial nature, and Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind that is the ruler of Gemini, is very active in the chart of this Full Moon. Mercury is in a challenging square to Uranus, the planet of radical thinking and change, so there is a tendency towards impulsive thinking and hasty speech as well as a heightened sensitivity of the nervous system. Don't be surprised by emotional outbursts of all kinds, and those of us with anxious natures may find ourselves with a case of the jitters."
The 'Ornate Metal Mirror' arrived to the client but unfortunately looked as though 'the truck had run over it." I had even put ceiling tiles in the box to further buffer it's travel. I have ordered another and will do the best that I can, again. I install purple, pink and white later today and hope the experience doesn't make me dotty. Just the walls. Have a great day, put the added energy to good use and, considering that Gemini is a positive, extroverted sign, we should all have a great time rocking on...
"Don't go through life, grow through life." Eric Butterworth

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello. It is clear and cold in Chester County, PA today. I met with LB last evening who is trying her best to cope with the untimely loss of her beloved Mom. HB had given L some beautiful furniture and accessory pieces and we will now work the pieces into the Living/Dining areas to made it more Hilda-esque. Cancer is a bitch. So is AIDS. On this day in 1981 the AIDS virus was officially recognized. Over the years there have been many reports and suggestions as to the first case of HIV. In 2002, Science Magazine reported that the first case was found in a wild chimpanzee. The infected chimp resided in Gombe Stream National Park, a refuge made famous by primatologist Jane Goodall. Because Goodall and colleagues have studied him for nearly 20 years, the scientists can analyze all of his previous mates and offspring to figure out how the SIV virus propagates in the wild.
AIDS is now a pandemic. In 2007, it was estimated that 33.2 million people lived with the disease worldwide, and that AIDS killed an estimated 2.1 million people, including 330,000 children. Over three-quarters of these deaths occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. Cancer statistics are even more daunting. Genetic research indicates that HIV originated in west-central Africa as far back as the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. "Bless The Beasts and Children" everyone. And adults. And teens for Heaven sake! Be safe, be cautious and be smart. And maybe have a cocktail. Not the children or teens tho'. Or the beasts.
"Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal." E. Joseph Cossman

Sunday, November 29, 2009

...less stress

Hello. I ran to get lights and a few odds and ends yesterday and people seemed to be in a whirl. Heck, it's the 333'rd day of the year and the Holidays are here. Some folks are not respecting Ernest Sirrine's patent. On this day in 1910, he obtained the first US patent for inventing the traffic lights system. It's not an option people! If the light is red, stop. Demands and stress play havoc on some minds and it's key to remain focused, even with a thousand things running thru your heads. This may sound old fashioned, but keep a small pad of paper and a couple of writing utensils handy and make lists. Once things are committed to paper the brain gets a break. Just don't read your lists while operating a motor vehicle. The same goes for texting. Self protection people! Be defensive, not offensive. Anyway, I paid for my lights and chatted with the register clerk a bit and promptly left without my bags. Focus man! 5 items regarding Holiday stress may be reduced once you are aware of them.
Doing Too the best that you can. Be organized and use time wisely.
Eating, Drinking and Spending Too Much...just don't do it.
Too Much Togetherness...home and hearth is great but don't allow yourself to be smothered. Not Enough Togetherness...if you feel lonely, donate time to local facilities that need senior assistance or help for the young, down on their luck or heck...stop by the mall. You may be happy that you have some alone time.
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)...less light and colder temperatures in some places make this condition very real. Google it for your own health's sake.
I have to get going. Remember to remain focused, polite and defensive. It sure is hard to type this blog while driving, drinking coffee and beeping my horn.*beep beep* Get the f*ck outtamy way dingbat!
Just kidding. Mirror the behavior of cool people.

"God will never give you anything you can't handle, so don't stress."
Kelly Clarkson

Saturday, November 28, 2009

...saw the light

Hello. ML called yesterday reporting that she was at a mall at 3 am. The wait for a cup of Starbucks coffee was an hour. What a trooper! The place was packed according to her report and police had to keep the shoppers in line. I saw the light at about 6 am, made my own cappuccino and stayed far from the maddening crowds. (party pooper) Karen Carpenter sings, "the light on my tree, I wish you could see..." Me too. I didn't see the lights that usually adorn my tree and outside shrubbery. Some gremlins must have tossed about 25 strands of crystal lights so I need to replace them today. I do still have those multi colored twinkling ones but I can't bring myself to use them. Things have to coordinate not alienate! I'd like to find those gremlins and knock them over the head with a stocking filled with coal, sort of like, but not as extensive as, what happened on this day in 1994. Remember that oddity serial killer who was interested in necrophilia, cannibalism and torture? Ugh. In Portage, Wisconsin, convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was clubbed to death by an inmate in the Columbia Correctional Institution gymnasium. Don't worry tho'. When the inmate had finished clubbing this freak to death, he was able to finish his reps, grab some water and find a spotter for his bench presses. Do you see the light freak? They are flames and a temperature well above the boiling point. Stay warm... I'd better get moving. Friends are coming over this evening and the vacuum won't push itself, unless I get the kind that 'freaked' out the housekeeper on 'Flipping Out.' Have a great day, stay far away from cannibals and continue to see the light. (Octagonal Light) shown today. Can you see it?
"An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to blow it out?" Rene Descartes

Friday, November 27, 2009 the black

Hello. Is anyone in the mood for leftovers? Are you at the mall yet? Today is the official start to the Holiday shopping season and many will be wearing festive colors as will the shops and walkways. I, personally, wear a lot of black. Being in a visual industry I never wear something that might detract from what I am proposing to a client and black seems to be the best choice clothing wise. Beginning as early as 1966, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, which is the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season. The term has become more common in other parts of the country since 2000, even tho' it began on the east coast of the US. Because Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States, Black Friday occurs between the 23rd and the 29th of November. It is referred to as 'Black Friday' because it's the first day, (after registers have been counted) that retailers are no longer in the red for the year. That is one long year! Tomorrow is another Thanksgiving of sorts for me and friends. We will hang out and catch up and stay far away from the maddening shopping crowds. On this day in 1924, in New York City, the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was held. Some traditions I love. Have fun today, good luck locating this year's 'Pet Rock' and remember, black is beautiful. Shown today, 'Black Wooden Clock.'
"Any colour - so long as it's black." Henry Ford

Thursday, November 26, 2009

...flightless birds

Hello. It is easy to capture a flightless bird. On this day in 1637 the first official "Day of Thanksgiving" was proclaimed by Governor Winthrop. He did so to celebrate the safe return of men from the Massachusetts Bay colony, who had gone to Mystic, Connecticut to participate in the massacre of over 700 Pequot women, children, and men. On this day in 1789 a national Thanksgiving Day was observed in the United States on the recommendation of then President George Washington and approved by Congress. Then, on this day in 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill establishing the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day in the United States. According to Thanksgiving mythology, the pilgrims arrived, the Native people fed them and welcomed them, and the Indians promptly faded into the background, everyone living happily ever after.

The truth is a sharp contrast to that mythology. The pilgrims are glorified and mythologised because the circumstances of the first English-speaking colony in Jamestown were too questionable to hold up as an effective national myth. Many turned to cannibalism in order to survive. Also,the pilgrims did not find an empty land any more than Columbus "discovered" anything. Every inch of this land was Indian land. The pilgrims did not come here seeking religious freedom; they already had that in Holland. They came here as part of a commercial venture. They "introduced sexism, racism, anti-lesbian and gay bigotry, jails, and the class system to these shores."
One of the very first things they did when they arrived on Cape Cod - before they even made it to Plymouth , was to rob Wampanoag graves at Corn Hill and steal as much of the Indians' winter provisions of corn, beans, and wheat as they were able to carry. They were no better than any other group of Europeans when it came to their treatment of the Indigenous peoples here. And no, they did not even land at that sacred shrine called Plymouth Rock, a monument to racism and oppression which "thankfully" we got rid of in 1995.
It is easy to capture a flightless bird. I am thankful for the roof over my head, the health of my friends, family and housemates, the ability to earn a livelihood and the many, many gifts that I have been blessed with and continue to be blessed with over the years. I take none of it for granted. Have a great day and for those who celebrate, have a nice Thanksgiving Dinner however you decide to spend it... and always strive to do what is right.
"My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor."
Phyllis Diller

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 or not

How do I say this gently? Today in history marks many acts of nature that caused much loss and devastation, totally beyond our control. In 1343 a tsunami, caused by the earthquake in the Tyrrhenian Sea, devastated Naples (Italy) and the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, among other places. In 1667 a deadly earthquake rocked Shemakha in the Caucasus, killing 80,000 people.
In 1703 the Great Storm of 1703, the greatest windstorm ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain, reached its peak intensity which it maintained through November 27. Wind gusts were estiamted to reach up to 120 mph, and 9,000 people died. In 1759 a disastrous earthquake hit the Mediterranean, Beirut and Damascus completely destroying the area and 30,000-40,000 were killed. And then on this day in 1833 a massive undersea earthquake, with an estimated magnitude between 8.7-9.2 rocked Sumatra, producing a massive tsunami all along the Indonesian coasts. In 1839 a cyclone slammed India with high winds and a 40 foot storm surge, destroying the port city of Coringa (which has never been completely rebuilt). The storm wave swept inland, taking with it 20,000 ships and thousands of people. An estimated 300,000 deaths resulted from this disaster. In 1926 the deadliest November tornado outbreak in U.S. history struck on Thanksgiving day. 27 twisters of great strength were reported in the Midwest, including the strongest November tornado, an estimated F4, that devastated Heber Springs, Arkansas. There were 51 deaths in Arkansas alone, 76 deaths and over 400 injuries in all.
On this day in 1950 the "Storm of the Century" occurred, a violent snowstorm that paralyzed the northeastern United States and the Appalachians, bringing winds up to 100 mph and sub-zero temperatures. Pickens, West Virginia recorded 57 inches of snow. 323 people died as a result of the storm. In 1987 super typhoon Nina pummeled the Philippines with category 5 winds of 165 mph and a surge that swallowed entire villages. At least 1,036 deaths were attributed to the storm. In 1996 an ice storm struck the central U.S. killing 26 people. A powerful windstorm affected Florida and wind gusts over 90 mph, toppled trees and flipped trailers. On this day in 2000 was the horrible Baku earthquake, measuring 7 on the Richter scale. One good act of God and Mother Nature occurred on this day in, well, no need to be specific after all of the facts that I just laid on Uncle RD Sawyer was born! Yay! See, there is a silver lining! Happy Birthday Uncle Dick. Many happy returns. May I suggest everyone wear galoshes and rain gear today, just in case! Today I install pinch pleated drapery resulting from my Side Panel Sale, colors running from white to red to purple to green. If all of these stats are making you feel 'blue', buy the mirror shown. Have a good day and for Heaven Sake, don't fool with Mother Nature!

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."
Lou Holtz

Speaking of Mother Nature, do NOT taint milk powder in China. China executed two people yesterday for their roles in last year’s melamine milk scandal, according to news sources. I'm not sure if it was fat free but their sentence certainly wasn't.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

...Adam's Rib

It is grey and raining in Chester County, PA this morning. On days like these, sometimes it takes the fittest to survive. My appointment yesterday went well although I arrived early which isn't like me. On time is key but better early than never. Some think that Eve was made from one of Adam's ribs and that's all good and well but I think that theory tends to make women appear subordinate in a way. It would have been more palpable to me if say, Eve was made from one of Adam's wisdom teeth. It's a bit more flattering for Eve and then Creationists wouldn't take so much ribbing. On this day in 1859 Charles Darwin published "On the Origin of Species." These writings presented a body of evidence that "the diversity of life arose through a branching pattern of evolution and common descent." Darwin included evidence that he had accumulated on the Beagle expedition in the 1830s and his subsequent findings from research, correspondence, and experimentation. I updated round mirrors on my website upon learning that one was no longer available. It either sold very well, or the vendor made only a handful. I'll never know. I wish good things for you today. Shown is my "Pet Buffet" for those stylish cats, dogs and other 4-legged family members. Maybe have one under the tree on Christmas EVE.
For anyone who watched the AMA's, were you 'shocked?' Well, more shocking to me is that ABC failed to mention that the 1,500+ complaint calls about Adam Lambert's performance all came from the same phone number. Let freedon 'ring.'

"Believing in evolution is believing in the unproved, while believing in Christ is believing in the proven." Edwin Louis Cole

Monday, November 23, 2009

...let the music play

Hi. I stripped again yesterday and also had the brains to download many of my Holiday CD's into my IPOD. This is a backup in case I can't find a radio station that plays Holiday music 24/7. Elves are playing games with me I believe since I cannot find the crystal tree lights anywhere and they are too large in number to have been mistakenly thrown away. At least I hope that's the case. My installation Saturday went very well and I think it did the Mom good. Her son was moving out that very afternoon and the new window treatments softened both the room and the blow that she must have been feeling. They have music playing in every room with a built in sound system and I loved it. I thank God for my sense of hearing and never take for granted that not everyone gets this blessing. I also thank God for headphones when I don't want to hear some things. On this day in 1889 the first jukebox went into operation at the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco. Songs by Elvis, Carpenters and Bing Crosby must have filled the air and Joan Rivers, of legal drinking age by then must have loved the new invention. Have a great day, listen to the music and do the best that you can. Shown today is the 'Paradour Gold Round Mirror.'
"If music be the food of love, play on." William Shakespeare

Saturday, November 21, 2009

...Let's Get Physical

Hello. I watched the ageless Olivia Newton John on a talk show the other night. Her opinion regarding mammograms was succinct and stern. She believes that women in their 40's should have exams (mammograms) and that early detection is key. Also, if a woman, (and some men) has a mammogram and isn't comfortable with a questionable result, they can have an ultrasound also. Olivia should know. Olivia is a breast cancer survivor, donating millions to the cause. On this day in 1981, Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" single went to #1 on the Billboard charts and remained on top for 10 weeks. Let's get physical everyone and stay that way. The song was banned in many areas for promoting bestiality which only gave it more press and resulted in more sales.Insurance companies say mammogram coverage is unlikely to change despite the debate over the effectiveness of breast cancer screenings for women in their forties. The controversial new guidelines for breast cancer screening do not represent government policy, as the Obama administration sought to keep the debate over mammograms from undermining the prospects for health-care reform. We are ultimately responsible for our own health, laymen or Doctors may we be. Have a great day, stay informed and question 'authority.' Be your own barometer. I am installing taupe crewelwork box pleated valances this afternoon. That will be a work out in itself. Today's photo is my 'Balsam Needlepoint Tree Skirt' for those who put up a Christmas Tree. For those who don't, it could make quite the seasonal cocktail skirt! One's waist would have to be about 4 inches in circumference tho'. That doesn't sound very healthy.
"Family, nature and health all go together." Olivia Newton-John

Friday, November 20, 2009 skies

Hi. I received some of the the web orders late yesterday. That means aprons, ceramic tassels, Holiday Cocktail Napkins and a metal mirror are now on their way to different parts of the US. The world keeps getting smaller and smaller. It wasn't small enough about 65 years ago when atrocities were happening in Nazi Germany. I think and hope that, with all corners of the world being more accessible, this kind of s*it won't happen anymore. On this day in 1945 the Nuremberg Trials began. They were trials against 24 Nazi war criminals which took place at the Palace of Justice at Nuremberg. These trials resulted in the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, and economic leadership of Nazi Germany after its defeat in World War II. I am expecting more deliveries this week; a desk and chair and another chair and ottoman pair. Have a great day, think outside the box and remain decent. For those of you who only see skies of blue and fields of green, enjoy today's photo.
"Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized." Adolf Hitler

Thursday, November 19, 2009

...keep the Christ in Christmas

Greetings. I have friends of many faiths and even some who believe in nothing. I respect that. We live in a country that entitles us to enjoy freedoms of many kinds. We are not all equal yet but I believe that in time we will be. As far as Christmas goes, I believe that it is all about Christ. I know that December 25th holds some question regarding the birth of Christ and that he was probably actually born in the late Summer or around harvest time but I can deal. Maybe Christ rose at Easter because at this time flowers and other foliage are 'reborn' and it makes more sense that Christ would have been more likely to have arisen at Easter than in the depths of Winter, where it is cold and somewhat desolate in many parts of the world. Still, to me, Christmas is about Christ.
*'Twas the month before Christmas
*When all through our land,*
*Not a Christian was praying*
*Nor taking a stand.*
*See the PC Police had taken away,*
*The reason for Christmas - no one could say.*
*The children were told by their schools not to sing,*
*About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.*
*It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say*
* December 25th is just a ' Holiday '.*
*Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit*
*Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!*
*CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-pod*
*Something was changing, something quite odd! *
*Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa*
*In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.*
*As Targets were hanging their trees upside down*
* At Lowe's the word Christmas was naught to be found.*
*At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears*
*You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.*
*Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-si-ty*
*Are words that were used to intimidate me.*
*Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen*
*On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton !*
*At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter*
*To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter*
*And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith*
* Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace*
*The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded*
*The reason for the season, stopped before it started.*
*So as you celebrate 'Winter Break' under your 'Dream Tree'*
*Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.*
*Choose your words carefully, choose what you say*
not Happy Holiday !*
Have a great day, keep the faith and if you don't have any, try to find some. On this day in 1863 U.S. President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address at the dedication of the military cemetery ceremony at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. "Holiday Bough White Ceramic Pitcher" shown.
"I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is." Albert Camus

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

...tom waits for no man

Hello. I had to call Peking yesterday to add to an order. I need to be more world travelled. I understand the different US time zones but in this age of Internet communication emails are one thing, but phone courtesy should be followed as well. When family lived in Tuscon it was easy to schedule calls and even calling friends in Kiev can be easy to do once the time differences are remembered. On this day in 1883, American and Canadian railroads instituted five standard continental time zones, ending the confusion of thousands of local times. Yes, it ended confusion! Shown today are a pair of "Chateau Wall Clocks." Depending on how many friends and family members live in different time zones depends on how many pair you should buy. More popular people should contact me for volume discounts. We painted Vapor Blue last evening and the 'boys' show it. Time waits for no man. Doom and Gloom? Have a good day, stay on time, do things in your own time if possible and in the inimitable words of Marilyn Monroe, " I've been on a calendar, but I've never been on time."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

...brass shines, gold mines

Hello. The Holiday Stocking production team worked all weekend and there are now about four dozen items ready to peddle. It was nice to break away from tradition and do something artistic and creative. It's nice to flourish among the ordinary sometimes and I enjoyed this period very much. Cross your fingers that more unique items will be needed. The 'Holiday Cocktail Napkins" and 'Embroidered Pillows' are doing well via my website and it makes perfect sense. People are 'stocking' up for the Holidays. Let's go back a few years now. I was in grade school or thereabouts when, on this day in 1558, the Elizabethan era officially began. Queen Mary I of England died and was succeeded by her half-sister Elizabeth I of England.
The Elizabethan era is often considered to be the golden age in English history. It was the height of the English Renaissance and saw the blossoming of English poetry, music and literature. Elizabethan theatre flourished, and William Shakespeare and many others composed plays that broke free of England's past theatrical style. Even the battles between Protestants and Catholics took a brief sabbatical. Speaking of across the ocean, my 'Koi Pond Oval Hook Rug' has gotten a lot of hits and a fews sales also, which I find odd for this time of year. Maybe some are already rooting on Spring! Have fun today, celebrate creativity and peace, out. Shown today, 'Christmas Ornament Balls Rug.' My keywords are getting more uhm, 'unique' but hey, creativity is good.
"Brass shines as fair to the ignorant as gold to the goldsmiths." Elizabeth I

Monday, November 16, 2009

...negative people

Hello. Keeping a positive frame of mind can sometimes be hard with the challenges of day to day life. There are also people out there who have a constant need to 'rain on a parade.' If it isn't possible to steer clear of these people, and we all know that it is illegal and a sin to kill them, here is a little story that may help you to handle this type of situation. Thanks AB!
A woman was at her hairdresser's getting her hair styled for a trip to Rome with her husband. She mentioned the trip to the hairdresser, who responded: "Rome? Why would anyone want to go there? It's crowded and dirty. You're crazy to go to Rome. So, how are you getting there?"
"We're taking Continental," was the reply. "We got a great
"Continental?" exclaimed the hairdresser. " That's a terrible
airline. Their planes are old, their flight attendants are ugly, and they're always
late. So, where are you staying in Rome ?"
"We'll be at this exclusive little place over on Rome 's Tiber River called Teste." "Don't go any further. I know that place. Everybody thinks its gonna be something special and exclusive, but it's really a dump." "We're going to go to see the Vatican and maybe get to see the Pope." "That's rich," laughed the hairdresser. "You and a million other people trying to see him. He'll look the size of an ant. Boy, good luck on this lousy trip of yours. You're going to need it."
A month later, the woman again came in for a hairdo. The hairdresser asked
her about her trip to Rome."It was wonderful," explained the woman, "not only were
we on time in one of Continentals brand new planes, but it was overbooked, and they bumped us up to first class. The food and wine were wonderful, and I had a handsome 28-year-old steward who waited on me hand and foot. And the hotel was great! They'd just finished a $5 million remodeling job, and now it's a jewel,the finest hotel in the city. They, too, were overbooked, so they apologized and gave us their owner's suite at no extra charge!"
"Well,"muttered the hairdresser, "that's all well and good, but I know you didn't get to see the Pope.""Actually, we were quite lucky, because as we toured the Vatican, a Swiss Guard tapped me on the shoulder, and explained that the Pope likes to meet people and if I'd be so kind as to step into his private room and wait, the Pope would personally greet me. Sure enough, five minutes later, the Pope walked through the door and shook my hand! I knelt down and he spoke a few words to me." "Oh, really! What did he say ?"
He said: "Who f**ked up your hair?"

On a more positive note, on this day in 1965 the Soviet Union launched the Venera 3 space probe toward Venus, the first spacecraft to reach the surface of another planet. Maybe one day we can gather every negative curmudgeon and send them far, far away. Have a great day! Pictured are my 'Ornament Cocktail Napkins.' Remember not to invite any pain in the butts.
"Delete the negative; accentuate the positive!" Donna Karan

Sunday, November 15, 2009's that time of year

Hello. Has it started yet? I am referring to Holiday songs on the radio. I have my IPod on mostly, that's why I'm asking. I think it would be great to have written a Holiday Classic. What a legacy to leave the Universe. I have assembled ten of my favorites with a brief synopsis for your reading pleasure.
White Christmas I can't think of a bad rendition out there. The late 70's gave a whole new meaning to 'white.'
Silver Bells Speaks of Christmas in the City, not in a rural setting as most other songs of that generation.
Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Max's favorite and I will associate that for the rest of my lifetime.
The Little Drummer Boy Shows that a gift doesn't have to be weighed monetarily.
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Is this song melancholy covered by a thin veil of happiness or do I need psychiatric help?
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Now I think of 'Back To School.'
Frosty the Snowman Written way before the threat of Global Warming
Deck The Halls An Interior Designer's Holiday theme song.
Jingle Bell Rock Let's keep it upbeat also.
Merry Christmas, Darling A modern day classic that apparently sells still, especially in times of war. That should make it a hit virtually every year. Shown today, "Round Snowflake Needlepoint Rug."

The morning after Irving Berlin wrote "White Christmas" in 1940 at poolside, (he often stayed up all night writing) he told his secretary, "Grab your pen and take down this song. I just wrote the best song I've ever written — hell, I just wrote the best song that anybody's ever written."
If that isn't a 'quote of the day,' I don't know what is.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

...roam if you want to

Happy Saturday! Are you staying put or going off somewhere today? Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane. At French Customs, he took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry on.
"You have been to France before, monsieur?" the customs officer asked sarcastically.
Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously.
"Then you should know enough to have your passport ready."
The American said, 'The last time I was here, I didn't have to show it."
"Impossible. Americans always have to show your passports on arrival in France !"
The American senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look. Then he quietly explained, ''Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country, I couldn't find a single Frenchmen to show a passport to."
How's that for backbone! On this day in 1889 a pioneering female journalist named Nellie Bly (aka Elizabeth Cochrane) began a successful attempt to travel around the world in less than 80 days. Click on her name to roam vicariously. She completed the trip in seventy-two days. Backbone. Box pleated valances should be hanging nicely by 5 this evening and Holiday Stockings are in somewhat mass production for an interesting venture that should prove to be a great one. Have a great day and if you can't travel by car, truck, boat or plane....roam using your mind. Click here for Seasonal Holiday items. Shown today is one of several needlepoint dog Christmas stockings. Hi Max! Thank you MelB for blog information today!
"America forms the longest and straightest bone in the earth's skeleton. "
Ellsworth Huntington

Friday, November 13, 2009


Hello. I am feeling a bit left out lately. I haven't made a sex tape and now think that I am too long in the tooth to jump on that bandwagon, splinters and all. I think of the advertising and publicity that I have missed. Instead of my Icarus tattoo I could have emblazoned my web address where the current tattoo is located and promote lamps, mirrors, custom drapery and other home fashions while performing, uhm, well, you know. That poor, misunderstood Carrie Prejean. The former Miss California USA threatened to walk off the Larry King Live set (speaking of long in the tooth) when King turned the focus of their interview toward the settlement of her lawsuit with the pageant.During the interview, King asked Prejean why, if the issue of religious discrimination is so important to her, did she settle her suit with the pageant? (In the suit, Prejean asserted that she was dismissed from serving as Miss California USA because of her statements about gay marriage and other hot-button issues.) She would not answer, which is her right but geez, she sent about 15 sex tapes to her then boyfriend and is now using the word 'inappropriate?' Sell that book, hun! On this day in 1987 the first condom commercial appeared on BBC TV. Carrie wasn't in it, she preferred to use other apparatus. Damn those perverted gays and lesbians! Marriage and equal rights? Thank you Carrie for being an upstanding person and letting the world know, by your actions, what exactly is and is not appropriate! Today's photo is the 'Large Black Dahlia Ceramic Obelisk.' Yes, Carrie, it is dishwasher safe
"It's inappropriate and vulgar and absolutely unacceptable to use your private life to sell anything commercially. "Lauren Bacall

Thursday, November 12, 2009

...cross to bear

Hello. I spoke with my Dad last evening, a Veteran of the Korean War. He was somewhat upset that the library was closed and therefore he couldn't sign out books. I figured a glass of chardonnay and a cigar might be a good replacement but he had already thought of it. I posted three crosses and a prayer on part two of yesterday's blog and have come to learn that the ACLU has filed a suit to have all military cross-shaped headstones removed and another suit to end prayer from the military completely.I am not sure that this is true so will have to investigate further. Supposedly Navy Chaplains can no longer mention Jesus' name in prayer. I never want to dis anyones beliefs, whether religious, spiritual or simply following the Golden Rule but I am happy that, if I want to post a prayer or crosses on my blog, I am still able. Blogs can be far reaching as my simple, somewhat daily blurbs have proven. On this day in 1990, Tim Berners-Lee published a formal proposal for the World Wide Web. Thank you Tim and may God be with us all. If anyone out there doesn't believe that there is something more than our physical presence on earth, email me. I have a few experiences to share that may just change/open your minds. Have a great day. "Angel Figurines" shown today. Amy Grant, 'Angels Watching Over Me.'
"Believers, look up - take courage. The angels are nearer than you think."
Billy Graham

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

...remembrance, two.


The Marine stood and faced God,
Which must always come to pass.
He hoped his shoes were shining,
Just as brightly as his brass.
'Step forward now, Marine,
How shall I deal with you?
Have you always turned the other cheek?
To My Church have you been true?'
The soldier squared his shoulders and said,
'No, Lord, I guess I ain't.
Because those of us who carry guns,
Can't always be a saint.
I've had to work most Sundays,
And at times my talk was tough.
And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.
But, I never took a penny,
That wasn't mine to keep...
Though I worked a lot of overtime,
When the bills got just too steep.
And I never passed a cry for help,
Though at times I shook with fear.
And sometimes, God, forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.
I know I don't deserve a place,
Among the people here.
They never wanted me around,
Except to calm their fears
If you've a place for me here, Lord,
It needn't be so grand.
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand.
There was a silence all around the throne,
Where the saints had often trod.
As the Marine waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God.
'Step forward now, you Marine,
You've borne your burdens well..
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell.'
~Author Unknown~


Hello. How has your year been? Do you realize that there are only 50 days left in 2009? Time to collect your memories. Today is Remembrance Day (also Armistice Day) regarding World War I as that ceasefire went into effect at 11:00 am on this day in 1918. In the United States, Veterans Day celebrates all American military veterans. Unfortunately we now must include the twelve soldiers that Major Malik Nadal Hasan, M.D. M.P.H. murdered execution-style at Fort Hood, Texas. Life can be a battlefield. By the way, M.P.H. is an abbreviation for Master of Public Health. I have been held at gunpoint a couple of times in my life; actually held only once and then shot at once and then chased once by a pack of gun toting crazies when I was in my early twenties. Each time I fought back, one time rather unknowingly so I won't share that here and I can imagine the fear but not the horror of war, whether it be on the battlefield or in the safety of a soldier's home comfort zone. Have a great day and take nothing for granted. Today's photo is my ' Hungry Cat Birdbath.' It's cute and ironic in a way because the bird is in no real danger. Fantasy trumps reality on occasion.
"In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons." Herodotus

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

...hope springs eternal

Greetings. "Hope" is defined as 'a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.' The power of positive thinking should not be denied and all of us should exercise that part of our brain to keep negative thoughts from invading, encompassing and ruling our existence. A friend of mine is on the employment roller coaster, reaching many highs and lows in rapid succession. Hang on EA! Something great is out there...have hope and keep following every avenue. On this day in 1958, the Hope Diamond was donated to the Smithsonian Institution by New York diamond merchant Harry Winston. This particular diamond is 45.52 carats which is a whole hellovalotta bling! A Housewife in Orange County, CA has one similar but maybe not quite as large. Have hope hun! Maybe it will be your next bauble! Today's photo is my 'Caramel Finish Jewelry Case.' Here's hoping that you have a great day. Update! Please send positive thoughts to little boo who has a nasty ear infection and is still a wee little good girl!
"Only the mediocre are always at their best." Jean Giraudoux

Monday, November 9, 2009

...may or may not flower

Hello. Many will be travelling this Thanksgiving Holiday, one of the highest volume travel days of the year. Ironically, or maybe not so much, The 'Mayflower' travelled for 66 gruelling days, heading for the mouth of the Hudson near New York City from England. On this day in 1620 the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower finally made sight of land at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The voyage was supposed to have been a three hour tour, carrying a Professor, a bombshell, a wealthy mature couple and a few other people but we all know how travel can be. I have to admit to the changing seasons today even tho' it's supposed to be very warm. My outdoor plants need to be retired for the winter as they need dormant time and who am I to force nature? If I don't, they may or may not flower next year. Today's photo is a 'Three Tier Snowman Tray,' perfect for entertaining or for keeping the contacts, false teeth and pills safely on a bedside table. Have a great day.
"You know more than you think you do." Benjamin Spock