Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Greetings. There was no escaping from the harnesses today and we also kept to the wooded back area and crossed no paths except from way up high where CK and CK waved to us from high atop their deck. I caught CK with a glass of red wine in her hand (at 7:14 am) but she quickly explained to me that it was 'leftover' from last evening. Sure CK. I believe you. Cheers to a brand new day! Speaking of 'high atop' a man named Charles Blondin apparently had no fear of heights. He was a french tightrope walker and acrobatist who had the brilliant idea of crossing Niagara Falls...on a tightrope. On this day in 1859, Mr. Blondin did his first 'crossing of the gorge' below Niagara Falls which measured 1100 feet long and 160 feet above the water. He did it several more times, always with different theatric variations: blindfold, in a sack, trundling a wheelbarrow, on stilts, carrying a man (his manager, Harry Colcord) on his back and sitting down midway while he cooked and ate an omelet. I'll have Swiss Cheese and Broccoli Mr. Blondin! Now that would make great reality TV.

Different personalities have different limitations when it comes to living one's life. Some people, like Charles Blondin did as I have previously reported have an adventurous outlook while others will not or cannot even visit a place like Niagara Falls due to certain fears, finances or other limitations. We need to keep pushing our limits and boundaries if we want to continue to grow. Let's never become stagnant. Let's face it, even stagnant water has an offensive scent. Chevrolet car designers kept pushing their limits and came up with a winner also on this day, but in 1953. The first Corvette rolled off of the assembly line in Flintstone, Michigan. I am a little off on the name, but isn't it funnier that way? Please don't limit my sense of humor. It is small enough as it stands now. I will work further on the black and saddle Living/Dining Room drapery treatments today...unless my car veers in the direction of Niagara Falls. If it does, I sure hope that I remember to pack a long clothes line, a skillet and a half dozen eggs. Have a great day. Set your own limits and don't rely on others to dictate them to you. And don't make them too safe either. It can be much more fun that way. Have a limitless day. Within reason. Today's photo is one of a few black and white wallpapers that look like a Rorshack test. I recommend on of them for your crazy Aunt Fascia's Dining Room. Go ahead, test her limits.

"We are always the same age inside." Gertrude Stein ...for me that's about 12.

Monday, June 29, 2009

...off with their heads...

Hello. It is sunny and bright in Chester County, PA this morning and we got the adrenaline going early on. My Schipperke got free from his harness and decided to 'herd' large dogs walking in the neighborhood. I had two other harnessed dogs on leashes which made it terribly exciting and easy to get Charlie from off of the main road. At that point, who needs caffeine?

I was more scared than angry as it was me who didn't harness him tightly enough this morning for some odd reason. I would have killed myself if something bad had happened. Maybe not killed,as that would be cruel and unusual punishment as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on this day in 1972. They were referring to the death penalty so suicide doesn't fall under that specific heading, but anyway... This may be too heavy a topic for a sunny, summer morning but what the heck.

I am not sure what my opinion is regarding the death penalty. I think it may depend on the circumstances and what all was involved. I guess if there is a fence between the proponents of and against this penalty, I am the one sitting on it. Proponents of argue that it is an important tool for preserving law and order and that the death penalty deters additional crime which in turn saves innocent lives.
They argue that the death penalty costs less than life imprisonment because it prevents needing to house and feed the criminal for so many years and that life - even in prison - is a privilege that some people should not have. Some folks are always looking for a discount!
They believe that retribution or "an eye for an eye" is often the most appropriate action because some crimes are so horrible and some criminals so callous that execution is the only way to prevent future tragedy. Like the person who stole my truck of Karen Carpenter memorabilia.
People against capital punishment seem to feel that it has no effect on crime and wrongly gives governments the power to take human life making them no better than the murderers they execute.
They argue that serving a lifetime jail sentence is a worse punishment than death, and that life imprisonment costs less than capital punishment because death penalty cases are expensive to prosecute and usually result in numerous appeals.
These people believe that the death penalty perpetuates social injustices by disproportionately targeting people of color (racist) and people who cannot afford good attorneys (classist). They say it creates a system whereby innocent people are sometimes executed. Although DNA has proven, in recent years, to have saved many asses from the gas chamber, this profiling does happen more than we would like to know.
Since we cannot stop crime and have no perfect way of keeping the innocent from imprisonment at times, here is a suggestion. Maybe we can hire some of those idiots from American Idol and other 'reality programs' to stand outside cells and either talk about themselves constantly or sing to the inmates. They could have their shining moments and torture evildoers all in the same breath. I am telling you, once a street thug, inprisoned for armed robbery and drug trafficking has a week of Sangia singing 'I Write The Songs', word all over town would spread like that book from 'Train wrecks of New Jersey'. No more crime, no more drugs. We could then turn prisons into apartment housing for college students in an 'urban' style and all would be well.
Except that then the outcasts and wannabees from reality shows would be back on TV. Have a great day. Today's photo is 'Crowded Prison Cell Needlepoint Rug.'
"A pedestal is as much a prison as any small, confined space." Gloria Steinem

Saturday, June 27, 2009

...happy and gay...

Greetings. Has anyone been listening to the radio? Has anyone heard anything other than an MJ song? That's cool. He made a monumental contribution to popular music. He changed popular music as we know it and changed how we view popular music. That will probably last until the end of time. Something else monumental occurred on this day in 1969. The Stonewall riots marked the beginning of the gay liberation movement on this day in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. The Stonewall riots were a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations against a police raid that took place in the early morning hours of June 28. Gays and Lesbians finally fought back against a government-sponsored system that persecuted homosexuals in the United States and around the world.When the first patrol wagon arrived, an inspector recalled that the crowd—most of whom were homosexual—had grown to at least ten times the number of people who were arrested, and they all became very quiet. Confusion over radio communication delayed the arrival of a second wagon. The police began escorting Mafia members into the first wagon, to the cheers of the bystanders. Next, regular employees were loaded into the wagon. A bystander shouted, "Gay power!", someone began singing "We Shall Overcome". The crowd reacted with amusement and general good humor mixed with "growing and intensive hostility". Then an officer shoved a transvestite, ( bad move beatch) who responded by hitting him on the head with her purse as the crowd began to boo. Living and socializing in secret changed that day although there are still many haters out there, unfortunately. In 2009 we still deal with bigotries of race, religion, belief systems and more. All I can say is, hang with those who share your beliefs no matter their color, creed, orientation and keep a pocketbook handy just in case. I am off to help a friend have a house sale before I work in my shop today. Keep the music going, keep your eyes and mind open and don't take any unnecessary s&it from anyone. Have a great day. Today's photo is of 'Bamboo Trays' good for serving cocktails and snacks inside or out, whther you are inside or 'out'.
"My cousins gay, he went to London only to find out that Big Ben was a clock." Rodney Dangerfield

Friday, June 26, 2009

...pop icon...

Hello. A pop icon is a celebrity whose fame in pop culture constitutes a defining characteristic of a given society or era. Although there is no single definitive test for establishing "pop icon" status, such status is usually associated with elements such as longevity, ubiquity, and distinction. Moreover, "pop icon" status is distinguishable from other kinds of notoriety outside of popular culture, such as with historic figures. Recently we have lost three people who, in my estimation have more than reached pop icon status. One left us due to old age, one from a dastardly illness and one suddenly by cardiac arrest.

Pop icons become a part of many people's lives and they seem to be as embedded in our routines as a morning cup of coffee or the commute to work or school. Even though most of us never meet a particular icon we feel the loss as though they were one of us, because they are. Whether it be the voice we heard every night announcing a talk show host, the poster that adorned our wall for years or an album that we played incessantly and continually over the years, these pop icons have left an indelible mark on us. My prayers go out to family, friends and fans of these human beings because no matter how brightly their star shone the loss is still devastating.

Life can change in a heartbeat so please make the best of each day that we are given. You can be an angel, a thriller and the best sidekick a friend could ever have. That is your choice. Make good ones.
"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with." Michael Jackson

Thursday, June 25, 2009

...balls said the Queen...

Hello. Maria Theresa of Austria, a Taurus, was technically the last member of the House of Habsburg. She helped initiate financial and educational reforms, promoted commerce and the development of agriculture, and reorganized the army, all of which strengthened Austria's resources. Continued conflict with the Kingdom of Prussia, (the mall is less than 15 minutes from me) led to the Seven Years War.
A key figure in the power politics of 18th century Europe, Maria Theresa brought unity to the Habsburg Monarchy and was considered one of its most capable rulers. Her 16 children also included Marie Antoinette, Queen consort of France, and Holy Roman Emperors Joseph II and Leopold II. On this day in 1741, Maria Theresa of Austria was crowned King of Hungary. So apparently she did have them!

In 2008, many people didn't think that a woman could be President of the United States. Prince is taking his meds like a trooper and we are trying to be a calm household. He is strong and determined and, like the Queen and King he too has them. I want to go to the river today with the boys and skip work altogether because it is supposed to be in the 90's and sunny all day. They love tubing and it is a crazy sight to see them in the river, but who cares what it looks like? We have fun. I will once Prince (insert positive thinking here) feels better and is up to swimming and wrestling in the water. The 'Bon Appetit Metal Signs' have been discontinued but luckily I found one for Sasha in CA. I removed them along with a few lamps from my website yesterday. I added a few new ones and had the brains to buy them so that they will be in my stockroom. Today's photo is the 'Large Grand Estate Tray with Base' also in stock. Many like to put ceramic balls in them for decorative purposes.
Have a great day, be positive and prepared and, uhm...have a ball.
"It's good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling." Mark Twain

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hello. It is sunny and pleasant in Chester County, PA this morning. I received, labelled and shipped my Internet orders yesterday and hope that people are made somewhat happy with their new items. NY, CA and ID were represented in the latest shipment and I love it. These days it can be hard to remain inspired and sometimes we need a little poke to remain stoic. Please give positive thoughts to HB, the breadwinner and hardworking gal who is experiencing the politics and pseudo friends in her corporation who kiss her on the cheek one day and stab her in the back the next. She will be fine because she has what it takes but positive thoughts are never out of place. Here are a few examples as to why we need to forge ahead. On this day in 1901 the first exhibition of Pablo Picasso's work opened. His full name was (is) Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Crispiniano de la Santísima Trinidad. I am guessing that friends never gave him gifts that required a monogram or else the seamsters in Spain were millionaires. Speaking of millionaires, Mary Pickford, on this day in 1918 became the first female film star to get a million dollar contract. Now back to my web orders because it is so very interesting for everyone to read about me, me, me. Ahem. With the advent of the Internet I can easily reach out to far more of a geographic location then let's say, Chester County. I love it here, but let's be real. If I had to rely simply on the postal service, and they have an important place in business, I could not as easily do what I do. The first airmail service happened on this day in 1918, covering Montreal to Toronto. That has to have been the inspiration for the Internet of a few years later. Anyway, did you know that Picasso's first spoken word was 'piz'. Don't have nasty thoughts. I know because I was there trying to keep him from taking my pencil, (lapiz). The aggressive little bugger. Mary Pickford had not only acting chops but either learned or had an inherent business savvy and was no shrinking violet. Some thought that airmail was a silly idea but, and I don't know their exact words but Picasso, Pickford and Postal all probably stuck to their inspirational idea and told others to F off, maybe in Spanish, maybe in French, maybe in English but that phrase is universal. So should be your inspirations. S*it happens but so does a lot of great stuff. Hold your heads high but not high enough to walk into a low hanging tree branch. You will only look silly, and will have a headache for hours. I know. I was there. Have a great day, paint a picture, lick a stamp or give a bravura performance no matter what your livlihood. Today's photo is an original acrylic that I call 'Don't Fence Me In' but you can call it whatever you like. Just don't be too nasty.
"Insomnia is my greatest inspiration." Jon Stewart

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

...a Dr. a day keeps the apple away...

Hello. Yesterday as I had already reported was Dentist and Vet day but I still had time to show JS some fabrics. The vet was most of the evening/night as many tests had to be run on Prince. Turns out he has an enlarged heart and a collapsed trachea. The combination of the heart pushing into the trachea explains his shortness of breath. He was a trooper through the blood work, x-rays and shots and we always hope for the best but one never knows. His brothers are being somewhat quiet as he needs his rest. The day was full and I had little time to eat thus today's title. Do you ever want to let everything go for just a little while? As mature adults we do not have that choice and it is frivolous to even entertain that thought. Drifting away to a tiny island in the sun would be a temporary escape. On this day in 1611 the mutinous crew of Henry Hudson's fourth voyage sets Henry, his son and seven loyal crew members adrift in an open boat in what is now Hudson Bay; they are never heard from again. My hope is that they set up shop, changed their names and lived fulfilling lives. My accessory order arrives today and unfortunately the UPS store near me has closed. I found another one but wish that the one in Frazer was doing enough business to keep rolling. I never like to see that. I receive via FedEx and then send out UPS Ground, if anyone was interested. This has been a challenging year for many of us but we remain strong and positive to the best of our abilities. Interestingly, on this day in 1979 the Charlie Daniels Band released "Devil Went Down to Georgia". My guess is that he is making appearances all over the place in 2009. Have a good day, eat your apple and keep the darkness away.
"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." Martin Luther

Monday, June 22, 2009

...you can't be serious...

The sky this morning looks like the opening to the "Simpson's" television show. The clouds surrounded by brilliant blue are a nice change from the rainclouds we have been experiencing day after day. Thankfully I get to go to the dentist and the vet so much of the day will be spent indoors. As long as the teeth and the housemates are fine nothing else much matters. You ask, 'you can't be serious?' I say, of course I am. John McEnroe asked this questions a few times on this day in 1981 at Wimbledon. Along with questioning several calls from the umpire he exhibited a disgraceful act of misbehavior and was fined $1,500 and came close to being thrown out of the championships after he called an umpire "the pits of the world". He then swore at tournament referee Fred Hoyles. Who won that match you again ask? You can't be serious...I am getting my furniture manufacturer fabrics updated this afternoon and that's a good thing. There are fewer things worse than selling a room or two and finding out that 1 or 2 of the products are no longer available. I am also visiting JS and AS so have quite a lot to fit into the day. Doing everything in the sunshine seems to make things so much better. I am actually happy about my dental visit as, even tho' the temporary crown is fine, it feels like a piece of chewing gum stuck up there. I have been having dream after dream lately and I'm not sure why. I really should jot down the themes or the strange things that happen during them. My guess is that I would sleep better. Today's photo is a take on the classic Bombe Chest but I haven't yet added it to my website. I'm thinking about ordering one and then painting it hot pink. And yes, I am serious. Have a great day, don't curse at umpires and enjoy yourselves.
"If two wrongs don't make a right, try three." Laurence J. Peter

Sunday, June 21, 2009

...long play...

Hello. We are watching the rain fall softly on Chester County, PA this morning. I spoke with my Dad last evening and he is doing great. Thank God. Prince started his new medicine yesterday and as I was at work my good friend CK stopped at the Vet's to pick up his stash. I want everyone that I love to live a long, playful life but sometimes that isn't what fate has planned. When I was little, we used to fall asleep to albums that my Mom would play on the stereo at the foot of the bedroom stairs. 'Lettermen', 'Johnny Mathis', 'Neil Diamond', 'Tijuana Brass' and many more made sleep come more easily. These days I don't play music late at night when bedtime calls because it wouldn't be kind to my neighbors. I do play my IPOD at times but there is something about those vinyl albums in the cardboard covers that offered more satisfaction. An upbeat, polite and fun young woman came into my shop yesterday morning with a no nonsense attitude and a darling little girl in tow. She is also 8.5 months pregnant, it was humid outside and she had a million things on her mind. It never stopped her from being the perfect example of how people should be. I hope our paths cross again. It was a pleasure to be around her. Speaking of a 'round', on this day in 1948 Colombia Records introduced the long playing record album, in short, LP in a public demonstration at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. The crowd, most donning IPODS thought this idea very clever and almost at once discarded their cassettes, 8-tracks and CD's. Wait. I may have gotten my history reversed. Anyway, I will hit the rewind button yet again. After all, it is Sunday. When I was of the LP buying age I tended towards Carpenters, ELO, Helen Reddy, Rolling Stones and Olivia Neutron Bomb. Carpenters record label, A&M, owned by Herb Alpert of the Tijuana Brass and Jerry Moss, the equestrian...had an art department that did clever designs for Carpenters album covers. The photos...not so much and to this day Richard Carpenter can be seen on interviews referring to the cheek-to-cheek photos as bulls$#t. Squeaky clean image? I think not. But the cardboard covers always held something unique and was a treat for the fan along with the great music. A&M had no idea how to market the siblings which didn't put a damper on record sales although it did dampen both of the artists in one form or another. Happy Father's Day and whatever path you choose today, try to do the right thing. Crank up the tunes no matter the source and long play all day. Today's photo is KBM's new path, and it is spectacular!
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, June 19, 2009

...headache tonight...

Greetings. A mixture of sharp cheese, albacore tuna and fat free yogurt was the ticket in getting little man to take his meds last night. This morning was another story. Perhaps Roasted Salmon with Lime and Cilantro will please him today. If not I have to do the eyedropper down the throat routine. It upsets him but he needs to medicate. So do I at this stage. The delivery yesterday went fine and the client loved the refurbished, reupholstered chair. PK suffers from migraines and had to postpone her consultation and I hope she is already feeling better. I am lucky not to suffer from migraines and anyone who does, my heart goes out to them. It can be from a sensitivity to light and so far I have provided black out custom window treatments for almost every window. Stay out of the guest bathroom PK and wait until your Graber Blockout Roll Shades have arrived! I hope that everyone has made their Father's Day purchases and if they need to be shipped have already done so. On this day in 1910 the first Father's Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington. I remember how pissed off every father in the other states felt but it did provide a jump in the housing market in Spokane. This may or may not have actually happened. Speaking of 'pissed off' I happened to watch 'Train wrecks of New Jersey' last night and saw my first table tipping. Kind of like cow tipping but the hillbillies that play the cow tipping game have a lot more class and much smaller hair, except maybe for a few mullets. Needless to say, but I will anyway, little sleep was had in this household last night and for the past few nights. Hopefully Prince will get a different med on Monday and will feel better soon. Maybe they can prescribe same to the Housewives of New Jersey or just sprinkle some into their Chardonnay or their hairspray. There's gonna be a headache tonight! If you click on this link the woman on the left is not a drag queen, it is the inimitable Toni Tenille. Have a great day. Shown is 'Tall Black Metal Bistro Set'. Let's all perch on a bar stool this evening.
"Expectation is the root of all heartache." William Shakespeare

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hello. We may as well be living in a fish pond today as the rains keep a comin'. I have Prince's cough somewhat under control, as long as I can keep the household calm and free of visitors, phone calls and activity from the rest. In other words, it is not a very calm household. Toy breeds tend toward genetic ailments but knowing that doesn't make the boys suffering any less for him. Our morning walk in the pouring rain may not have helped, but we have to go outside. I am feeling a bit Wallace/Darwinlike lately and check daily to see if I am morphing into an amphibian. Or a reptile. So far, the only thing vaguely reptilian about me are the Crocs that I wear a lot due to the weather and the scales forming from lack of sun and beach time. We do our best to survive and I do my best for the housemates. Yesterday a rude freak came into my shop looking for faux finishing business clients. She was downright nasty but I remained professional as I told her that I already had a faux finisher and had been recommending that person for (eghads) about two decades. She demanded to know who it was and I had to stop her from continuing her, uhm, sales pitch. Hint: If one is looking to build a business or attach themselves to someone else's, it is best not to be a foul mouthed *^&&#@. It's all about survival folks. On this day in 1858, Charles Darwin received a paper from Alfred E. Neuman, oops, no, not the guy from MAD Magazine, from Alfred Russel Wallace that included nearly identical conclusions about evolution as Darwin's own. This prompted Darwin to publish his theory. The Library of Congress may or may not have had a field day dividing the book's rights. I wasn't there, I was drying off dogs. My Dad is now home from his brief visit to Fairfax Hospital and is sounding and feeling great. He will celebrate his (ahem) 60th birthday in July and looks forward to it. Survive and remain fit. A lady came in to purchase stock wallpaper yesterday and was a real hoot. She was of a mildly advanced age and does the papering herself. Her grandchildren had promised to help her but she was tired of looking at the ladder, set up in her bathroom and took the situation into her own hands. That is survival of the fittest, and of the nicest. I love people who are real. Those with an agenda, well, back to survival of the fittest, not nastiest. I have the pleasure of delivering a chair this morning in the pouring rain so will wear my favorite rain hat. Most consider it one of the ugliest hats ever viewed and all I can say is, Don't rain on my parade, b#$ches! This ain't 'Project Runway' people. Have a great day and here's hoping that it is sunny where you are even if the sun comes in an attractive glass with a stem. Shown today is 'Caspian Arm Chair'. Survival of the Rattaniest.
P.S. For those of you hoping that today's heading was the man from 'Bewitched', I have provided a link. Click here on Darrin/Derwood.
"The surprising thing about young fools is how many survive to become old fools." Doug Larson

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Greetings. Prince is still coughing and that is a huge concern, but I now know to keep fresh tuna and extra sharp cheese around. This is a combination that along with his Hycodan makes it (so far) the only way to medicate him. His Doctor returns from vacation on Friday, and what is an end to a vacation without a visit from me! The last time I may have been imagining this, but it seemed as though, (from a distance) he had a look of shock on his face and seemed to be walking backwards towards his car. Maybe it's just me. (Maybe that's the trouble!) I spoke to my Dad last afternoon and he is extending his stay but not by much. Thank you everyone who sent well wishes. There were many of you. His hospital room is not home, but it is a private one and many 'pretty' nurses and wonderful doctors make it nice for him. Home is where you lay your hat! I couldn't wait to return to mine last night, wanting to spend quality time with my boys. When one is under the weather, we all feel it. Home is so important to me as well as many of you I would guess. Maybe that's why I am in the profession that I am. Not building homes per se, but decorating the interiors and sometimes, exteriors. I have never claimed to be Mughal emperor Shah Jahan I...heck, I can't even spell his name without looking it up. His wife died on this day in 1631 during childbirth. He then spent the next 20 years building her tomb, the Taj Mahal. That may be how long it takes me to finally receive those 'Gilded Songbird Needlepoint Pillows'. A beacon of liberty made it's home here in the US on this day in 1885. The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor. Dina, a housewife from New Jersey had wanted it placed in her front yard but when it arrived she found that it didn't say quite enough and had it moved. Home is where the heart is, but when you leave for work please remember to take it with you. Have a great day. The photo is part of DL's home.
"I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself." Maya Angelou

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

..oh, hail...

Hi. Last evening weather forecasters called for 1" pieces of hail to fall on Chester County, PA at around 7 pm. We donned our bicycle helmets and waited for the storm. It never showed. It never showered. The huge paper water ice cone that we devised upon learning of the impending storm remains empty. If anyone needs several gallons of cherry syrup, email me. Oh, hail. Before (ahem) Accuweather we didn't have these kinds of alerts so the people of Wisconsin were probably terribly surprised on this day in 1911 when a 772 gram stony meteorite struck the earth near Kilbourn, Columbia County damaged a barn and the young psyches of Timmy O'Hallaharn and his girlfriend Daisy who were making a late light visit to that particular spot. Years later she would continue to remark, "It's always better the first time!" We visited JS yesterday and the boys were entertained by the man made fish pond with waterfall in her beautiful back yard. As the boys stood staring at the fish, I heard a 'kerplung' and little Prince was underwater faster than Joan Rivers agrees to yet another plastic surgery treatment. I grabbed him out immediately but he was a little shaken and a little pissed. He has a ruptured esophagus as it is, being a toy variety so last night and again this morning I made a veritable buffet using every favorite food imaginable to get him to take his meds. When all else failed, I shoved the dropper in his mouth and shot the liquid like a comet down his little throat. Poor little man. He may require a visit to the doctor later today. I hope and pray that his coughing subsides. I also hope and pray for MS, not the disease but my gorgeous neighbor who has her first job interview. I thought that her first foray into a paycheck would be a starring role on Broadway, but sometimes small steps are better than big jumps. Just ask little man Prince. It is overcast here today which does wonders for making us feel like jumping right out of bed, but we did so anyway. The furniture was delivered and looks great and the client is happy. That's what matters. Please also do a God shout-out down VA way as my Dad had another, (minor) stroke. The most horrible thing about this situation is that the hospital does not allow cigars nor Chardonnay. Cretins! Have a great day, avoid hail and comets and for Heaven sake, stay away from the fish pond. Today's photo is 'Koi Fish Hooked Rug.' Get it, 'hooked'.
"Good luck has its storms." George Lucas

Monday, June 15, 2009

...just dance...


Just dance. On this day in 1963 the "Sound of Music" closed at Lunt Fontanne Theater New York City after 1443 performances Have a great day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

...you never know...

Hello. I told you in a recent blog how my nephew and I went to my friend's home to hang out for a few hours. My friend's father made quite an impression on my nephew, taking the time to teach him about scale, light and shadowing regarding drawing with pastels. At 6 years old, he was inspired and I wonder if that is a life moment that he will remember for a long time. I hope so. I walked the dogs early as I always do and on this overcast Chester County morning I was trying to relive the feeling of the 'last day of school'. I want to be able to remember how I felt, what it smelled like and if I felt less stress or more having finished another year of school, even as a little kid. I don't want to have to struggle to regain these experiences, I just want them to be there. Maybe when we have so many life experiences, some have to drift into a blur to leave room for clarity in terms of more recent life occurrences. Or maybe my brain isn't big enough. I remember vividly sitting in my Aunt's family room in the summer of 1971 watching a new singing group host a summer replacement series. I was 11 and still recall the excitement of seeing the dark haired girl with bangs sing and play drums. That made a huge impact on me as I then took guitar, drum and piano lessons. I never became a star but you never know what will be an important inspiration. I was interning in the art department of WCAU TV the morning that news broke regarding the death of the dark haired girl who sang and played drums. I had to then find a recent photo from the art archives to correspond with the news bulletin. Unprofessionally taken with shock and grief, I went and found a photo. This little head with dark brown hair was in a group picture of past Grammy winners and had been taken just the month before. I knew at that moment that I was not cut out for this industry. WCAU agreed wholeheartedly. We never know what sound, scent or physical item will be an inspiration that may change our life or the lives of others. Have a great day, keep the light burning and keep your senses alert. Oh yeah, on this day in 1942 Anne Frank received a diary for her thirteenth birthday.
"Boys will be boys. And even that wouldn't matter if only we could prevent girls from being girls." Anne Frank

Thursday, June 11, 2009

...that's entertainment...

Greetings. The boys are playing rough this morning, the littlest one chasing the others around and it is quite entertaining. Not so much when he tries to eat my laptop, but anyway... Last evening I had dinner at LS and we watched part of 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Maybe I really am from another planet as people have commented over the years but it is the first time that I saw even a part of the show. It held my interest for a little while and I hear that it is all the rage entertainment wise. It is very important to find a release in these stressful times whether it be television, sporting events, movies, exercise, meditation or getting your drink on. The last inclusion may not be backed by the American Medical Association but I can always check on that for you. Some demand entertainment and quality entertainment at that. Queen Elizabeth sure demanded to be entertained as on this day in 1964 she ordered the Beatles to her birthday party. Guess what? They attended. Two of pop cultures most successful forms of entertainment, the movies, were released on this day. In 1982 "ET the Extra-Terrestrial" was released and a few years earlier, in 1978, "Grease" starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John opened. It truly turned Olivia Newton John's career around. She went from white bread county/pop star into sort of the slut next door and I loved the transformation. Her 'Physical' song and video hit #1 where it remained for weeks and the video truly tested boundaries back then. Some radio stations refused to play it which only helped it's spins and promotion. hehehe...No hand holding boys! I have no idea what this day holds as most of us never do but I wish everyone an entertaining, productive and great one. Today's photo is 'Sweetbird Needlepoint Pillow' because the only sounds that I am hearing right now, (aside from growling due to a ducky doll argument) are the birds singing from the front and back yard. Ahhhhh, now that's entertainment!
"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Mohandas Gandhi

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hi. B and G returned home safe and sound from Italy last evening, so I brought little Maxie back and we caught up. They attended a wedding and it seems to be the time of year for congratulations in many respects. D accepted a wonderful job offer so the clan is moving to Boston. EW will be starting her senior year soon thus the Lily furniture delivery on Sunday. My nephew finishes Kindergarten next week and tonight is his last T-Ball game of the season. So much change and good news! On this day in 1854 the first class of the United States Naval Academy students graduated. The United States Naval Academy is an undergraduate college in Annapolis, MD that educates and commissions officers of the Navy and Marine Corps. The Academy often is referred to simply as "Annapolis." It is also called "The Academy," "The Boat School," or "Canoe U." Sports media refer to the Academy as Navy; this usage is officially endorsed. The U.S. Naval Academy was established 10 October 1845.
Their motto is Ex Scientia Tridens, which is Latin for "from knowledge, sea power" (the trident, emblem of the Roman god Neptune, represents sea power). Joan Rivers, in her career prime was guest speaker, looking resplendent in a navy and white skirt and blazer. Her contract read 'no usage of bad language' and thirteen seconds into her commencement speech was escorted off of the stage. This may or may not have happened. The needlepoint pillows have finally arrived, at least a few of them and another order will be shipping soon. Get it, shipping! I also placed another accessory order and am continually thankful for the business that I get. Enjoy this time of year everyone, with all of the weddings, graduations and positive changes. Have a great day. Today's photo is 'Large Sailboat Summerhouse Accessory', in case you don't have your own 'Boat To Sail'. Chips ahoy! (waves enthusiastically to KM, off on vacation)
"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship." Louisa May Alcott

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

...it happens...

Hello? Oh, you are there. It is 7 am but looks like midnight outside as the skies grew dark and the rains began to fall. The 'boys' are barking and pacing due to the thunder and lightening even tho' I keep reassuring them of their safety. I can 'Pollyanna' with the best of them but try to keep a positive attitude. We all know thought, that a bolt of lightening could come through my kitchen window, zapping both me and the laptop at anytime. You can't keep us down. We persevere and do the best that we can. We all know that shhhh! it happens. Alice Huyler Ramsey knew what could happen and still forged ahead. On this day in 1909, the 22-year-old housewife and mother from Hackensack, NJ, became the first woman to drive across the United States. With three female companions, none of whom could drive a car, in fifty-nine days she drove a Maxwell the 3,800 miles from Manhattan, to San Francisco. There she met a wonderful gal and stayed in California for the rest of her natural born life. The latter is not fact. Spread your wings folks, life is short. So is this blog. The lightening is too close for comfort.Today's photo is the 'Clef Note Lamp'. It is music to my ears. Have a great day.
"Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work." Mark Twain

Monday, June 8, 2009

..for art's sake...

Hello. This weekend was great and it flew by quickly. My nephew spent the time with me and we tried to pack as much into it as possible. The weather cooperated so much of it was spent outdoors. Contessa Del Mar had us over for a cookout and it was delicious. Water guns, swimming pools and cookouts made for a wonderful couple of days. Sunday afternoon we visited PS and his Dad, before the rest arrived and it was quite a sight to behold. His Dad is fast approaching 90, has very poor eyesight and needs two canes to assist him until his hip replacement in a few weeks. That didn't stop him from giving my nephew an extended course in art out on the shaded brick patio. My nephew was transfixed, especially upon learning from the older gentleman that his art should 'not be stifled by coloring books'. Wide eyed, he then took to blank pages and began drawing in pastels without the constraints of coloring book lines. Like the Bee Gees sang in one of their top hits 'Stay In The Lines, stay in the lines. Ah, ah, ah, ah, stay in the lines". He looked much like the chimney sweep from 'Mary Poppins' afterwards, with the grey, black and charcoal pastel remains on his face and hands, but why not? It is important not to hinder artistic talents, no matter what the medium. Brian Jones left the Rolling Stones on this day in 1969 for similar reasons as did Rick Wakeman on this day in 1974, quitting the rock group 'Yes'. He just said 'no'. Speaking of 'Mary Poppins', on this day in 1917 Walt Disney graduated from Benton High School . My guess is that he had pastels, markers and perhaps crayon on his face and hands for the duration of his education. I have pretty much finished painting the Lily Pink, Cream and Green pieces and will deliver next Sunday. We still have pink, cream and green paint remains on our skin and coats and yes, we do shower with regularity. Maybe it is genetic. Have a great day and if you don't feel inspired, look for inspiration. It can come from out of nowhere. Today's picture is 'Evangeline Lily Wall Art.' Lily was here... ( a great ask and response tune with no lyrics.) No lyrics are needed. I love art.
"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go." Oscar Wilde

Friday, June 5, 2009


Greetings. The rain in Chester County falls mainly in the drains. I cleared out the rain spouts that had collected leaves, small branches and would love for the heat to arrive to dry things out. We are drenched but towel dried here and await sun. Everyone is vying for lap time while I try to type this blog and conflicts between the housemates are heating up. So did television audiences on this day in 1956 as Elvis Presley took the stage on the Milton Berle Show, introducing his new single 'Hound Dog'. He scandalized the audience with his suggestive hip movements. Back then it was scandalous. Today he would have to exit a taxi in front of the paparazzi revealing his private parts in order to gain attention. Yesterday I delivered and laid two custom area rugs with slip proof padding and it was a joy. They both look great and the home looks more together than it ever has. Every piece of art and wall decor that I hung had to be taken down as now that everything is in it's proper place, the community has decided to blast rock to create a new direction for the water overflow. I felt the heat when I heard that. My body temperature was not quite what people experienced on this day in 2003 as a severe heat wave came across Pakistan and India reached its peak. Temperatures exceeded 122°F in the region. Today I paint and whatever else comes into play, but I intend to keep my cool. I wish the same for you. Pictured today is 'Hot Pink Aqua Mod Girly Area Rug'.

"Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself." William Shakespeare

Thursday, June 4, 2009

...papa, can you hear me...

Hello. I do not follow 'American Idol' and perhaps may be one of the few who doesn't. I do follow 'Billboard' magazine, the music Bible that is issued every week. I noticed yesterday that two of the contestants, one the 'winner', released the same song in very much the same way and one is achieving quick chart action. People need to be heard and it seems to be a growing need. Life is so hectic and full that some are being passed by when it comes to having an ear to listen. That, along with reality shows and the 'entitled' times in which we live make it hard for those gentler souls who don't thirst for the spotlight...or the green light for that matter. Some may think that one who writes a blog needs special attention which is not my goal. Sometimes the message cannot be ignored tho' and people take interesting and innovative steps to be heard. On this day in 1913 Emily Davison, a suffragette, ran out in front of King George's horse at the Epsom Derby, was trampled and died a few days later. She never regained consciousness. Perhaps she was heard in her own special way. On this day in 1919 Congress approved the 19th amendment which guaranteed suffrage to women, and sent it to the U.S. states for ratification. Yesterday morning a woman driving the cutest little puddle jumper that I could barely see in my rear view mirror of my large truck was beeping and waving her middle finger wildly at me. Perhaps she couldn't see the larger truck approaching the intersection and wanted me to step on the gas. I heard her! I kindly pulled aside and let her go. She barely escaped being hit by the truck and ended up sandwiched between that truck and a garbage truck all the way through one of our most beautiful winding, narrow Chester County roads. I wonder if she heard me laughing? Have a great day, lend an ear to those in need and if someone beeps at you and shoots you the finger, well, I'll leave you to your own devices. Today's photo is my 'Blue Crab Rug'. ...hehe, crab.
"If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." Vincent VanGogh

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...whatever happened...

Hello. The delivery yesterday went extremely well; even the rain waited until I was inside the client's home. Once in place and levelled, the Narrow Tall Cabinet was then ready to hold many bathroom items that people wish to be kept out of sight. Other things that I wish to be kept out of sight were not so easy to arrange. It seems that the ghost of Bette Davis made an appearance also yesterday, reprising her role as Baby Jane Hudson from 'What Ever Happened To Baby Jane" with the voice and mannerisms accurately down pat. I was thankful that she didn't begin singing "I've Written A Letter To Daddy'. There is a God. There were no ear plugs, but there is a God. A comment was made previously about the narrow cabinet looking like a 'coffin standing on end'. I was strongly tempted to turn it into such. Is it too early for a cocktail? On this day in 1800 U.S. President John Adams, (brother to Sam Adams of the beer distributor) this may or may not be true took up residence in Washington, DC in a tavern. The White House was not yet completed. How appropriate. I received one of the custom area rugs yesterday as I was loading the cabinet into my truck and it looks just right. Our walk this morning was great as I have been getting up an hour earlier due to the larger 'pack' and it seems to be working very well. Whatever happened to leashed dogs in this area seems to be a mystery but for the safety of the ones who reside in my home, I will stick to the rules. I have been painting Lily Pulitzer Pink and Green and it is no surprise that some of the housemates have new markings. It is water based paint, so not to worry. EA, CN, KD and CJ are all going through very stressful times. If you have a second to throw an extra prayer out there, please do so. Today's photo is the new "Bunny Rabbit 1 Needlepoint Pillow" simply because it is cute. Maybe not Baby Jane cute, but whatever...Have a great day and keep the crazies at bay.
"The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" Bette Davis

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hello. It is sunny for now in Chester County, PA and my Schipperke wants to help me type. I should probably ask him to write my blog for a while as he may have more interesting things to say. 'Malvern Dental Associates' made my day again yesterday. The gang there is professional, prompt and kind. They even took time for B who rode in with me. Exemplary in every way from the staff, to the service to Dr. Michael Feeney, DDS. If you live in the area it is a must and if you are visiting the area...and mind you, I don't wish this on anyone but if you have a tooth issue, give them a call. Two of the park ladies had a wedding on Saturday and all went well. It was one of the ladies daughters by the way, as PA doesn't allow that kind of thing yet. U.S. President Grover Cleveland married Frances Folsom in the White House on this day in 1886, becoming the only president to wed in the executive mansion. My invitation must have been lost in the pony express. In 1995 President Clinton was the first President to receive a...well, factually I am not sure if he was the only one to...anyway... this may be incorrect so I will continue my blog. I am progressing well on the Lily Pulitzer Pink and Green dorm room for EW. It will look smashing if I do say so myself. Aside from the Bee bedding there will be a pink, green and cream desk, matching armoire and a shelf or two for holding text books. Make sure the covers coordinate EW, even if the texts are not what you are studying this term. Color is everything! We power washed late yesterday to great results and had a light, large salad for dinner. Beach time is fast approaching! After dinner I was given a carton of Tastycake Chocolate Cupcakes. Geez, thanks a lot! Maybe I will eat them while mountain biking. Talk about crash and 'burn'. I deliver the narrow tall bookcase this afternoon now that the sheer privacy panels are sewn and installed. It will make a stylish linen closet, along the lines of the EW armoire but in Chinese lacquered black, not pink and green. Sure hope I don't confuse the deliveries! They will certainly rescind my card. That would be interesting. Someone from NYC ordered my 'Ring Mirror' in the wee hours, speaking of weddings and it is unique and interesting. I should send her the carton of Tastycakes along with it and then she may need to order another one! Such the salesman. Have a great day, turn the ordinary into interesting and don't be mean. Unless you have to.
"Life is a lot like jazz... it's best when you improvise." George Gershwin

Monday, June 1, 2009

...choked up...

Greetings. The sunny skies in Chester County, PA promise a great day weather wise. Yesterday was beautiful also and I removed and re-installed window treatments, did my laundry and then we went to '101' for dinner. It was great as usual but I need to learn to 'just say no' to the pepper mill when I order a Ceaser Salad. One of those buggers got caught in my throat and I had a devil of a time returning to normalcy. This similar feeling is being felt by my family as C and N make their way to a new life in South Carolina. Unfortunately pepper corns had nothing to do with their choked up status. I wish it were that easy for them. On this day in 1974 the Heimlich maneuver for rescuing choking victims was published in the journal Emergency Medicine. I go to the dentist this morning and can't wait to get that tooth fixed! Then I visit a friend, a client and stop by Benjamin Moore paints to begin a college Seniors dorm room in Lily Pulitzer pink and green. This will be fun. We have decided to do primarily, (no pun intended) cream with just touches of bright pink and green, otherwise the inhabitants may just choke upon view. We don't want that! We want a successful college career. I am still clearing my throat this morning due to pepper corns and other things and hope that everyone reading this has a great day, no matter what may pop up. Today's photo is 'Pretty in Pink' as most little girls like that color. Big ones also!
"A lot of guys who have never choked have never been in the position to do so." Tom Watson