Sunday, March 29, 2009

Greetings. We just returned from the park where we walked and puddle jumped. My nephew jumped in 14 puddles in total. His sneakers, socks jeans and sweatshirt are now in the washer! The dogs did the same so all of their gear is in same. Just because it's raining outside doesn't mean one can't have a good time! Work yesterday went great and I had a chance to update the front display window. We then went to a client's home to do some consulting work and then hit a few stores on our way home. We met friends for dinner at the 'Fitzwater Station' and spent a little while feeding the geese and ducks. My nephew had a Coke with his dinner so one could say he pulled a Pemberton because on this day in 1886 Dr. John Pemberton brewed the first batch of Coca-Cola in his backyard in Atlanta, Georgia. Have a Coke and a smile I say to the generations of Pembertons that followed, all the way to the bank. We have a party today for my niece who turned 16 recently and it will be a fun time. Tomorrow I have my vehicle state inspection and emissions and also a root canal so I may not have time to blog. Have a great day today and tomorrow and I will catch up on Tuesday. Even if you don't drink Coke, smile. Decorate your garden.
"He who slings mud generally loses ground." Adali Stevenson