Friday, March 20, 2009


Hello. Yesterday's installations went extremely well and I even had time to lay the padding and two area rugs prior to the furniture being delivered today. The upholsterer arrived with the Wing Chairs that I had re-done in an Emerald Green Damask by Robert Allen and they look swell. I had installed Florentine Shades by Prestige Window Fashions in all 25 windows earlier this week and yesterday began installing the top treatments. The Sun room received balloon valances of a Lily Pulitzer-like Pink and Green floral by Tapestria, the Kitchen had remade Tea Pot Valances, a retired selection also by Robert Allen. Moving into the Owner's Suite, I used an indigo and cream toile entitled 'House party' by Kravet Fabrics and the toile is properly named for the recipients! The same room took a 'CallanwoldeWool Area Rug' in a 10' x 14' size that left a foot and a half of hardwood flooring as a balanced perimeter. Love it. Once everything is in furniture and accessory wise I will have the wallpapers hung and then take some photos for you to view. Late yesterday I did a tiny bit of arm twisting and the client chose Schumacher's 'Shulu Chinois Ebony Wall paper' and a Black embroidered fabric by Kravet. Nothing like the guest bathroom being the standout room of the house! The client brought back a raised 6-panel Chinoiserie Screen from China, thus the repetition in the bathroom. Subtle! My shop needs some attention today as I have been running around all week and have spent scant little time in it. Fine with me. It is nice to have a shop, but I would rather be outside of it creating in homes and offices. And if you thought that today's blog title was me being self involved, you are wrong! On this day in 1916 Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity. That's the theory telling hosts that family members who stay longer than three days is like keeping fish for longer than three days. (this may or may not be true) Anyway, have a great day. I have to deliver an S-chair to the upholsterer as it needs freshening. Me too actually. Do something today that is pure genius. Today's photo is of 'Sailboats Drapery Fabric'.
"Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment." Rita Mae Brown