Wednesday, December 31, 2008

...good buy 2008...

Greetings! It is sunny and clear here in Chester County, PA today. People at the park early this morning were wishing me a Happy New Year so I guess there is no turning back. Many tend to look back on what they did and did not achieve in the past year; I guess it's human nature. All in all I had a great year in 2008. I met new, great people and reconnected with not so new, great people. I won't bore you here with my can sort of recount it yourselves while the water is boiling thru this blog site. I do know that on this day in 1904 the first New Year's Eve celebration was held in Times Square ( hi Char) (then known as Longacre Square) in New York, New York. Dick Clark wore a black Valentino Tux and Joan Rivers was the guest host. The latter may or may not be true. 'Time' being an operative word, on this day but not in the U.S. and in the year 1923, the chimes of Big Ben were broadcast on radio for the first time by the BBC. Ironically, also on this day but in 1955 General Motors became the first U.S. corporation to make over $1 billion dollars in a year. Things change as we all know. One of the years top news stories is the economy and bailouts including large automakers. We elected a new President here in the U.S., the short lived Russia-Georgia war was fought, Kosovo declared its independence, terrorists attacked Mumbai, gas and food prices escalated and China held the Olympics. My favorite, KC lip synced in the late 70's on 'Top Of The Pops' so that little part of the story means nothing to me. I am not one for major resolutions as I consider myself a constant work in progress anyway. If those of you have a major resolution in mind I wish you all the strength and success to accomplish it(them). On the other hand, if you need links for cheap cigarettes, tax free alcohol or after hours club addresses in the Philadelphia vicinity, please email me. Some believe that what one does on New Year's Eve dictates how the upcoming year in it's entirety will be. Hmmm. For those with a head cold I don't believe it. For those hanging with friends and loved one, I do believe it. I wish everyone a healthy, safe, prosperous, grounded New Year. Uhm, 10, 9, 8... p.s you have to run your curser over this blog to catch my blatant links to my website. I figured today I'd give you a break from least overtly.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Greetings! Believe it or not we are fast approaching the end of 2008 and there is nothing that I can do about it. 2007 was a year that I didn't want to end either and I think that that is a good thing. There are always ups and downs but all of my years have had more good than bad and in that respect I am blessed. I hope that everyone who takes the time to read this blog can report same. I also hope that whatever you do this New Year's Eve makes you feel great. Perhaps a dinner party with loved ones and friends within an innovative theme. Sort of like what happened on this day in 1853. A dinner party was held inside a life-size model of an Iguanadon created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins and Sir Richard Owen in south London. Iguanodon is a kind of dinosaur that grew into the duck billed dinosaur variety. Please pass the butter...
I returned home last night at around midnight after quite the arduous day/night to find a huge box at my front door. What a spirit lifter that was! My sister was very upset when she learned that my gifts hadn't been received by Christmas and I kept assuring her that it was a non issue. Some of those angels out there routed that box to arrive at the perfect time. Today's photo is another picture of my tree with more gifts under it. I am lucky. The winds are howling here this morning and the neighborhood recycling is pretty much everywhere. I expect a phone call from the beach near Naples, FL later this afternoon giving me the weather report down there. I always enjoy fielding those calls. (smirk) My cat is on my lap as I type and the dogs are upstairs enjoying their Holiday cookies. I would like to stay home today but the shop may need my attention. Have a great day and if you are having trouble deciding what to do on New Year's Eve , keep it simple. And safe. And fun. Sort of like Waterhouse and Owen but maybe without the dinosaur.

Monday, December 29, 2008

...take a stand...

Good day all! It is again sunny and somewhat warm here in Chester County, PA. I was at a party on Saturday evening and a guest was telling me how he must adhere to a dress code in the adult facility where he lives. Huh? I don't think that Emma Snodgrass would have ever moved there. On this day in 1852 Emma Snodgrass was arrested in Boston for wearing pants. Perhaps they were see through but I doubt it. In a polite society rules are established. I agree with that, otherwise chaos ensues. But sometimes rules need to be questioned. We are coming on a new year and for those who have some things to address or change it may be a good time to take a long, hard look at certain situations and begin to make changes. I am waiting on friends to borrow my carpet shampooer as their resolution is to clean up their act both literally and figuratively, then I will hit the gym. I will work later this afternoon into the night and that will be great. B and G return to Naples later this afternoon and I will miss them. They come back to Chester County in April and that is how it is. I have been burning the candle at both ends and am feeling it a little today. Emergen-C and Boo Koo will help. Have a great day.

Here are a few of the most popular Resolutions, not that you need to see them.

Lose Weight
Manage Money
Get a Better Job
Get Fit
Eat Right
Get A Better Education
Drink Less Alcohol
Quit Smoking
Reduce Stress
Volunteer To Help Others

Saturday, December 27, 2008

...let's dance...

Hello. It is foggy but warm here in Chester County, PA this morning. My shop parking lot is virtually empty, except for my large black vehicle and I am guessing that people are all shopped/returned out. I have to get the place looking acceptable again as several items are now gone due to the Holiday shopping season. I already miss the radio stations that were filled with Holiday music up until about a few minutes ago. Click of the switch and we are back to rock. Maybe I'll dance while I rearrange along with Mich Jagger, Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. Then again, maybe not. I am feeling a bit inspired because on this day in 1932 Radio City Music Hall opened in New York City...Roxy, Rockefeller??? A few posts back I shared that a friend of mine won tickets to their Christmas Gala show and he had a great time. Also, I am somewhat quickly filling up my 'dance tracks' play list on my new IPod that Santa brought me. He must have seen how I drove while trying desperately to locate a dropped CD and thought of my on road safety. Thanks Santa! I have to sort through and prep/cut fabrics for a new job today and then get my deer whistles safely back on my front bumper. They fell off when I was gently (lol) washing my truck. Tonight is the Holiday Party at the client who put in a wine tasting room. I wallpapered, chose area rugs and did that Venetian finish on the walls that I told you about a few posts back. I guess they like the result 'cause I am invited to party with them. Maybe there will be dancing. Perhaps not before the wine tasting but definitely after it! What? Did some of you say that you are glum after all of the hustle and bustle of the Holidays? Read the title of this blog. Dance! Exercise is a great way to get those endorphins popping, and perhaps burn off some of those extra calories that may have been added during this season. The holidays take up so much time, that you've probably neglected yourself. Beat the post-holiday 'glums' by taking the time to do something for yourself. Go shopping for a few new items of clothing or home fashions (wink) with your holiday gift money, or use those gift cards that you've stacked up. But if you don't want to face the malls anymore, then just draw a hot bath, and relax with a good book. If you are feeling burned out and that is so probable, then don't just keep going. Take some time out and kiss those post-holiday blues goodbye! My nephew came over on Christmas night and even though he was under the weather, took the time to dance just as a Disney movie was ending. Tired eyes, a spoonful of medicine in his system and bedtime calling, he still took the time to dance. I suggest you take a lesson from a 5 year old and do the same. And get with it y'all. New Year's Eve is just around the corner. And then Valentine's Day, President's Day, Mardi Gras, Daylight Savings Time, St. Patrick's Day, First Day of Spring and so on... so snap out of it and celebrate! Have a great day.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

...have yourself a merry little birthday...

Greetings from a clear, somewhat warm Chester County, PA. Christmas lunch yesterday was a lot of fun and then Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchanging was also great. Yes Virginia, we did open before the 25th, but that is fine with me...and all who shared in the experience. We had cake too! I don't think that either Santa or Jesus would mind. I am not convinced that Jesus was born on December 25th anyway! Not that it matters to me. I love Christmas, Hanukkah and any other holiday that celebrates love, friends and family. But, was Jesus born on December 25? There is no evidence for this date. So then, who decided that Jesus' birth would be celebrated on that date? The early Christian church did not celebrate Jesus' birth. It wasn't until A.D. 440 that the church officially proclaimed December 25 as the birth of Christ. This was not based on any religious evidence but on a pagan feast. Saturnalia was a tradition inherited by the Roman pagans from an earlier Babylonian priesthood. December 25 was used as a celebration of the birthday of the sun god. It was observed near the winter solstice. The apostles in the Bible predicted that some Christians would adopt pagan beliefs to enable them to make their religion more palatable to the pagans around them. Therefore, some scholars think the church chose the date of this pagan celebration to interest them in Christianity. The pagans were already used to celebrating on this date. The Bible itself tells us that December 25 is an unlikely date for His birth. Palestine is very cold in December. It was much too cold to ask everyone to travel to the city of their fathers to register for taxes. Also the shepherds were in the fields (Luke 2:8-12). Shepherds were not in the fields in the winter time. They are in the fields early in March until early October. This would place Jesus' birth in the spring or early fall. It is also known that Jesus lived for 33.5 years and died at the feast of the Passover, which is at Easter time. He must therefore have been born six months the other side of Easter - making the date around the September/October time frames.

Now that we know there is truly a Jesus, no matter when his actual birth date is let's skip ahead to Santa Claus. Is there really a Santa Claus? Of course. I saw him several times over these past several years.

In a nutshell, the sun is shining, the good seems to outweigh the bad and somehow we have the strength to persevere. There is a Jesus and a Santa we really need to know anything else? Have a great day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...all through the house...

'Twas the Night Before Christmas…

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there
Clement C. Moore, "A Visit from St. Nicholas"

Today is December 24, the day before Christmas, and all through the land, families will send excited children to bed with a reading of Clement Moore's classic poem, " A Visit From St. Nicholas". Moore is thought to have composed the tale, now popularly known as "The Night Before Christmas," on December 24, 1822, while traveling home from Greenwich Village, where he had bought a turkey for his family's Christmas dinner.
Inspired by the plump, bearded Dutchman who took him by sleigh on his errand through the snow-covered streets of New York City, Moore penned A Visit from St. Nicholas for the amusement of his six children, with whom he shared the poem that evening. His vision of St. Nicholas draws upon Dutch-American and Norwegian traditions of a magical, gift-giving figure who appears at Christmas time, as well as the German legend of a visitor who enters homes through chimneys.

Here in Chester County, PA it is raining and the temperature is hovering around the freezing mark. I put out extra sunflowers 'cause squirrels and birdies need to celebrate the Holidays too. Late yesterday as I left for the gym, Lancaster Avenue heading west was at a standstill. It leads to a large shopping mall and I am guessing that today will be even more active. Have fun last minute shoppers! I have a Holiday lunch this afternoon and then Christmas Eve dinner at 4. I have posted 'The Night Before Christmas' for your enjoyment. Aside from a couple of naughty limericks, this is my favorite poem...I even got my company name from it. Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Don't forget to hang your stockings with care!


by Clement Clarke Moore or Henry Livingston
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;

And mamma in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap,

Had just settled down for a long winter's nap,

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash,

Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow

Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below,

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer,

With a little old driver, so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.

More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,

And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

"Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!

On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen!

To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!

Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly

,When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky

,So up to the house-top the coursers they flew,

With the sleigh full of toys, and St. Nicholas too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof

The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.

As I drew in my hand, and was turning around,

Down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound.

He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot

,And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;

A bundle of toys he had flung on his back,

And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack

.His eyes -- how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,

And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow;

The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,

And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath;

He had a broad face and a little round belly,

That shook, when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly.

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk,

And laying his finger aside of his nose,

And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose;

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,

And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.

But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,"

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

...grimm for the holidays...

Greetings! Does your home smell of baked goodies yet? Brownies, Spanish Wedding Cookies or Gingerbread perhaps? We are in the middle of Hanukkah and fast approaching Christmas so I bet my question is a resounding 'yes'. Many like gingerbread, but don't overeat or let it become the death of you! That almost happened to two little darlings of Germanic descent. Hansel and Gretel devoured a house made of Gingerbread and Candies that was occupied by a witch, which almost led to their demise. Those children had to watch their backs from the beginning of their lives what with their b*tch of a mother and w*tch of a witch. But they remained clever and steadfast and survived. This Grimm's Fairytale was put to music and an opera was first performed on this day in 1893. The opera Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck is first performed. Not the same Humperdinck that sang 'After The Loving' in the mid seventies, but a different one. The lighting fixtures arrived and J is on her way into the shop to pick them up. I also dropped of gifts for the postman, UPS driver, printer and a few other folks that are in my life almost daily. It is nice to be appreciated and not have to watch your back and I know that I am that type of person. I also like to remember those kind people, no matter how small the gesture. It would be a great world if everyone were that way, but whatever. Just stay on your toes and ignore the bad stuff and embrace the good stuff. I have a business associate who tells crazy stories and when I called this person on the behavior they told me that they like to do this to people because it 'entertains'. It is best to keep these types of people at arms length as one never knows when they are being honest or 'entertaining'. Sounds to me like someone may have a few modern day Grimm's fairy tales up their sleeve. Tomorrow morning I deliver a sofa, in the afternoon I meet friends for s Holiday luncheon and Christmas Eve dinner begins at 4. I may not be able to wish those who Celebrate Christmas a Happy One so I will do that right now. Be at peace, be thankful for what you have and not miffed at what you do not have and keep the day special. If someone becomes a persistent pain in the neck, you can always 'take away the breadcrumbs' in your own special way.

Monday, December 22, 2008 to my ears...

Greetings and brrrrr! from a cold Chester County, PA. It is 17 degrees and the boys are still a little miffed with me regarding our morning walk even tho' they had on their wool coats to help in braving the cold temperatures. Many radio stations in this area are playing Holiday Music 24/7 and I love it. Except for a couple of exceptions, of course. Grandma and that tragic accident and the Italian Donkey are not my seasonal favorites but then again, who asked, right! On this day in 1958 the "Chipmunk Song" reached #1 on the Billboard Top 100. That success paved the way for many albums and singles, movies and an annual seller, their Christmas Album. Has anyone heard it? I finished wrapping presents yesterday afternoon, delivered a bench and then did some work later in the night. Today I am hoping to deliver the lighting fixtures that finally arrived after the email was left flying through the netherworld. Today is also the most common day for the winter solstice to occur. This is at the instant when the Sun's position in the sky is at its greatest angular distance on the other side of the equatorial plane from the observers hemisphere. Depending on the shift of the calendar, the event of the winter solstice occurs some time between December 20 and December 23 each year in the northern hemisphere, and between June 20 and June 23 in the southern hemisphere, during either the shortest day or the longest night of the year, which is not to be confused with the darkest day or night or the day with the earliest sunset or latest sunrise. Did you all get that? I hate to argue, but I will experience tonight and am guessing that it is not the longest night of the year. Oh, what? I get it. 'Seeming' like the longest night of the year doesn't count. Gotcha. I am awaiting aqua and chocolate fabric and some thermal lining, which, at 17 degrees makes even more sense than when I ordered it and am also awaiting the arrival of friends from Naples, FL. Won't they be surprised when they step off of the plane. I got them a set of acrylic wine glasses and an acrylic wine cooler so they can have cocktails by the pool without worrying about broken glass. Oh, and some wine. Have a great day everyone. Depending on where you are stay either warm or cool. And if tonight is going to be the longest night of the year, well, plan accordingly. Today's photo is from this past Summer. If you look closely you can see dolphins in the distance.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

...secrets of survival...

Is everyone well rested? I didn't think so, but 'tis the season! As long as we get everything finished that we have to, we are doing just fine. When the mind gets filled, sometimes some things slip through the cracks. We all now know that crack is wack, so keep your eye on the ball and remain focused. Not on the hidden gifts, people! On the tasks at hand. A little Tomfoolery may have to be executed to fool some and if that's what it takes to acheive the bottom line, then by all means fool away. The prize is awaiting. Somewhat like what the Dreidel symbolizes. The traditional Chanukah dreidel (spinning top) is a throwback to the times when the Greek armies of King Antiochus controlled the Holy Land, before the Maccabees defeated them and sent them packing. 'Bye 'bye! The powerful regime passed a series of laws outlawing the study of Torah and many of the mitzvot, (commandments, if you will). The Jews were compelled to take their Torah learning "underground" which really stinks but ya anyway, Jewish children resorted to learning Torah in outlying areas and forests. But even this secretive plan was not foolproof, because the ones who wanted to stop this learning had many patrols. The children therefore brought along small tops that they would quickly pull out and play with after hiding away their texts, so that they could pretend to be merely playing games.
Our Chanukah dreidel games are a salute to these Jewish heroes of yore. Like I said, a means to an end. The beauty of living in a free society gives us the choice to believe or not believe and to read whatever we choose. Maybe one day differences in beliefs, dress, skin color, orientation and on and on... will be celebrated everywhere, not simply in intellectual clusters. Tickets to 'The Rockettes' in NYC were being raffled and no one was signing up and you may think me a fool but, along with my own name (of course) I signed up a few friends who had no idea about the contest. Well, one of my friends won and he took his girlfriend on Friday. They had a great time. I am happy that it went so well. Out of the blue then a pizza party was sprung and I was on the receiving end of it...then A came into the shop and brought me gifts! Little moments of odd people and many moments of wonderful. I installed and delivered yesterday and again this morning. I am actually getting things done, in a timely fashion also! I keep little memo sheets stuck everywhere and in some cases write on the palm of my left hand. I know, you are saying to yourselves, 'how utterly professional of him'. Well, at least I don't have to hide those little sheets or the palm of my hand. If I did have to, believe you me I'd have a dreidel for each cause and they would all be different in size, color, scale, pattern and I'd celebrate them all. The bar stools were a hit, Charlie threw a fit at the park this morning, a crazy dame called again about a ceramic figurine that seems to change defects at will and the lighting fixtures ordered a while ago finally are in the vicinity. Speaking again about secrets of survival, on this day in 1992 Marla Maples married Donald Trump. I am off (we know that already)to the gym now. I need to lift for a while and release some endorphins (endogenous opioid polypeptide compounds FYI). Stay positive! Create an emotional barrier that absorbs positive energy and repels the jerks. Have a great day.

Friday, December 19, 2008

...let it snow...

Hello. It is currently raining here in Chester County, PA but soon the rain will turn to snow. I filled the bird feeders before heading out early today as they have become accustomed to the food. Once one makes that type of commitment it is important to stick with it. I delivered a Chippendale Legged Camel back Sofa today and also hung a mirror, placed a new lamp and installed sage green sheers with claret red banding and a pomegranate silk balloon valance. It all looks great if I do say so myself. I need to flashback a bit because one morning when I didn't go to the park with the boys, I walked them through the neighborhood and that's the day that I saw a cat in one of the parking lots just laying there. School children, parents and those off to work all saw the animal but no one seemed to care. I had three dogs in hand so temporarily tied them to a nearby lamppost so as not to startle the cat if he was sleeping. Once by his/her side I immediately noticed that the animal was malnourished and awfully thin. I took off my fleece, gently picked him up and sort of swaddled him in the soft coat. I then untied three leashes and walked the group home. I flew to the vet and they took me immediately, brought the cat in and promised to call me after tests had been completed. Later that day the phone call advised me to okay the animal to be euthanized as he had been abandoned and was beyond being cured. I gave my credit card number over the phone and felt devastated that people could be so indifferent. I had tried to give him milk from an eyedropper and I do think he smiled at me with his green eyes and charcoal/white coat as I drove like my normal madman pace to the vet.

Fast forward to this morning. After hanging the drapery, the clients asked me where I lived as they were concerned about the roads. When I told them they told me that they had been in my neck of the woods a few weeks ago and had seen an abandoned kitten. I asked what they did and the wife told me she'd be right back. Descending the stairs, she had the cutest little kitty cat in a small blanket. They had used a groundhog cage to catch him and the little tyke was doing beautifully. I had to pet his head and welcome him into the world, thankful that he somehow had found a safe home. I looked into his green eyes and ran my hand down his back of charcoal and white and left that home feeling better than when I arrived. Winters here can be cold and unforgiving and it's really no place to be when there is no safe haven. Who better to retell that fact than the soldiers in this area in 1777. During the American Revolutionary War, George Washington's Continental Army went into winter quarters at Valley Forge, Pa. That park is less than 7 miles from me. Not everyone on this earth has a safe, warm place to rest their head so please keep your eyes open to those who may need a little help. Have a great day, be safe and if you are going to have snow where you are, enjoy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008



The weather is warmer than late yesterday,

and flurries of snow sure are coming our way.

I heard on the radio this is a fact

so batten the hatches so all are intact.

I worked until midnight, well later that's true

I looked at my clock and it was just about 2

I grabbed all the boys and I headed to bed

The day was a full one, I rested my head.

I woke up with vigor and jumped up to start

another full day with joy in my heart.

I got to the shop with no issue or stress

and faxed a work order; they got it I'd guess.

I then went to sign on and fill out my blog

and noticed a kewl thing to add to this log

On this day in '66 The Grinch made it's debut

and has been on TV every year, it's the right thing to do.

I'll now link some store stuff to peddle my wares

and remind everybody to watch when it airs!

Have a great day.

The Grinch cartoon is a classic narrated by Boris Karloff, and the singing is done by the legendary Thurl Ravenscroft, who, in addition to having an awesome name, did tons of voices for Disney including that of Kirby, the Brave Little Toaster. The Grinch is probably the best Christmas special in that it is a timeless classic. It has no product tie-ins, (oops) no pop culture references, and nothing to date it. Best thing? It's not sappy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...on the wings of love...

Greetings from a grey but great Chester County Day! Last evening Mother Nature treated us to a beautiful ice and sleet/snow delivery and this morning the trees and grassy areas looked picturesque. Yippee! I love it. I was out pretty late and when I drove home there were few vehicles on the road and my truck was a trooper yet again. I just faxed the pinch pleated drapery order with thermal lining and got word back that my floor plan for the carpet installation is A-OK. I should hope so as I have been doing this for more than a few years. Something has been nagging at me and I don't know why, but I have gotten better at following my instincts. This is why I will now post a few smart ways to keep your home/office safe from fires this Holiday Season. I am not being negative, simply preventive. According to the United States Fire Administration, fires caused by candles increase fourfold during the holidays, and each year 200 house fires occur where Christmas trees are the initial source of ignition. But you don't have to give up holiday decorations in the interest of safety. Some safety tips include:

Maintain holiday lights. Avoid overloading electrical outlets.
Use only nonflammable decorations that are placed away from heat vents and if using an artificial tree, make sure it's flame retardant and preferably not that hideous silver. I'm kidding.
Avoid using candles when unsupervised, sort of like small children and demented old oddities.
Select a fresh Christmas tree and keep it in water at all times; needles on fresh trees should be green and should not fall off easily.
Make a fire safety plan with an escape route; and practice doing it. This can also provide entertainment if you ring the bell at 3 in the morning and awaken people from a deep sleep. I don't recommend it, but it could prompt a few giggles. Just make sure you have received all of your gifts first.

Please also keep in mind the use of space heaters. There should be at least 36 inches of clear space between anything that can catch fire. Malfunctioning fire places or furnaces are also sources of danger. Homeowners and office managers should make sure they get their furnaces and fireplaces primed and ready for the winter. A lot of times smoke detectors aren't working or aren't even there, so please make the time to check these instruments and either replace the battery or replace the units altogether. I know that in some places the economy is a bit rough, so instead of that extra sweater for Aunt Nell, get the place safe. She will be fine. Please keep in mind that smoke kills more two and four legged people than the fire or flames.

I report this information out of love and caring for humankind. And if there are some not nice people who read this blog, it goes for you too. Just 'cause you may be a little mean doesn't determine that you need to suffer. Be safe and fly through the Holiday Season with fun, hope, love and a gathering of friends and family. And speaking of 'fly', on this day in 1903 the Wright Brothers made their first powered and heavier-than-air flight in the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. One of those could come in handy when the roads out here become impassable. Have a great day, be smoke and fire free and be smart.

Today's photo is of my Holiday Bracelets in a set of three. So after you get your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors up and running, and have the flue cleaned and have completed every other item on your safety check list you may have enough cash to buy these for Aunty Nell. Safety is paramount, but ya don't wanna get on her bad side. Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Greetings! It is a rather warm, rainy day here in Chester County, PA. I just finished a cappuccino and went for an invigorating walk with the boys. Wake up! This time of year especially, people have so much going on that sometimes (or all of the time) one may need an extra jolt to keep going. I have found, as mentioned in a past blog, both Boo Koo and Rockstar energy drinks. Along with cappuccino and coffee they make for a good booster. I do enjoy a good cup of hot tea or in the Summer some Iced Tea but sometimes I don't like the way tea acts with me. Speaking of tea acts, on this day in 1773 the Boston Tea Party occurred. Members of the Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawks dumped crates of tea into Boston harbor as a protest against the Tea Act which had everything to do with taxes. Ironic as this is one reason why we all have to put in so many hours, eh? I digress. Back to artificial means of staying alert. Saturday a blast from the past called on me and now we are doing chocolate and aqua in a haunted bedroom. (Score the scary music again, maestro). Sunday I worked on the bar stools among other tasks and that took the majority of my day. Monday I was at the mechanic' s at 7:30 am. They open at 8 as a rule but extended that courtesy to me of opening early and I am always amazed at how kindly many people treat me. I then rushed off to install those Graber Lightweave Shades that I had sold back in the Summer...don't bother looking back at that past blog. In a nutshell, they were the pain in the *** window treatments that I had to completely remake but guess what??? They worked perfectly. Yippee. Now I can finally erase them from my 'To Do' list. Also yesterday I got more of those adorable Nutcracker postage stamps and mailed 30 more cards off. Well, 29. Remember that cappuccino I had mentioned? Please don't be in such a rush to fill the bird feeders that you carelessly whip the mug around, compromising the card and envelope to the (not so) near but very dear. Today I need to do work orders for pinch pleated drapery and a floor plan for carpeting. I am usually totally against carpeting a hardwood floor wall to wall, but in this case it is entirely appropriate. The room is cold what with the ghost and all so it will be a vast improvement when the installation has been completed. The color is Butternut and will add a hint of warmth to the space without it looking yellow. I got my packages off to Virginia yesterday also and hope against hope that the huge Candy Cane sticks remain intact. I do my shopping throughout the year, retail trained, so this time of year that part of the process is never a stress for me. I am out of clocks at the shop which is a good and a bad thing. I sort of missed the accessory mark regarding timepieces and will place another accessory order today but that shipment will probably arrive after the Holidays. And we only have 4 minutes to save the world? Hmmmm. Tick, tock. Welp, that cappuccino has hardly even made a dent so I will bid you all a fair adieu and get rolling. Have a great day! Stay alert and for those who like this sort of thing, get some sleep!
Today's photo is from 'What's New'. I just updated that section so it really is new.

Friday, December 12, 2008

...only human...

Greetings! I am following up my last post with variations on a theme as on this day in 2000, the United States Supreme Court released its decision in Bush vs. Gore. Remember that at all? I can't imagine how stressed Gore must have felt and Bush also. Sometimes I forget that people in almost unimaginable positions are still human and have human reactions and feelings. This brings me to a day in history a long, long time ago. It happened even before I was born so I cannot swear to it's authenticity but it may or may not have happened. I will change the color and type so it is easier to read and absorb. You may want to have a hankie handy as it may touch you...and I think that you all will be able to identify with this story.
When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure.Then Mrs Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more.When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where.Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered.Frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum.. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drunk all of the cider and hidden the liquor. (yikes) In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the clean kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found that the mice had eaten all of the straw off the end of the broom.
Just then the doorbell rang, and irritated Santa marched to the door, yanked it open, and there stood a little angel with a great big Christmas tree.The angel said very cheerfully, 'Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn't this a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it?'And so began the tradition of the little angel on top of the
Christmas tree. (thanks to Jamie) Enjoy the biggest Full Moon of 2008 tonight.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

...don't stress...

Hello. It is raining again here in Chester County, PA but warm relatively speaking. I got home a little late last night and waiting for me, aside from barking and meowing heads in the front window, was a box. I entered my home, petted heads and then opened the box immediately as it did not have a sign reading 'Do Not Open 'Till Christmas'. Well, I experienced a wonderful blast from the past as it was a Creepy Crawley Thingmaker, now called a BugMaker. I used to spend hours making rubber bugs and can still somewhat remember the scent of cooking plastic as the molds heated and created multicolored worms, beetles and other forms of Entomology. What a stress reliever it was and almost instantaneously. If I have time I just may adorn my gift packages for others with color coordinated bugs, but I cannot promise that. Knowing myself as well as I do, all bugs would have to be of the proper scale and color to coordinate with each box and time is running out. Oops. Sorry. Don't stress. It's not like Germany and Italy have declared war on the US as they did on this day in 1941. I returned the call of the S and L aqua and chocolate brown clients and they will pay me a visit this Saturday morning. I hurriedly dialed and had the most delightful conversation with a gal named Mary Masciotti because I had apparently misdialed. She was a delight and although I was only one digit off, I made a mental note to slow down. Anyway, the clients claim that the room being redecorated is haunted my the ghost of a woman who likes the husband and apparently the color aqua. And no, I am not making this stuff up. Anyway, it should be a fun and beautiful project. I have already done other rooms for them and we get along famously. These folks are laid back, funny, smart and definitely not stressful. Yippee. There goes the phone again so I had better get going. Have a great day everyone and try not to stress. 'Tis the season.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...what goes up...

Greetings everyone. What goes up must come down and the rain today is certainly proving that point. If it wasn't so warm it might be snow but for now we here in Chester County, PA will enjoy the rain. That nice lady from Dodge City who ordered one of those magnificent Dodge Station Clocks phoned. She purchased a Hotel in Dodge City and it sounds like an awesome business venture. The clock will leave my shop late today on it's way to a wall in the most appropriately named spot. The Internet can sure be fun. I have the same clock hanging above one of my desks but it doesn't have to come down just yet. I was smart this time and ordered a few of the most popular items and they are safely boxed in the storage area of my shop. S and L stopped in yesterday and need aqua and chocolate custom drapery for a bedroom. I will find several fabric offerings and hopefully, (like the last time we created together) we will mix several patterns to keep the space interesting long after I exit with my drapery installation toolbox. The song on the radio right now was on top of the charts for a few Holidays and is ascending the charts again this year. What goes up must come down and then go back up again? It is very 'Carpentery' and I love it. Isaac Newton loved the up and down thing...Good Lord, not that! I am referring to gravity. On this day in 1684 his derivation of Kepler's Laws from his theory of gravity was read to the Royal Society by Edmund Halley. And yes, that comet was named after him. Edmund was an astronomer among other sciences. I am in the midst of taking apart two upholstered footstools that need to be stripped, (the wood like I mentioned in a recent post) repainted and then upholstered. Oh what fun it is! Hopefully the day will be relatively quiet chat wise so that I may accomplish all that I need to. I hope that for everyone else also. I am now going to turn UP the volume and let the Holiday music fill the air. Have a great day and when it comes to gravity, outside the gym and those special face creams, embrace gravity. Either that or sleep upside down like a Vampire and fight it for all that it's worth. I won't tell Isaac. Pictured today are decorative gift boxes available on my website.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

...helping hands...

Good day! It is a little gray and cold out but all is pretty good her in Chester County, PA I was talking to a gentleman last evening who was telling me how much better it is to be able to sleep in a car rather than on the sidewalk and it brought me up short. Well-spoken with a PhD, he fell on bad times and found himself homeless. He recounted this part of his life without emotion and later hummed Tom Petty continually. I then asked him if he heard Tom Petty's annual Holiday single as I too hum and may also be a little bit craaaazzeee! and he nodded in the affirmative. He then explained that he hummed to keep from going crazy. Hum away, man. Whatever it takes! I then went home to my heated home and all of my housemates and thanked God for my blessings. Many young men bless this particular outfit as on this day in 1851 the first Young Man's Christian Association in North America was established in Montreal, Quebec. They offered safe housing and a new beginning to men living in squalor and are still in full swing today. My dear friend has asked me to faux a reproduction sofa frame and choose a chenille for it. I'm thinking neutrals and will take a photo when all is said and done. I was on a search for the perfect bar stools several blogs back and guess what! The universe again brought something full circle. The client pulled up to my shop with a bar stool that looked oddly familiar...I had sold the bar stools to her Mom and Dad many years ago. They need to be reupholstered and I will do something to the wood legs, but structurally and scale wise they are perfect. Isn't that fun? I don't know what today has in store for me as most of us don't, but I wish everyone a great one...whatever happens. Have a great day! Be thankful for all that you have and think of the Village People who may not have been a hit in the 70's without the YMCA.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Greetings! It is a bit overcast today and wintry in coldness but we still had a great walk in the park, coated appropriately. Passersby have begun beeping as I guess three little dogs in matching plaid wool coats are quite a sight to behold. I did it simply to keep them warm, but I'm glad that the sight brings a positive energy to strangers. Let's leave it at that happy thought and don't try to dispute it. I installed yesterday and had a very nice lunch to boot. Ugh, that was forced. Anyway, one of their kitty cats will not come out of hiding when I'm there but even still, the client/friend had a package for the dogs that is an early Holiday gift to them. How thoughtful and kind. The universe keeps rolling along providing good things. Two extremely good things happened on this day. In 1854 Pope Pius IX proclaimed the dogma (something that isn't disputed) of Immaculate Conception, which holds that the Virgin Mary was born free of original sin. Also on this day but many, many years later, my Mom was born. She came up with a clever idea to have T-Shirts made for young girls who became pregnant but never planned on becoming pregnant. She wanted to call the line the 'Me Too Mary' T-Shirt line. Happy Birthday Mom! I put a link on Mary that is my absolute favorite version of 'Ave Maria' in it's understated yet earth shatteringly moving way. I have to finish a wallpaper hanging today and need to do an exceptional job as the client has invited me to her Holiday Party. I can't have my wallpaper dropping off of the walls during the entree. Did I mention that the furniture delivery of Saturday went well? Well, it did. Angels are everywhere. The pieces looked great, she picked up some pillow covers from Greece and we sat in them to christen the room with a nice glass of Ginger Ale. The clients had a mixture of cinnamon and cloves simmering on the stove when I arrived and it smelled so good. Did you just conjure up that scent as you read this? Good. A very cool and stylish gal came into the shop mid-morning Saturday and picked up a black and cream toile ceramic piece that looks just wonderful. I never put it on my website and it is a one of a kind as it turns out. So was the Virgin Mary. So was my Mom. Have a great day everyone. And if your Mom is still on earth, please call her if she is a distance from you. If she is close make sure to hug her today 'cause you never know when God may want her back.

Saturday, December 6, 2008 time...

Hello. It is another beautiful, clear day in Chester County, PA. A nice couple stopped in just as I opened to look for wall paper. They were talking about how everything is a rush as people are so short on time. I understand that but as long as things are well planned and not too many wrenches get in the way, things seem to be very good. I dropped off two chairs that I painted this morning on my way into the shop and after I did the park thing. It makes me feel free to be in that park when we usually have the place to ourselves. I am also thankful that I am busy and I have yet to feel enslaved with responsibility or demands. It is important to take a deep breath when the opportunity arises. Harriet Tubman felt extremely enslaved and did something about it on this day in 1849. As an American Abolitionist she escaped slavery. 16 long years later, and on this day also in 1865 the 13th Amendment of the American Constitution was ratified, banning slavery. And then, on this day in 1897, London became the world's first city to host licenced taxicabs. Talk about being free and creating more time. I believe that Croc and Manolo Blahnik shoe sales began to drop precipitously the following day but I may be wrong. If I am, shoe me. I am delivering the sofa and love seat today at 3 and these people are really nice. The woman's Mom died a few weeks ago and is greatly missed. I hung art for her a few years ago and she then hired me to do window treatments. She was one of the most stoic, no nonsense and tasteful people that I have ever met,(very much like my own Mom). I promised Golf Needlepoint Pillows for the daughter and it looks like I may have to teach myself how to stitch as my source no longer carries Golf-themed needlepoint pillows. I may do so then, in my free time perhaps. Today's photo is a Rustic Cross Mirror 'cause even tho' we all know that death is a part of the Circle Of Life, it doesn't make us any happier. Have a great day everyone. Make time to take a deep breath, take a head count of all of the freedoms that we enjoy and...get back to the quick pace of life.

Friday, December 5, 2008

...three coins in the fountain...

Greetings! It is a sunny and clear day here in Chester County, PA. A lady stopped in early this morning to my shop via the website and bought a few things off of the floor. I was smart enough to beef up the petty cash box and was able to make the proper change. She promised to come back tomorrow and pick up a few more things as time didn't allow today. It always makes me feel good when others like what I think looks good. Here comes someone else. I will write more later. So far this blog is a bore...I'm back. An acquaintance is giving 'The Ascent Of Money' as Holiday gifts this year. I suggested taking foreign coins, drilling a hole in each, threading a piece of ribbon through the hole and creating an appropriate bookmark. Get those bits ready! On this day in 1360 the French Franc was created. One of those would make a clever bookmark! I should take this moment and make a suggestion. If anyone has rare coins and wants to send them to me, please do! I probably will not drill a hole into them. Red Planters may be a bit off season here in Chester County but keep them in mind in the warmer states...only because of the caption that I wrote a few months ago. It befits today's topic. Speaking of change, a huge one came into my life and it cost a pretty penny I am sure and I am thankful. It has already helped me out in a few 'pressing' situations and will be 'hand'y well into my future. My reproduction (and 100% wool) runner by the foot is a Red Sarouk and certainly gives a run for the money! Just ask SO how she likes hers. The weather forecast is calling for snow flurries in my neck of the woods. Yippee! The boys had their plaid wool coats on very early this morning for our walk. Looking very dapper, they make me smile as well as a few vehicles on their early way. Either that or they were laughing at my fairly hideous but favorite hat with built in ear covers. HEY! This isn't Project Runway people! But if it creates a smile, all for the better. Back to coins. On this day in 1766 in London, James Christie held his first sale. I may have bid on a metal candle sconce but then again maybe not. This time of year people tend to have a lot on their minds. Work, family, social gatherings, shopping and more. I wanted to remind everyone to keep an extra special eye of your wallets and pocketbooks and be smart about things. Some folks out there are waiting for the opportunity to do some of their own 'shopping' so let's make sure they use their own coins. I have listed a few tips below. Please take a few minutes to review them as they could save you time and coinage.

The target areas are back trouser pockets, and suitcoat and sports jacket pockets, located both inside and out. A pickpocket generally avoids front trouser pockets, and especially buttoned or zippered pockets.
If you have to carry your wallet in an unbuttoned jacket, coat or pants pocket, be sure it holds only what you can afford to lose. Keep large sums of money, credit cards, IDs, in your front pocket or any buttoned or zippered pocket. Some people even place a rubber band around their wallet, because the rubber band creates friction and rubs against the fabric of your pocket if someone is attempting to remove it without your knowledge. The best place for keys is on a chain attached to your clothing.
Never pat your pocket to see if your wallet is there; this lets a criminal know the exact location of your valuables.
Larger-size “pocket secretaries” are particularly inviting to pickpockets, and relatively easy to steal.
Do not carry your wallet in your purse. Conceal it in a buttoned or zippered pocket where it doesn’t show a bulge.
Use a purse that is difficult to open. A purse with a zipper or snaps is best.
If you are carrying a shoulder bag, place the strap(s) diagonally across your body, as opposed to carrying it on one shoulder. This keeps the purse in front of you, instead of at your side or behind you, which sometimes happens with purses with long straps. If you are carrying a hand bag, then make sure to hold it close to the front of your body, instead of holding it on your wrist or loosely in your hand.
Never leave your purse unattended on a store counter or in a grocery shopping cart.
Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Greetings! The carpet installation went wonderfully yesterday morning. I received a panic call from the installer on my cell phone in the early hours and had to turn off the shower! I hightailed it to the client's home to find a teen asleep. Wake Up! We have an installation to do. It went very well, the client is a down to earth blast and everyone was happy....perhaps not the teen but everyone else. The Sofa and Loveseat for B and G will be delivered on Saturday after shop hours and get this. More wonderful clients who are actually coming with a van and we will go caravan style along with my Yukon XL to deliver and prettify their golf room. Fore! Five. Six...I have been completing a whole lot of paperwork lately even with the internet and emails. I keep learning that emailed orders do not get received and I also find that printing hard copies makes for a much better comfort zone. I am trying my best to save trees, but when Kichler Lighting Fixtures are ordered via email and then don't show up for three weeks, hmmmm. I never assume, but I do use the phone as a back-up. Who has the time these days for errors? I guess in the olden days everything was paper. On this day in 1881 the first edition of the Los Angeles Times was published. I can almost remember the scent of the ink on that early December day when the horse and rider threw the rolled up newspaper at my front door and it hit the moss cone topiary instead!* Some people still prefer that medium but I hear it is getting to be a less common occurrence. I should add that to my log! The Red Vases are a hit. Pretty much along the lines of The Dodge City Station Clock. Sometimes I choose well accessory-wise and other times I, well, uhm... I just learned that when the gang of people who broke into several vehicles at Planet Fitness several months ago also got my Social Security Card. I am identity protected of course, not that anyone would want mine but talk about going paperless. Unh uh. Not there, my friends. Elm, Oak, Maple and even a few fruit trees it seems if ya know what I'm saying...*wink*. I digress. Aside from the vases and the Bronze Table Lamps with their subtle, silk-like sage shades (terrific, I must say) and try to say that ten times fast... I think everyone who attempts that may have a bit of a lisp! Join the crowd. There was a minor mishap in the shipping as one subtle, silk-like sage shade was smashed...hehe and not smashed like the photo in this link...even tho' everything was wrapped in lots of paper and bubbles but the wonderful vendor is quick shipping a replacement shade. Paper or paperless, we do the best that we can. Have a great day everyone. *blatant attempt at cross selling...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

...don't stop the music...

Hello. The sun is shining and two very nice people visited me at the shop. This was after our daily walk in the park where we encountered two other very nice people. What a way to start the day. Nice is 'music' to my ears so please Don't Stop The Music. I have always been a huge fan of many genres of music and it sure seems to soothe the savage beast...or make it come alive depending on the style. Two things happened on this day in history involving music and attempts to stop it. In 1976 an assasination attempt was made on Bob Marley. He was shot twice, but played a concert two days later. And then in 1979 in Cincinnati, Ohio eleven fans were killed during a stampede for seats before a Who concert at Riverfront Coliseum. They went all "Wall Mart" and aggressive and pack like. Good lord. What makes that happen? Back to nice now. I fell fast asleep last night and it was a great feeling. I hope that everyone else slept as well as I did. The carpets are being installed as I type and the Sofa/Love seat delivery arrived late yesterday afternoon. Chris from Donnelly Design*Copy*Print actually received the pieces for me and that is going well beyond a good neighbor. He treats his clients in the same manner so if anyone needs printing, copying work done please call on him. is his site and his email is He cranks the Rock and Roll sometimes and it's nice to hear that someone else is both around...and into music. I still haven't opened all of the accessories and will try to do so today. It is time for me to get rolling here, so have a great day, keep strong and ask for the best. Today's photo is not for sale. It is the signature logo of, well, you can see that for yourselves. Don't worry if it's not good enough for anyone else to hear, think of those who got a recording contract and perhaps shouldn't have.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

...chain reaction...

Greetings everyone! Are we all well rested and ready to begin another day? If not, I highly recommend a double cappuccino followed by a large, sugar free Boo Koo. If your heart holds up you will be wide awake. I am not a Doctor tho', I am just playing one on here for a little while. Start your own chain reaction and maybe it will rub off on others. Not quite as powerful or important as my theorem was 1942's Manhattan Project. This was a team led by Enrico Fermi who initiated the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. The nuclear chain reaction is unique since it releases several million times more energy per reaction than any chemical reaction. OK, so maybe MY chain reaction is of the chemical type but let's not split atoms. The Wing Chairs for D and D are finished and were covered in a Robert Allen Large scale emerald green damask. K and M will have the foyer carpet and runners installed tomorrow morning, B and G's sofa and love seat arrive today and will be delivered on Sunday and I think I am delivering the red and sage Camel back Sofa Saturday after shop hours. Hmmm. Perhaps a cappuccino, a Boo Koo and some nuclear stuff is in order. I got home a little late last night and remembered to take in the rest of my wrought iron deck furniture to rest for the winter and now take a moment to remind anyone who hasn't yet to do the same thing. That goes for clay pots as they expand when they contain water, freeze and crack. And we all know that crack is whack! I need to shower and attempt to make myself presentable. Have a great day and try to hit the 'chain reaction' link. It is music in motion both literally and figuratively and should (one would hope) make everyone smile. Shown here is my Cecilia Table Lamp. You may be breaking my heart but please don't break the lamp, or shake it's confidence daily. Uhm, huh?

Monday, December 1, 2008

...locust point...

Greetings from a sunny, clean Chester County, PA. The rains fell yesterday continually and the earth is now a damp sponge. Saturday made for a beautiful day in every possible way. I stepped into the McDonogh Chapel at approximately 1:45 pm and the walls remained strong and standing. That's because God doesn't judge, God is love. This was expressed so many times in one day that I could quite possibly alienate Google AdSense if I dwell. I congratulate S&M and sometimes regret using first letters only to protect identities! Yikes...I made great time and except for almost sideswiping this tiny little blue car the commute went without incident. I did a wave of apology and wanted to throw a Depends to him but was travelling at quite a clip, but it is the thought that counts. The wedding planners thoughtfully left enough time between the actual wedding and reception for out-of-towners like me to enjoy the inner harbor area of Baltimore. The Aquarius in me loved sitting near water as did K&T. The reception was as unique as it was enjoyable. Held at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, it was quite the appropriate setting for a couple 'building, learning and discovering' along their way. The food was as good as it gets and the company was incomparable. Nothing like spending a day surrounded by love and caring. That happened even before I headed out of town. After a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with caring people, my nephew and I spent a couple of days just hanging out together. No toxic people, no haters, no judgement. The way it should be! Back to the wedding. I am not privy to why S&M chose this particular day to exchange their vows but it may have to do with another comedy team in the spotlight. On that day (Saturday) in 1940 Lucille Ball married Desi Arnaz in Greenwich, CT. Horizontal pleats were in and represented in each of the stunning mom's dresses as well as touches in many other outfits. I shouldn't re-pleat myself, but everyone looked stunning. Black and amethyst, black and white. Classic, clean and timeless. Have a great day everybody! Show the way and shine a light!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

...the sound of silence...

Hello! Today is crisp, clear and sunny in Chester County, PA. We went to the park which, for the last couple of days, has included my 5 year old nephew who is a great help with the dogs. He too appreciates silence and commented on it at the serene park. We had a very nice Thanksgiving making sure to spend the day only around those that we enjoy being around...unfortunately those types outweigh the weirdos so we couldn't see everyone that we wanted to. We hit Black Friday Morning with a vengeance but only to experience it so no stress was involved. Today I have a wedding in Baltimore and will leave here shortly. I am looking forward to seeing many nice people. Late yesterday I finished a project and am very happy with the results. I also had 'phone day' and am again reminded of just how many great people I have in my life. This fact is making it harder and harder to give time to and/or tolerate those few who don't fit into this category. I guess with age comes a selective quality in people and with so little free time we need to be protective of it and just enjoy the sound of silence. I pretty much have the 'Chipmunks' DVD memorized and actually like it a lot. The vocals are somewhat 'ABBA-esque'. The Holiday CD's and albums are also in full swing at my place as I am sure they are in many others and we can thank Thomas Edison for this, who demonstrated his phonograph for the first time on this day in 1877. Thank you Mr. Edison! I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and realize that even with the s*it, seek the things for which you give thanks. Don't let negative people suck your energy, just keep the at arms length and keep striving for a great life. Have a nice one. Today's photo is of a brand new Candlelight Writing Desk that arrived at my shop late Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

...home is where the heart is...

They began work on the facades in my development early this morning. Many were upset as they didn't have to go in today and the maintenance workers spoke loudly and laughed. I waved as I had been up since 4:35 and they looked a bit disappointed and surprisingly quieted down. Hmmmm. No harm, no 'foul'. Brilliant segue! On this day in 1789 National Thanksgiving Day was observed in the United States as recommended by President George Washington and approved by Congress. Nice to see Congress approving such a loving and sensible thing. Did you know that Washington was monied? He was also (supposedly, as I wasn't there) fastidious about his clothing even tho' most soldier's bathed and cleaned clothes very sporadically. ..ugh...Friends are coming over this evening, not for Thanksgiving per se, but in a way just to hang and show why we're thankful. Tomorrow I have a few stops and all are home 'cause home is where the heart is, not simply the walls that the mortgage pays for. Of course I am thankful for those walls, mind you! Even when they are being repaired early in the morning. I did my annual tie the wreath to my front grill a few days ago it's great how driver's coming at me tend to smile. One gave me the finger and I wonder what makes one look over to see either a smile or a finger? It's not like I look at oncoming drivers as a rule. As long as they are on their side of the road I honestly don't care. Back when I was young I had a Red Jeep and somehow I rigged the wreath to light up when the thing was running. I don't remember how I wired it and maybe that's for the best. I was planning on going to the big park today but the accessory freight truck will be at my shop this morning and that comes first. I had better get hopping, and I hope that tomorrow brings relaxation and warm feelings for everyone. Take the time to sit down and relax and give thanks for what we do have and not dwell on what we don't. Unless it's illness or a pain in the neck and in that case again be thankful. Today I show a small footstool. I received one yesterday that I ordered in muslin, (not a religion, a fabric) with unfinished legs that I will upholster myself after I faux the legs in a green and cream fashion. Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

...get a bang out of this!

Good almost afternoon everyone! Where did the morning go? Oh, yeah. I had to take a drug test for a job that I am trying to get and it is a first. I'm thrilled to report that yesterday a very nice friend fed me bagels with sesame seeds. What timing! At least it wasn't covered in Poppy seeds. Can anyone say heroin? Heroine perhaps. I thought you'd get a bang out of that tidbit of information! You may get a bank out of this also. On this day in 1867 Alfred Nobel patented dynamite. I have been trying to find a reasonable shipping rate for a very nice woman in Houston who desperately wants to purchase two of my Red Tufted Chairs. If she wanted four it is easy as they could be drop shipped and the cost is almost half! Go figure...which I have been for quite a while now. My accessory delivery should be today as the large FedEx freighter is looking nearby. I will post the new accessories as soon as I inspect and photograph them. They will be beautiful, I am sure of that. So is a combination of Black and White when made into rather intricate window treatments. I doubt that I will see red when I am finished, but I might. Oh, button that lip! I was planning on picking up a slightly damaged desk this afternoon but it seems that I may need to go through rigorous testing just to collect the darned thing! Maybe another pee test perhaps? Yikes. What an odd day, but a good one. I am actually looking forward to the gym this afternoon as I haven't been there in almost three days. There goes the phone. Today is a short blog day. Maybe I will write more later. Have a great day. Today's photo is of a new Bhutan Lamp that is on my website.

Sunday, November 23, 2008 turkey!

Hello! It is a peaceful Sunday morning here in Chester County, PA. I walked the dogs at our own pace and enjoyed the solitude. Yesterday was a series of trying to get things accomplished in an efficient manner while no one seemed to be on my schedule. How selfish, you say? Some days are like that but this one was a constant barrage of people wanting to chat. In a way I am lucky but in another way it is stressful. I'm sure that everyone experiences days like these. I hung up on one dame who kept talking politics even when I said I had to go. She didn't listen, so neither did I. Respect goes both ways, ya know! Miraculously I got home in time from the shop to walk and feed the animals, grab what I baked the night before, go back to pick up friends and then make it to Perkasie, PA in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. I drove and am somewhat fast but safe. We had the radio on and 90.1 here in PA had a countdown of the best vocalists in history. It was fun although I still have yet to learn who compiled the list. Leave it to the music tho'. Those San Franciscans really have been ahead of their time for many years. On this day in 1889 the first jukebox went into operation at the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco. My guess is that they had the usual 'Funky Town', 'New York, New York', 'Turkey In The Straw' and a couple of dance tunes but I could be wrong. The ride was quick and pleasant and once there I had a chance to relax. I bond well with R and it reminds me that there is something out there much larger than me. One of the guests kept drinking tonic water and I know that feeling well although my drink of choice is fat free milk. What a party animal! But I did have to drive and have a lot to do today as well, so I didn't need anything to take the edge off of my mind. I joked with that guest a few times, even made a 'funny' comment as I exited using air quotes to tell this person to enjoy the 'tonic water'. Not until we were all back in the car heading home did I learn that the guest is a recovering alcoholic. Every party needs someone like me, eh? I had arrived at my shop a little late yesterday morning and a sweet couple was waiting in the frigid temperatures and I felt bad as I am never late and no one is ever at the shop at 9 on a Saturday anyway. Gobble, gobble. They found some in stock wallpaper and borders and left happy. While there the woman laughed at me while I tried to answer the store land line going from one phone to the other and getting no connection. A few minutes later an exasperated lady from Houston called back thinking that I had intentionally hung up on her. The day went pretty much like that. But last night around 7 pm as I threw the Hot Potato, got bonked in the nose by a small but hard head, unknowingly teased an alcoholic about drinking habits and communicated with a very special child, I felt thankful. Have a great day everyone and if I don't make much sense today, I understand. Blame it on the turkey.

Saturday, November 22, 2008 you see what I see?

Hello. It is clear and cold today in Chester County, PA. There is a firing range very near home and on weekends it sounds almost too close for comfort. Yesterday on my way into work I took the usual scenic twisty road that passes a creek and waterfall. It was even more beautiful with the snow and I loved it. A funeral procession passed me going the other direction and as I approached the one lane bridge a black cat crossed my path. But I continued onward! I finally reached the end of the quaint road which intersects with a major road and that road was bumper to bumper; a literal standstill. So I went back from whence I came and got to work in fine time. This morning as I walked the boys we again had the park to ourselves. But wait! Not entirely to ourselves. A beautiful buck ran past, stopped for a moment and we said 'hi'. Oddly none of the dogs uttered a sound. The buck then proceeded to run across the nearest street with a car approaching at a fast pace. I yelled 'watch out' which probably fell on deaf ears as no one with a lick of sense would have a window open in this cold. But the driver did hear me. The car missed the buck and I felt such a sense of relief. Not so lucky occurred on this day in 1963. In Dallas, John F. Kennedy was killed and Governor John B. Connaly was seriously wounded by an assassin, identified as Lee Harvey Oswald, who was later captured and charged with the murder of police officer J.D Tippit. (who's name sounds like an author and I mean no disrespect) That same day, US Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as the 36th President of the United States. The teal fabric and lining arrived late yesterday and the runners are back from the binder. This afternoon is over the river and through the woods...but not to Grandmother's House. Friends are having Thanksgiving Dinner and it will be great. I bore you people regularly with how thankful I am for my friends and 'stuff' but I really am. Have a great day, keep your eyes open and please don't ignore the signs. Also, if you go anywhere this Holiday Season remember not to go empty handed! I am bringing a home baked (Marie Calendar's) Pumpkin Pie! If you are so inclined, bake something too! Shown are copper pots.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Oh the weather outsides delightful! It is snowing here in Chester County, PA and everything looks beautiful. Unfortunately weather forecasters are not calling for any significant amount, but just seeing it fall is a welcome sight. I put my multi-celebratory tree up a few weeks ago and am glad that I continually rush the holiday(s) season. Tomorrow after work I am officially beginning my Thanksgiving Holiday as friends in Perkasie, PA are having their annual dinner. I will bring a pie! That should garner more than a few laughs...but seriously, my friend AL taught me years ago how to bake a Pecan Pie and it is about as easy as toasting bread. And it tastes a whole lot better. I know that we are in the Gregorian Calendar and have been ever since Ed McMahon was born or maybe even further back, but on this day in 1620, according to the Julian Calendar, Plymouth Colony settlers signed the Mayflower Compact. That would make a great name for make-up! Are you listening Cover Girl? The Mayflower Compact was the first governing document of Plymouth Colony. It was written by the Separatists later known as the Pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower, seeking the freedom to practice Christianity according to their own determination. Think for a moment how daring and brave that was! Is that moment up? Ok, I will continue...There must be something in the planet alignment on November 21st because a few more momentous things occurred. In 1783 the first non-tethered Hot Air Balloon flight took place. Wheee! In 1789 North Carolina became the 12th United State, in 1877 Thomas Edison announced his invention of the phonograph, in 1905 Albert Einstein's paper discussing E=MC2 was published, in 1922 Rebecca Felton became the first female U.S Senator, and in 1995 the Dow Jones closed above 5000 for the first time. I closed at 2 thirty yesterday because I had a client interview, but that pales in comparison to other historical facts. I placed the accessory order and aside from one declined credit card, the order is a success. The carpet for K and M is being bound as I type and I plan on picking up a desk either today or early tomorrow morning and I can't wait. My intention is to sell it, but I will look at it until that happens. B and G leave for Florida on Monday and I will miss them. I am also a little green but am happy that they can be bi-stately in their living arrangements. I think that I am going to Bethlehem on Sunday but will pick up the phone and make sure later today. Have a great day and I hope it is snowing where you are also!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Good day! It feels like Winter here in Chester County, PA. If I can stay at home for an evening I plan on making a roaring fire, but that will have to wait. I had a real nice talk with a client who has come back into my life. I think we get along so well because I can take her at face value. She is real, honest, direct and not at all about manipulation, trickery and lies. I find that to be rare in humans, not to get all negative here. I do have more than a handful of people in my life who fit the former description and I count myself lucky. As we all know, it gets tiring having to watch one's back all of the time when people who aren't so honest and direct come into our circles. Last night three of us went out to dinner and afterwards two of us had a great, honest talk. I mostly listened, as a good friend does and hope that my attention helped. The subject was, again, about honesty and in particular, how a person represents himself. It is a very telling trait. On of my favorite movies was, and is entitled 'The Children's Hour' and I first saw it many, many years ago. I still rent it on occasion today. The acting is superb and was written by the woman who also wrote 'Little Women'. Perhaps you've heard of that one. It was made into a movie from the team that I mentioned in yesterday's blog. "The story is not about lesbians," Hellman explained to Samuel Goldwyn's story editor, who wanted to buy the screen rights of the play. "It's about the power of a lie." Despite the controversial theme, the play ran on Broadway for nearly 700 performances. The premiere of this play occurred on this day in New York City in 1934. If you have never seen it, I highly recommend it. You may want to smack the little b*tch who plays the tattle-tale in the mouth, but keep repeating to's only a movie, it's only a movie. I am in association with someone who tattles on a regular basis and cannot understand the reason why. I am sure that many people are confronted with that and it is a shame. What isn't a shame are the new Robert Allen drapery weight fabric books. Even though they didn't make a black volume, the line is well done. I also received many new wallpaper samples and I will begin downloading them onto my website depending on how much attention may be sucked out of me today. If not during the day, then in the wee hours of the night. Have a great day everyone. I have at least one Guardian Angel looking after me and hope that you do too!