Tuesday, March 24, 2009

...the longest yard...

Greetings. Yesterday was a real challenge as one of my beloved dogs took off for a few hours. It seemed like an eternity until he came back and all kinds of negative thoughts crept into my mind. It was one of the longest mornings of my adult life. That is sort of how the spectators felt on this day in 1936 as the longest game in NHL history was played between Detroit and Montreal. Detroit scored at 16:30 of the sixth overtime and won the game 1-0. Several fans fell asleep at 15:02 and one person's head plopped into his bag of buttered popcorn. (this may or may not have happened) Anyway, I got a lot done yesterday...faxed floor plans to the installer to fine tune my carpet estimate. I don't oversell a product 'cause it is simply the wrong thing to do and people do not like to overbuy. It is as simple as that so if it takes a few days for me to recalculate ways in how to save on product and then thus labor, well, it is all for the good. I hung an old window from the ceiling last night to create a visual separation in a loft and then around 10 pm fell fast asleep. The dogs beat me to it. So did the cat. Everyone was happy that the group was all at home, safe and sound. Today I deliver chairs, those Chippendale Footstools (not the male dance troupe, the style) and the outdoor furniture that I had been painting, and painting, and painting...Have a great day. If your day turns out to be a long one, I hope it is for all the right reasons. The 'Butterfly Bench' is new. It also comes in Blue.
"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody" Bill Cosby