Friday, January 16, 2009


Good day! It is as cold as a ___'__ __ here in Chester County, PA and even the dogs wanted to cut their walk short. They may be regretting it now so I will take them out again. Each has a distinct personality, all magnetic. We all know the meaning of magnetism and how items that posses this quality can repel or attract. I know many magnetic people as you all probably do also. An acquaintance told me once that there are two kinds of people. After spending time with that person, he/she either leaves you feeling exhilarated or drained. When you have some free time, make a mental list of your acquaintances, put each in one of those two categories and figure it out. Perhaps a little house cleaning is in order. Add this late entry to your Resolution list for 2009. Don't wait 'till 2010...why should you? Those crazy carpet people were at the client's home yesterday ready to install, however they never phoned the client to set up an installation date. The client was out of town and made for an interesting morning. How is this possible, you ask? I wish that I had an answer for you. I also wish that I had answers for many things that occurred this week; many people not doing their jobs and me having to do the work of many. You know what I am talking about. This isn't a rare thing I hate to admit. There are those who take responsibility and have job pride and those who sit back and do the least work possible. Such is life but don't let them drain you! Don't let them attract you too much either. That's why a magnet also has a 'repel' quality. The beautiful pinch pleated drapery for B arrived very early this morning. The box had been opened and re-taped. I am not surprised at all. Some curious soul was keen on seeing what great item was made and succumbed to their curiosity weakness. No harm, no foul. The contents are perfect, still wrapped in waterproof plastic and awaiting installation. This weekend would be a great one to install as the window treatments are thermal lined and I did begin this blog by stating (not very scientifically) how cold it is in my neck of the woods. I spent another chunk of my day responding to false accusations that I sent the wrong item via my website to a client who is less than stellar. Curiously, she included photographs of her complaint in with the letter which simply proved that she has indeed received the correct item. I don't make these things up folks. This is my blog, not Creative Writing 101. I just filled one of the bird feeders with Sunflower seeds for the cardinal family who are nowhere to be found. Maybe they are relaxing elsewhere this fine day. Oh, back to magnetism. On this day in 1909, Ted Shackleford from 'Knot's Landing'...oops, wait...I meant Ernest Shackleton's expedition found the magnetic South Pole. Don't laugh please but he called his expedition the Nimrod Expedition. Again, I don't make this stuff up. When I do I use my tiny case addendum, i.e. (this may or may not have happened). Anyway, after finding the South Pole he was able, in July of that year, (through his magnetic debating skills) to talk Mr. and Mrs. Clause into moving to the North Pole! (this may or may not have happened). The squirrels are using their skills at the moment to annoy the heck out of my Schipperke, dancing by the French Doors and eating nuts. Ahh, nature. It has been attracting me since I was a mere tot. Today ought to be a great one and I wish that for everyone here. Hone your magnetic skills and attract only the good, repelling the negative. Have a great day.
'Conscience is our magnetic compass; reason our chart.' Joseph Cook