Thursday, January 22, 2009

...bless the beasts and children...

Hello. Last night was somewhat exciting as my friend KS went into labor. This will be her third child and possibly first boy. Doctors tell her it is a girl but she has a little voice telling her that the Dr's may be incorrect. We shall see. Usually soft spoken, demure and genteel this woman has been quite different as of late. I wanted to sleep longer than 6 this morning but my little angels wouldn't allow it, so 6 it was. Until this day in 1973, in the case of Roe vs Wade when the U.S. Supreme Court legalized some abortions it was a 'back alley' kind of thing for women who couldn't or did not want to have a baby, and had no right in the decision making...even tho' if you had enough cash one could find a way. I would have said that the Supreme Court 'delivered' its decision but that would have been plain corny. If any of you are lucky enough to have children or pets, make sure to constantly 'light their way when the darkness surrounds them', even when they are on your last nerve and you don't seem to have any patience left in your reserves. I will probably learn this morning that KS had her baby and I will report back on here even though you have no idea who she is. If you did tho', you would like her and wish her the best. Even when she gets on your last nerve. *wink* It is going to be above freezing in Chester county, PA today and most likely will feel like a veritable heatwave to us. Not as warm as FLA tho'. B received her birthday cards yesterday and called to both thank me and report on the warm weather. "I wish that I was there too B!" I have another appointment for carpeting this Saturday and that is sort of odd but I am happy for it. I do carry many different carpet styles...not the usual broad looms so I guess many out there want 'different'. I aim to please, especially when it comes to different. Today's photo is 'Boat Flags Upholstery Fabric Black' and would look very sharp on the cushions and tailored valances in your yacht. I am off and wish everyone a great day. If you see a baby or an animal today, be grateful and high five 'em. Better yet, say a prayer to yourself for them otherwise you might scare the heck of of the Mom.
'Tell the children the truth.' Bob Marley