Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...light my fire...

Greetings! It is snowing in Chester County, PA this morning and looks beautiful. Forecasters are calling for substantial amounts in the next day or so followed by sleet and freezing rain and finally ending with a warming trend of just rain. For those of you not in this area, please disregard our weather forecast as it probably doesn't interest you. This might tho'. I am being 'green' as I picked up a bunch of remnant wood pieces from a carpenter and will use them for kindling in my fireplace. Doesn't that sound like a warm and inviting idea? My Terrier, who really despises cold anything will enjoy it immensely as he loves fires. People in Coatesville, PA...not so much. It seems that many house fires have been started in the past few weeks and they do not seem to be an accident. So far a string of 15 homes have been destroyed. How sad is that? Fire is such an extreme and oft-times uncontrollable force of nature. So were 'The Doors' who's debut album was released on this day in 1967. They did a little ditty entitled 'Light My Fireplace Screen' uhm, no. It was called 'Light My Fire'. Perhaps you have heard of them. They too sometimes destroyed property but it was usually their own. Please don't mess with people's hard earned things. Even if they aren't 'hard earned' they still aren't other's to abuse. If you get all fired up about something take that energy and direct it to something positive like a good run, a gym workout or painting/wallpapering a room. Not to dwell on pop music but also on this day but in 1984, Michael Jackson was burned during filming for a Pepsi commercial. I have to do that family room floor plan today and fax it to the installers and also order Graber Pleated Shades and some drapery weight fabric. I think that my needlepoint pillow and ceramic tassel order may come in today so I had better high tail it into my shop. If you are in the Chester County area, drive and walk with care and perhaps throw a blanket and bottled water into your vehicle or backpack/pocketbook just in case. If you are in a gorgeous, warm, sunny climate, well...whatever. *smirk* I am kidding. I am happy for you if this is the case. Have a great day, stay positive and if you are in a beautiful neck of the world, please grab me a postcard and fire it off to me.
'Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell.' Joan Crawford