Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello. There is a thin layer of ice over much of Chester County, PA this morning and it looks beautiful. My friend AE ( arts and entertainment is apropos) sent me a photo totally capturing this feat of nature and I have posted it as today's picture. It almost looks like a gourmet dessert, doesn't it? Imagine cherries coated in a clear sugar confection. I'll bet if I asked, my AA could either give the recipe out or figure out her own way to prepare this. It is morning here but now I am thinking about dessert. Carl Taylor must have thought about it much more often than I as on this day in 1924 his ice cream cone rolling machine was patented in Cleveland. Oddly enough neighbors to his immediate left and then right were named Ben and Jerry, respectively! (this may or may not have happened) . Yum. Sugar coated cherries on a white wedding cake. I have got to get my mind on healthier items. I wonder if Elizabeth Taylor ever had a wedding cake with cherries on it? She certainly had more than enough opportunities. On this day in 1951 was her first divorce for Heaven sake! Last night was extremely productive, my terrier is back on his paws and I assembled some lamps that look even better in person than they did in the sales reps portfolio. My friends drove home around midnight and although it was ice covered, as I have already sort of explained, everyone arrived home safely. May must be a huggey kissey month because I have so many people celebrating a birthday right now and two people ready to have a baby, (one in process as I type.) Good luck KS. Hope you brought along something blue, no matter what the Dr's. told you! Always the lady, she has been an earthy riot these past few long weeks. Peddle time. Ice Cream Scoops for these cold winter evenings if you want to take advantage of Carl Taylor's cone patent in style. Enjoy, even if Ben and Jerry aren't your next door neighbors. Have a great day.
'Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.' Margaret Thatcher