Sunday, November 23, 2008 turkey!

Hello! It is a peaceful Sunday morning here in Chester County, PA. I walked the dogs at our own pace and enjoyed the solitude. Yesterday was a series of trying to get things accomplished in an efficient manner while no one seemed to be on my schedule. How selfish, you say? Some days are like that but this one was a constant barrage of people wanting to chat. In a way I am lucky but in another way it is stressful. I'm sure that everyone experiences days like these. I hung up on one dame who kept talking politics even when I said I had to go. She didn't listen, so neither did I. Respect goes both ways, ya know! Miraculously I got home in time from the shop to walk and feed the animals, grab what I baked the night before, go back to pick up friends and then make it to Perkasie, PA in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. I drove and am somewhat fast but safe. We had the radio on and 90.1 here in PA had a countdown of the best vocalists in history. It was fun although I still have yet to learn who compiled the list. Leave it to the music tho'. Those San Franciscans really have been ahead of their time for many years. On this day in 1889 the first jukebox went into operation at the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco. My guess is that they had the usual 'Funky Town', 'New York, New York', 'Turkey In The Straw' and a couple of dance tunes but I could be wrong. The ride was quick and pleasant and once there I had a chance to relax. I bond well with R and it reminds me that there is something out there much larger than me. One of the guests kept drinking tonic water and I know that feeling well although my drink of choice is fat free milk. What a party animal! But I did have to drive and have a lot to do today as well, so I didn't need anything to take the edge off of my mind. I joked with that guest a few times, even made a 'funny' comment as I exited using air quotes to tell this person to enjoy the 'tonic water'. Not until we were all back in the car heading home did I learn that the guest is a recovering alcoholic. Every party needs someone like me, eh? I had arrived at my shop a little late yesterday morning and a sweet couple was waiting in the frigid temperatures and I felt bad as I am never late and no one is ever at the shop at 9 on a Saturday anyway. Gobble, gobble. They found some in stock wallpaper and borders and left happy. While there the woman laughed at me while I tried to answer the store land line going from one phone to the other and getting no connection. A few minutes later an exasperated lady from Houston called back thinking that I had intentionally hung up on her. The day went pretty much like that. But last night around 7 pm as I threw the Hot Potato, got bonked in the nose by a small but hard head, unknowingly teased an alcoholic about drinking habits and communicated with a very special child, I felt thankful. Have a great day everyone and if I don't make much sense today, I understand. Blame it on the turkey.