Thursday, August 28, 2008

...ease, disease

Greetings from Chester County, PA. It is again sunny, clear and moderate. The landscapers are outside trimming the sidewalk perimeters with ease...I moved the leads to make it easier for them. We just got back from a 2 mile run/walk. I was almost going to mention sore calves because I pushed it a little after working out yesterday, moving a friend this weekend and then getting green drywall sheets last evening for another friend. (My truck fits 4x8 sheets easily although they are somewhat heavy. ) But then I remembered where I am going today! To Connecticutt to visit friends who used to live right down the road from me. He used to work on German cars specifically with their intricate computers and engines and was a whiz, his dexterity something that came easily to him, thus the chosen profession. Now he needs assistance in even moving his legs in the wheelchair that he is confined to. MS is a dastardly disease. I have 3 dear friends who suffer from this. Some professionals have found a connection between type a overacheivers and this disease. hmmm... We are the same age and I hope one day to have an attitude as great as his. His wife is a gem also and we will laugh and have a great time. I did promise the drapery photos but have not had time to download and photoshop them. I will next week tho'. Another disease that was all but ignored in the early 80's was recognized on this day in 1981. The National Center for Disease Control announced a high incidence of Pneumocystis and Kaposi's sarcoma in gay men. Soon, these were recognized as symptoms of an immune disorder, called AIDS. Another thing that happened on this day but in 1961 was accomplished with ease as The Marvellete's smash hit record "Please Mister Postman" was released, shot to #1 and was the first top hit for record label Motown. In 1974, the Carpenters took the song to #1, making that look easy because they toured all year and had no time to record an album. They happened into the studio one day and played around. It was the only recording they did all year and turned out to be one of their biggest worldwide hits. Their engineer absolutely hated the track, but probably easily collected his paycheck. wink. We all know what happened to Karen... For your shopping ease here is a link to needlepoint area rugs. I hate to acknowledge what this weekend has come to signify, so I will simply post a Beachhouse Needlepoint Rug to make it easier on myself. With that said, be thankful for what you have, try to accentuate the positive, be SAFE and have a great, um...uh...LDW. Whew. That was easy!