Thursday, August 21, 2008

...all is fair?

Good day. It's sunny, cool and insomnia got me at around 1 am after a full hour of sleep. Yippee. I sure do love that feeling. It is dastardly. But who said things would always be fair? Like getting a full night's sleep on a regular basis. These days more and more peope suffer from insomnia, even those of us who avoid caffeine later in the day, work out regularly and eat well. Hmmm. Anyway, back to fair. Did you hear the one about the lawyer who...I stopped because I can't count on all of my fingers and toes, (and I have ten of each) the number of friends and aquaintances who practice law and are the most wonderful people. So those jokes about them are totally unfair; at least the ones on my list. Click here for the opening theme to 'Perry Mason', the television show. On this day in 1878 the American Bar Association was founded. Someone out there is trying to keep things just, fair and somewhat balanced. The Glenmont Wool Oriental Rug shown creates depth and balance and comes in several sizes...sort of like attorneys! Does anyone out there have someone in their life who talks to him or herself out loud on a regular basis? If so, does it creep the s*it out of you? It does me. It is amazing what one can find with a bit of sleep deprivation and the internet. On this day in 1962, American 'actor' Jeff Stryker was born. On this day in 2007, Haley Paige, an American 'actress' died. (Google* if you need to know the similarity between the two.) Talk about unfair...Is it bedtime yet? No, it is time to take a shower and get this day rolling. Be good, be fair and please... *don't do any nudie scenes. It may be minimum wage, but WAWA is always hiring.