Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Stand Up...

Good morning. If you are one of those who got goosebumps upon first hearing "We Are The World", you may want to check out a new song recorded for Breast Cancer Awareness. It is called "Just Stand Up" and here is the link. You have to suffer through a Windows Vista ad but it is short. Sunny and clear again here in Chester County, PA and compared to those battling cancer, my life is blessed. Many of these stars appearing on this record donated their talents and time for charity and many may drive Cadillac Escalades. I am not sure but it could be so. On this day in 1901 Cadillac Motor Company was founded. They almost took a nose dive several years ago, but just stood up, came back strong and are still doing rather well, even in this age of smaller cars and economy. Just ask my friend who is negotiating a new lease with them. Last night I slept almost 7 hours and I feel practically human again today. Yippee!

The Metropolitan Bedroom Suite came up on my site when I searched 'Just Stand Up' as did an umbrella stand. Neither has anything to do with cancer awareness, but most of us have to make a living. Back to the subject at hand, no pun intended. I heard in a news report this morning that the breast exam itself is sometimes not enough and to also insist on an mri as the exam can miss things. The song will be available for download on 9/02/2008 and all profits are supposed to go to the charity. Let's hope so! Have a great day.