Saturday, August 23, 2008

...modern times

Good sunny Saturday to all. I am delivering two jade green sofas this morning which should be fun. My SUV may attract the middle finger of some 'green' folks at times, but I don't care. I need it for my business, and it can fit a full sized sofa comfortably. It lights up when I reverse and has all kinds of ding-ey sounds, some of which I am still learning about. Like when a moron in front of you leaves his/her turn signal on for miles. After a while you stop wondering if they are going to turn. Well, I was the moron a few days ago. With the radio cranked I heard this annoying bell sound and thought it was mixed into the average rap/pop song playing on the radio. I then learned that the truck tells the driver that the turn signal has been on for quite a while. Modern technology is terrific! We went to Cutillo's for dinner last night and my bluetooth got caught on a keychain. I spent quite a while looking for it and then a text message arrived to tell me of it's whereabouts. As I write here from my backyard on the wireless laptop and wait for my cell phone to charge I think of how much easier life is with these bells and whistles. Speaking of wireless, on this day in 1889 the first wireless message from a ship to the shore was received. It may have been Lillian Gish but I cannot swear to it. Speaking of 'modern', here is a Modern Classics Wood Glass & Metal Table Set. I'd better get ready. This morning will be somewhat of a freak show what with...well..., trust me. Have a great day all.