Friday, December 19, 2008

...let it snow...

Hello. It is currently raining here in Chester County, PA but soon the rain will turn to snow. I filled the bird feeders before heading out early today as they have become accustomed to the food. Once one makes that type of commitment it is important to stick with it. I delivered a Chippendale Legged Camel back Sofa today and also hung a mirror, placed a new lamp and installed sage green sheers with claret red banding and a pomegranate silk balloon valance. It all looks great if I do say so myself. I need to flashback a bit because one morning when I didn't go to the park with the boys, I walked them through the neighborhood and that's the day that I saw a cat in one of the parking lots just laying there. School children, parents and those off to work all saw the animal but no one seemed to care. I had three dogs in hand so temporarily tied them to a nearby lamppost so as not to startle the cat if he was sleeping. Once by his/her side I immediately noticed that the animal was malnourished and awfully thin. I took off my fleece, gently picked him up and sort of swaddled him in the soft coat. I then untied three leashes and walked the group home. I flew to the vet and they took me immediately, brought the cat in and promised to call me after tests had been completed. Later that day the phone call advised me to okay the animal to be euthanized as he had been abandoned and was beyond being cured. I gave my credit card number over the phone and felt devastated that people could be so indifferent. I had tried to give him milk from an eyedropper and I do think he smiled at me with his green eyes and charcoal/white coat as I drove like my normal madman pace to the vet.

Fast forward to this morning. After hanging the drapery, the clients asked me where I lived as they were concerned about the roads. When I told them they told me that they had been in my neck of the woods a few weeks ago and had seen an abandoned kitten. I asked what they did and the wife told me she'd be right back. Descending the stairs, she had the cutest little kitty cat in a small blanket. They had used a groundhog cage to catch him and the little tyke was doing beautifully. I had to pet his head and welcome him into the world, thankful that he somehow had found a safe home. I looked into his green eyes and ran my hand down his back of charcoal and white and left that home feeling better than when I arrived. Winters here can be cold and unforgiving and it's really no place to be when there is no safe haven. Who better to retell that fact than the soldiers in this area in 1777. During the American Revolutionary War, George Washington's Continental Army went into winter quarters at Valley Forge, Pa. That park is less than 7 miles from me. Not everyone on this earth has a safe, warm place to rest their head so please keep your eyes open to those who may need a little help. Have a great day, be safe and if you are going to have snow where you are, enjoy!