Tuesday, September 23, 2008

...you can count on me...

Greetings. Last evening we tried a new photoshopping program for a class in design that we will be presenting in December. It took more calculations than my current program, so after about an hour and a half I decided to stick with the older yet better version. The math involved in this industry is more demanding than one might think. It is not only texture and color, believe it or not. Everything is calculations, scale, size, quantity so it is important to be able to count. Before your eyes glaze over, it is also fun most of the time. Herman Hollerith considered calculations more fun that color apparently because on this day in 1884 he patented his mechanical tabulating machine. In 1911 he formed a company and along with three other companies created the Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation the title of which doesn't smoothly roll off of the tongue. But in 1924 it was renamed International Business Machines Corporation; in short...I.B.M.

You can stylishly count the minutes pass with my Black Wall Clock. BT ordered wallpaper for her foyer bath. It required 178.4 square feet of wallpaper and at a 20.5" width roll with a pattern repeat of 25.5" it ended up using 8 single rools. See what I mean? I then calculated what she would need to make a simple shower curtain. The opening is 70" wide and the finished length needed is 72" long. The fabric is 54" wide with a vertical pattern repeat of 22". We need a 4" double hem at the bottom and a 3"double hem to encase rivets at the top. The fabric looks best centered on the 70" finished width treatment so that means centering the 54" width minus .5" for seam consideration on each side and we also want the toile fabric with a large pattern to be centered both vertically and horizontally so we will need 6 yards of fabric. Wasn't that easy? Have a great day. I am counting on it.