Saturday, September 27, 2008

...tonight, tonight...

Greetings! It is again raining here in Chester County, PA but is warm so I don't mind. I helped my neighbor drop off her vehicle and then we had dinner last evening. I am not a fan of tv per se, especially late night tv but I did get a kick out of Letterman feeling like an 'ugly date' on youtube. On this day in 1954 the nationwide debut of Tonight (The Tonight Show) hosted by Steve Allen on NBC. Pictured is a TV Cabinet available in my furniture section of this website. The phone keeps ringing so I will write more later.
I'm back. BT came in to look at the alternate wallpaper suggestions and then a lady came in to check out the tables on the floor here. The beautiful and HUGE home that I pass twice daily from here to home and vice versa has many, many animals including horses, cows, turkeys and that old curmudgeon turtle that I saved (well, tried to save) with my Racquetball racket a few weeks back. he is still alive, I didn't mean it that way...he just wouldn't accept my assistance. Anyway, there is a "For Sale" sign up and under the 'For Sale" it says collections. I am worried that the animals will be homeless. I, of course am also concerned about the humans. But, back to the animals. Hopefully an animal lover will buy the joint so cranky Mister Turtle can rule the roost without interruption. Ok. There goes the phone again. I hope you have a great day and weekend.