Friday, September 12, 2008 for (heaven's) sake...

Good day everyone! We just got back from our run and the sky is like a work of art, a natural watercolor if you will. We celebrated by bringing a large trash bag with us and picked up a lot of bottles, paper and gum wrappers from the beautiful parks' environs. That should probably be considered art as I juggled three leashes and a trash bag while running/stopping. Last evening at dinner a friend told me that she is going to paint an oil for me, the subject being a glass of milk! How appropriate since, at my advanced years I drink it a lot. (fat free, of course, but still...) Today I am installing valances made from a bottle green and pink plaid. I will try to remember to take a picture or two. Tomorrow (early) I install more of those great looking Graber Lightweaves Roll Shades and after work I make a housecall to a client who needs new kitchen furniture and some accessories in her family room. I know the scheme well...I did it all about 7 or 8 years ago.
I received a notice in the mail inviting me to my 25th anniversary college graduation. Yikes. Where's the Botox???? Speaking of my college years, on this day in 1940 cave paintings were discovered in Lascaux, France. And NO, that isn't me to the left of the Tyrannosaurus. Contrary to some beliefs the Triassic period was about 230 million years ago. I say that tongue firmly in cheek as no matter what political affiliation you are, it is always necessary to fact check. Clarify what you hear to learn for yourself. Don't follow nonsense and assume that it is true. You can always google too. A few times this week, between talk of pigs and dinosaurs I felt as though I was at Great Adventure, not two months before a Presidential Election. Issues people. Issues.
Today's photo is Art For Mirror's Sake. Oh yeah...the moon will be full on September 15th. It is the Harvest Moon and I know that I talk about it every year and don't know why. Maybe I was an American Indian in a past life, or Scandinavian before Christian Religion...anyway, the Harvest moon seems to appear brighter than other full moons but the luminescence is caused by the seasonal tilt of the earth, (it's orbit is a little different which also changes the length of time between moonrises). Last year I think I posted the album cover of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon". Talk about the stone age.I will post a Harvest Moon photo on the 15th. Bet you can't wait. It is artsy and beautiful. Have a great day.