Saturday, May 30, 2009

...under pressure...

Hello. It is sunny here in Chester County, PA. I had a great talk with Tiffany from 'Oasis Raw Foods' yesterday. She was sharing with me the stress and tension that she and many others are feeling lately and feels a change coming. I also feel stress and figure it to be part of life. I keep getting excellent orders from my website and all of the work that I put into it (along with NobleKnits) but items are hard to obtain. I think that, even though my business is doing very well, many companies are either not stocking or wait for orders and then the item cannot be gotten immediately. So far, so good for the most part but that does add another element to pressure. I delivered two refurbished Traditional Chairs to a hair salon this morning and they were appreciative and funny as heck. One stylist has overcome so many challenges in the past few years but still remains smiling and wonderful to be around. Continuing on pressure... on this day in 1948 a dike along the flooding Columbia River broke, obliterating Vanport, Oregon within minutes. Fifteen people died and tens of thousands were left homeless. I feel so sorry for her as I have many gay and lesbian friends and wish that I could have been there to relieve some of her pressure. Huh, what? Oh, my bad. Today M and EW are coming in so that I can help with her dorm room. I have been decorating for them since E was in a crib. Yikes. Pressure. Age wise. JS is coming in to pick up her 'Cheval Washed Mirror' that looks terrific. I spent a little time refinishing the drawer top because I felt it needed a bit more and I was successful. I left the plastic bubble wrap covering on the mirror itself to protect it for it's trip to Maryland. I hope the recipient doesn't think me a wiseacre to cover the mirror. Years ago I remember a walk-in leaving my shop in the pouring rain. I called out the front door, "Would you like a bag?" She replied, "Why?" I replied, "For your head!" I worked out with her ex-husband at the gym and he told me how offended she was. It was not my intention. She was probably still under pressure from the new divorce. Yikes. Have a great day, relieve pressure in any healthy way that you can and try your best not to allude that people need bags on their heads. Today's photo is of the 'Aegean Rattan Dining Chair'. Bag it!

"Being Elvis Presley's daughter is a whole lot of pressure. It's been a constant burden in my life." Lisa Marie Presley