Friday, May 8, 2009


Greetings. It is sunny and warm in Chester County, PA this morning. Yes, you read me right. People were shocked and surprised at this change in the weather and many were almost effervescent. So was pharmacist John Styth Pemberton, who on this day in 1886 invented a carbonated beverage that would later be named "Coca-Cola". I almost added the incorrect link when searching for Coke so please Google with caution. Yesterday I received new wallpaper books and added several papers along with room settings to my website. Some folks have trouble envisioning the final outcome when choosing wallpapers so this may make it easier for those few. Last evening we did the 5 mile path at Valley Forge which seemed the popular choice for many. The water fountains in Valley Forge Park have cold, refreshing Spring water. I should contact Coca-Cola and suggest they put their product in the fountains...but diet of course. We are tentatively planning to go sailing in Marsh Creek next Sunday, weather permitting. Today's photo is of my 'Sail Boat Wooden Plaque' for those who like the idea of a sail boat but would prefer to stay out of the water. I trust that everyone called that cell phone number to prevent unwanted phone calls. I did this a few posts back. If you haven't taken care of this you still have a little time. Phone solicitation has become popular over the years and I have gotten better at evading many of those callers. Using ruses and other underhanded devices to garner information and try to sell, I would like to 'pop' a few of these phone players, perhaps with a frozen liter of Coke. I wonder if the Pemberton Family would object to this? Pemberton was a pharmacist and chemist in Georgia and his initial idea for Coca-Cola was to create a coca wine. This alcoholic beverage was mixed with coca, kola nut and damiana ( a small shrub with tiny flowers that then produce a fig-like fruit) and he called this drink 'Pemberton's French Wine Coca'. It was intended to stop headaches and calm nervousness, but others insist he was attempting to create a pain reliever for himself and other wounded Confederate veterans. Personally I would have stuck to the original recipe but I was probably walking the dogs when they called for my expert opinion. Have a great day, don't worry about being popular and sail through with ease.
"For her fifth wedding, the bride wore black and carried a scotch and soda." Phyllis Battelle