Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hello. It is sunny and warm in Chester County, PA today. We finally gave back to the great park people who daily remember to bring dog treats when they walk. One lady didn't even have pockets this morning but kindly carried a Zip Lock bag, as though she had no other things to remember. We are surrounded with kindness and I consider myself very lucky. I picked up some handmade cocktail napkins and put them on the windshields of cars that I recognize to be owned by these wonderful folks. If I were really nice I would have put liters of Vodka on their windshields, but let's not get crazy here. Speaking of crazy...tonight is a Full Moon. The may 9th Full Moon is in Scorpio and the given ritual suggests that we open up to others and explore the darker aspects of life, to accept those ‘nasty’ parts we all have in order to transform the dark into the light. By cleansing our spirit of upsetting past emotional issues and looking within and without, we can build a stronger personality that will be better able to help others in an honest, compassionate way. I wonder if on this day in 1671 there was a Scorpio Full Moon? That may explain Thomas Blood's actions. He disguised himself as a clergyman and attempted to steal England's Crown Jewelry from the Tower Of London. He wasn't framed, he did this of his own accord. That crazy faux Priest! Crazy is as crazy does. Some builders use that unattractive plate mirror in bathrooms...the kind that are attached to the drywall with clear plastic clips. I spent the better part of yesterday fabricating pewter frames for two such mirrors and am very happy with the results. I will install them later today and this small change will undoubtedly transform the mundane to the, well, framed. Tomorrow I have just learned, I will hang many, many mirrors and pieces of framed art for a client so I plan on being level-headed quite early tomorrow morning. Today's photo is of the 'I See The Moon' needlepoint area rug. It is a jewel for a child's bedroom so please keep your hands off of it Thomas Blood! It can be purchased on my website tho'. Have a great day and, uhm, why not...let's get a little crazy!
"You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy." Charles Manson