Friday, May 15, 2009


Greetings. It is raining slightly here in grey-ish Chester County, PA. update. it is sunny at 2:52 pm and I am not referring to rt. 252. It has pretty much been doing the same thing here for days on end. My installation yesterday went great and it could have been a circus because the vent system people were there as were the carpenters, (no, not them but I would have preferred them) as well as the clients so we endured and tried to tread lightly over each other. Kind of like this rain. Some interesting popular culture items were introduced to the public, (redundant) on this day and all have endured. Firstly, on this day in 1905 Las Vegas was founded and that place has done nothing but endure and prosper, for the most part. So has Walt Disney Studios who premiered Mickey Mouse in his first cartoon on this day in 1929. The animated short was entitled 'Plane Crazy' and I wish that it had premiered the day that I wrote about kooks...1940 proved to be an important day as McDonald's opened its first restaurant and is now the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants. They serve nearly 47 million customers daily, some repeats. The first nylon stockings were sold on this day in 1940 also, making both women and drag queens much happier. Then, in 1970 the Beatle's released their last album. 'Let It Be' which has also endured. Today I will fax those area rug renderings and get them on their way. It has been area rug month for which I am thankful. Interior Design-wise, both toile wallpapers and the 'Empire Pole Swag' have stood the test of time simply because of good design. Both are favorites of mine, not that you asked. I have made this widow treatment in many different fabrics and have also omitted the pole at times and board mounted the treatment for a less curvy look. I have family coming this weekend and a birthday party for my dear sis JK so I plan on finding the vacuum cleaner and some cleaning supplies. But plans change...My thought is that I had better endure and get the cleaning done. Have a great day, wear your nylons with pride and if you need to go plane crazy, well, 'I'm Lovin' It!'
"By trying we can easily endure adversity. Another man's, I mean." Mark Twain
P.S. I love the Google ad for Velcro that suddenly appeared on here!