Thursday, May 21, 2009

...sign of the times...

Greetings! It is sunny and beautiful in Chester County, PA and the park came in handy both last evening and this morning. Last evening we watched a Lacrosse Game and today we did our usual walk. New signage at the park now alerts people to the dangers of Lyme disease and where to place your trash. I guess that the huge trash receptacles were not an obvious enough hint. I received another order for my 'Gilded Songbird Needlepoint Pillows' and can see the power of a sign, albeit a small one, in a popular design magazine. Thank you 'Romantic Homes'! The movie industry celebrated a sign of the times on this day in 1908 when the first horror movie, 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' premiered in Chicago. I think that he has come back to earth in many different forms. Perhaps some of you have encountered him? Speaking of horror, today's photo is the unfortunately named "Fuk Mi Seafood and Sushi Buffet" restaurant. ( click photo to enlarge) That is certainly a sign of the times...'Thank you for calling 'Fuk Mi', how may I direct your call??? Human signage, and most of us have them, are our fingerprints. Today in 1934, Oskaloosa, Iowa became the first municipality in the U.S. to fingerprint all of its citizens. In 1979 Elton John changed the times as he was the first western rocker to perform live in U.S.S.R. Wonder if he ever ate at Fuk Mi? JS may have finalized her mirror decision and won't her sister be happy! LR stopped in and I can now remove her custom drapery and re-install it in her new home. The kitchen at least. The windows and doors are exactly the same size and it seemed a shame to me to leave them considering how (pats himself on the back) perfect they look. I could always make new ones, but who needs to spend several thousand to recreate the same thing when I can simply take them down and rehang for a few thousand! Kidding. Maybe. That's a sure sign of the times, right? Sometimes a sign can be something other than what you expect. This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and the beginning of summer to most. If you are in the Cape May area, be sure to look for brilliant blue awnings as it is a 'must stop' location for good, reasonably priced food. 'Uncle Bill's Pancake House and Family Restaurant' if you don't already know and I am sure that you do. Time for me to sign off. Have a great day. Thank you NEO for the great sign photos.
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." Bill Watterson ...or have they???