Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hello. It is raining here in Chester County, PA on this April Fools' Day. I am not one for playing tricks on people but I guess some find humor in it. This day is annually marked by hoaxes, practical jokes and pranks whether they be simple or detailed in thought and delivery. The goal is to embarrass the gullible. Perhaps I need more of a sense of humor...Yesterday I had a Sales Representative from a major fabric and wall covering house march into my shop and aggressively try to take books from my shelf. It was surreal. There is a 'mature' woman who also works here and had she been alone with this cretin I would be missing sample books. She was shaking as she left the shop and I wanted to kick his rude butt but I handled it and will handle it even more. I see no need to post the manufacturer as I have never had issue with them in the past but we shall see. His behavior was foolish to say the least, as well as unprofessional and that will not be tolerated. I am finishing the final stitches on Goldenrod and Sky Blue silk panels and they are spectacular. I also faxed a work order for a red and two tones of blue round area rug that is so unique and inviting that I will have to take a photo. I keep promising photos but still have not had the time to do a 'photo day'. Lori in IN does tho' and I will find out this morning if my 'Antique Ivory Trunks' can find there way to her by this Saturday. I am making every effort to make this happen for her. UPS just delivered the Indigo Blue Toile Shower Curtain and it is perfect. Toile was being force fed for a while but it, in my opinion, will always be in style. The gold cord with lip came in too so I will have to get going on the Kravet Fabrics black and gold embroidered board mounted valance and matching shower curtain. Hmmmm. I am beginning to see a 'pattern'. Maybe people are tired of ready-made shower curtains and want to make a statement. Sounds good to me. Chose a long term pattern and make no foolish decisions! Have a great day. And taste that sugar before spooning it in. It could be a tad salty. Speaking of salt, today's photo is 'Under The Sea Beach Fabric Green'. No foolin'.
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln