Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hello. The rain is falling on this grey Chester County morning. We went for our walk and no one is very happy with me right now. I planted grass seed late yesterday and think that my timing was good. I won a biography about 'Carpenters' and have been reading it in small doses as time allows. They wrote 'Yesterday Once More' to pay homage to early rock radio and intended to put many song titles into the tune until Karen walked in the room and claimed, 'Oh, I hate that idea." Song titles were not included. On this day in 1921 the first sports broadcast on the radio took place. Interestingly, the first radio broadcast that included music happened on Christmas Eve, 1906 from a US Navy ship. The naval officer who found my website and the 'Red Snapper Needlepoint Pillow' ordered yesterday. Also, a crazy dame called to ask if I installed drapery. I of course answered 'yes'. She then told me in a somewhat haughty way as she chomped on her lunch while speaking that another installer did a poor job and he wouldn't come back to her home. She told me that she had the drapery and drapery hardware and when I asked what type of drapery and hardware, between bites her reply was 'that doesn't matter'. Hmmm. No wonder the initial installer wouldn't come back. And I won't be making an initial visit! Happy day ma'am and goodbye. And don't speak with your mouth full. Yikes. Broadcast that one! I hang the box pleated valance today to finish that bathroom redo. I will bring my camera as promised but am not sure if the Venetian wall treatment will show up. It is very subtle to the eye but I will do my best. Last evening we went to dinner at 'Zacharias Creek Side Cafe' and everything about the visit was wonderful. They had great music broadcasting indoors and out and seemed to have found 'unplugged' versions of popular songs to add a nice twist to the ambiance. I almost felt as though I had been born in 1906 however as the restaurant was in the area of my High School. Boy has it grown. It used to be very rural with a spattering of large homes and fields. Very private and pretty. It is still quite beautiful but now there are many, many large homes and businesses. Have a great day. Broadcast the positive and eat before talking. Today's photo is of a scene from the movie 'Ghost Town' featuring my 'Red Snapper Needlepoint Pillow'. The naval officer was kind enough to email me the picture.
"Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go." Margaret Walker