Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hello. It is sunny and clean in Chester County, PA today after strong rains last night. I remembered to take in the bird feeders before the storm hit and many neighbors were thankful that they didn't get bonked on the head by airborne bird seed missiles. Ouch. I went home early yesterday to be with one of my dear neighbors. Her young Cockapoo had a seizure and she was beside herself, of course. Our Vet gave him some medicine and all seems well right now. The blood tests will be back in less than 15 hours so we shall see. I won't go there. Another neighbor and I went to dinner last night at DaVinci's and had a wonderful meal. We drove through the town of Phoenixville and it was packed. Less than three years ago the town was bordering on dilapidated and now there is a resurgence. I almost bought a townhouse with a store front way back when. Properties were very inexpensive and coulda, woulda, shoulda...On this day in 1889 at high noon, thousands rushed to claim land in the Land Run of 1889. Within hours the cities of Oklahoma and Guthrie were formed with populations of at least 10,000. Sort of like Phoenixville but with less horses. We were given cookies on our walk this morning, again and when we returned to my truck more cookies were sitting on the running board. Even those who wish to remain faceless are showing love. We are lucky. The rest of the Michael's Textile, Fabricut and Carole Fabrics books are on the shelf and ready to use. A foyer, office and den window treatment order are almost ready to be installed. I am waiting for the moving boxes to get out of the way and will complete this job in the next week or so. Tonight is bath night, (for me also) and I am wondering how hard it will be to locate three housemates who tend to find the most excellent hiding places when they hear the water being drawn in the tub. The weather here promises to be warm for a few days so I am taking this opportunity to bathe and dry them completely. Wish me luck. If you see an opportunity today, seize it. Have a great day. Today's photo is of a 'Hydrangea Round Hook Rug.' Spring, no matter the weather or time of year.

A student of my sister (6th grade) took his life this weekend because he made a poor choice and saw no way out. please pray for him, his family and friends.

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas A. Edison Max