Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hello and brrrr from Chester County, PA. I prematurely removed the dog coats and traded them for kerchiefs but that didn't go over well in the this morning's Spring chill. It is sunny but later today forecasters are calling for either rain or snow flurries. Hmmm. I have a few logs left luckily and may put them to good use this evening. I thought that we already had the last fire of the season, but never say never! I have a box of those old fashioned wood matches that you strike on the side of the match box to ignite the stick. I went up high yesterday to measure for three skylight shades and we chose Graber Crystal Pleats in Chalk. I love that color and it has a long term cast to it.

It must be TV Divine Connection month. I already told you about the Armoire and TV of late last week, (Saturday to be exact) and I did it again last evening. I inherited another TV that wasn't even two years old but I sure don't need 5 of the things. My dear friend told me at dinner that her daughter's TV blew and she was taking her shopping the following day, (today to be exact). Well, after dinner I presented her with a TV so now they can shop for more fun things.

I dropped off several bags of items at the Goodwill also yesterday and remember a few years ago when my neighbor and I brought her sofa and love seat to be donated. The sofa wasn't there for one half hour when a beautiful family, down on their luck, was more than eyeing the piece. Their son, maybe 5 was sitting on it with a huge smile on his face. The tag pinned to the left arm read, 'SOLD'. Talk about igniting an emotion. Strike a match for Johnny Walker, who, on this day in 1827 sold the first...NOPE...not cocktail...the first friction match. He was an English chemist who had invented it the previous year. The following day his bitchy, jealous cousin, nicknamed 'Bic' began testing for what would later be called the lighter. (This last statement may or may not be true.)
Today's photo is of that rattan porch furniture that I was painting. It looks somewhat boring without the window treatments and area rug to form a cohesive portrait but I will post anyway and brace myself for the 'constructive criticism' emails often accompanied with these design pics.
Have a great day, and if you have the need to ignite someone's emotions, please make sure it is a positive ignition. Robin Gibb of Bee Gees fame was quite the pyromaniac when he was a tot. He is my favorite male vocalist also.
"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning."
Brad Henry ...did you hear that Kat and Jannie and every teacher out there????