Saturday, April 25, 2009

...heads up...

Hello. It is again sunny in Chester County, PA and the high today will hopefully reach 80 degrees. Yippee. Last evening I went to a great party for CN who turned 15. The company and food were great and everyone had fun. No one got too crazy or lost their head which wasn't the case on this day in 1792 when highwayman Nicolas J. Pelletier became the first person executed by guillotine. *cue in 'Guess I Just Lost My Head' *. I have two appointments today in the late afternoon and evening and I never mind working on a Saturday. I am happy for the business. Tomorrow is another party for my nephew who turns 6. He is a remarkable person and a lot of fun to be around. The rabbits are out in full force this morning enjoying their huge salads (ie my garden) but it is fine with me. I'm glad to see the living beings that we share this earth with having such a good morning. If I get home early enough this evening I plan on transporting a tree from my deck urn into the ground on the first level. Sometime during the Winter a seed was planted and now a three foot tree of some variety is growing. He needs more space for his root system and whatever the type, it doesn't matter to me. Grow man grow! I saw my first Hot Air Balloon of the season early this morning and they remind me of bubble gum. Fly high! I had better hit the showers now. Have a great day! Today's photos are of my "Butterfly Backed Garden Bench" and " Box Style Lantern" available in both blue and green. They like to be outside as do I. Maybe we all should lift our heads to the sky today no matter the weather.

"Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that." Norman Vincent Peale