Wednesday, April 8, 2009

...haste makes matzo...

Greetings! It is again cold but sunny here in Chester County, PA. An inordinately slow business associate commented on my performing many tasks quickly. I could quite possibly hang myself if I performed at that snail's pace, which I would do quickly in order not to linger. The Israelites left Egypt in a hurry to escape slavery and celebrate Passover to commemorate it. Sometimes haste is a good thing. Jews eat unleavened bread in remembrance of the quick exit. This year Passover begins at sundown tomorrow and lasts until nightfall on April 16th. On this day in 1730 Shearith Israel, the first synagogue in New York City was dedicated. Here is a recipe for Matzoh Ball Soup. If someone wants to attempt to enslave you, make these delicacies, let them harden and then use them in a slingshot to take out the 'would-be enslaver'. You can also eat them. I have linked a 'How To Shoot A Slingshot' video for your convenience. Today my task is to try to download a new bedding section to my website if I can get someone to stop talking incessantly and also I need to find fabric for an office and also a guest room. I ordered the custom sliding panels yesterday after finally satisfying myself that 42 and 9/16" was the perfect length. Let's hope so. I need three of them and they ain't cheap. I didn't burn logs last evening so I may do that tonight. Friends called me from Hilton Head and reported back that it was 50 degrees and they were bumming. So were their three toddlers. Yikes. I hope that the Martinis were also at least 50 degrees if not colder. For the adults too. Have a great day. Never let anyone enslave you. Our new equation is matzoh balls+slingshot=problem solved. Today's photo is of my 'Silver Fox Faux Throw'. Say that ten times hastily!

"Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste." Benjamin Franklin