Wednesday, February 18, 2009

...when cows fly...

Greetings and, uhm...Moo! It is grey here in Chester County, PA this morning and the temperature is hovering around the freezing mark. A friend stopped over last evening and we had a great, impromptu dinner. That was after an arduous day of measuring. The clients were great, the contractors were great and all went well. It was a business associate that seemed baffled and confused that made the afternoon somewhat of a drain. Not a problem tho' as I ignored the source and steamrolled along to the end result. As I have said before, some people leave you feeling exhilarated, others leave you feeling drained so please choose carefully with whom you 'hang'. I'm not saying to fly out of there but keep those situations brief and stick to your guns. Speaking of 'fly', on this day in 1930 Elm Farm Ollie became the first cow to fly in a fixed wing aircraft and also the first cow to be milked in an aircraft. How about that! This flying cow exhibition was part of the International Air Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri, This trip, covered 72 miles from Bismark to St. Louis. This was done to allow scientists to observe midair effects on animals, as well as for publicity purposes. A St. Louis newspaper trumpeted her mission as being "to blaze a trail for the transportation of livestock by air." The cow was known after this voyage as 'Sky Queen'. Soon after, many more cows became members of the Mile High Club. (this may or may not be true). Today I will calculate 24 window treatments and probably order them by Friday of this week. Every window is able to handle an inside mount installation, which I prefer. They look even more custom when all is said and hung. I will take photos when the job nears completion. Looking out of the client's sun room windows, I mentioned that there seemed to be an energy in nature at this time of year that seems to me to be missing in December through January. He explained to me that sap begins to move in February and I swear that we can feel it. Get away from me with that straight jacket! I am sleep deprived today so I wish myself and everyone a nice, positive day. And forget about 'When Pigs Fly'. It's all about cows. Fireplace Screens are decorative as well as practical.
'I don't believe that you have to be a cow to know what milk is.' Ann Landers