Friday, February 27, 2009

...lean but not fall..

Greetings! It is relatively warm and sunny today in Chester County, PA So nice outside in fact that the cat decided to walk with us. It has been awhile since he joined us and it is quite a sight to behold. I guess growing up with dogs he takes on their behavioral practices. Except for the dish of cream and the 'mewoing' that is. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts. They found a large hole in Percy's insides and he is in critical condition and they say little hope but we don't believe that. Any day now he will be home and hiding from me and most others except for the math tutor. Yesterday I spent updating Scalamandre fabric books and I have to say...good design is timeless. So are most of their patterns as they rarely become discontinued. I received the replacement cord with lip and brush fringe yesterday along with a slew of curtain rods thanks to Andy from Graber/Springs Window Fashions. I swear that I was on the phone to him and in less than 24 hours the drapery hardware was in my possession. I also painted another coat of primer onto Chippendale legged footstools that I am turning from staid mahogany traditional to Beach House fashion. I will take photos of those if I remember. The other day a line of different vets missed a diagnosis on dear Percy and it seems that human doctors missed calls on PF. I have put her story in italics in the hopes that if any of you have a free moment, please offer a prayer or thought of positive energy for her.

My friend PF had a breast lump that did not show anything on Mamo and ultrasound we tried to get her and MRI and it took 8 months as the lump got bigger and bigger when she finally got the MRI... it show cancer. She had a lumpectomy and it is one of the most aggressive cancers you can have. She had a full double mastectomy done 5 days ago and in the time she had the lumpectomy where they removed the mastectomy the cancer was already back in that breast. Her prognosis is 3 years if they had caught the cancer early... they caught it late... so they don't know...she is a single hard working mom. She is in great spirits I'm the one who is freaking out because I care so much.

I hope to spend less time in the shop today since it is so beautiful outside, and we shall see. I think that I may order those bird chairs and table for the shop and put them outside. They are so clever and unique and it would be fun to sit there and have a martini cup of coffee mid-day. My cat is helping me to type and I hope that soon Percy helps R,H and P to type.

These days it is so important to be able to lean and not fall with challenges hitting us from every direction. That's why it is good to surround ourselves with a strong inner circle to help in the holding up pattern when we cannot do it all by ourselves. And please never be hesitant to ask for help. Most people do want to no matter how the picture is painted of a 'me generation'. Just ask. On this day in 1964 the Italian Government asked for help to keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling over. If they can ask, we certainly can. Have a great day. Stand tall. If your legs feel weak either take a moment to sit down, ask for help or both. Today's photo is of a fabric entitled 'Mardi Gras' that is fast becoming unavailable. If it fits your fancy, please call or email me. It is 40 bucks per yard.
"Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye." Helen Keller ironic...
UPDATE:Percy has drastically improved! We knew that it would happen, right!!!Yahoo!