Thursday, February 26, 2009

...a walk in the park...

Good day. We took our as per usual walk in the park this morning and can feel the new energy that only a pre-Spring walk can do. The dogs are almost coat less and the few others at the park had a lilt to their step that wasn't apparent even a few weeks ago. I am lucky to have such a beautiful park near to me and it isn't the only one. I have mentioned in past blogs that Valley Forge National Park is a few miles away so I guess that makes me twice lucky. A very nice man called my shop yesterday to inquire about the 'Cottage Console Table' and yes, it is all hard woods and no, it needs no assembly. The freight charges are a bit higher than say, IKEA but you get a finished table of excellent quality. He ordered it at some point last night. He and his wife had a great idea of having me hand paint it in a color, but later decided that white was fine. The Carole Beach House fabrics arrived late yesterday and I will take photos of the finished products when I install them. They are all fabrics of flowers, branches and nature and very 'park like'. On this day in 1919 an act of congress established most of the Grand Canyon as a United States National Park. Ten years later, on this very day the Grand Teton National Park was created. Maybe this day in every year signifies that Spring is a-comin'. A perfect fabric in my humble opinion has been available for decades. It is a Spring-like chintz made of small blossoms and insects that form a harlequin pattern. Suitable for upholstery and drapery as well as bedding (as long as you keep the bug spray handy) I have both shown it in my blog and provided the link for it's! Please keep your positive thoughts directed at Percy. He is still fighting. Have a great day. I hope it is a walk in the park for everyone.
'The more you know the less you need to say.' Jim Rohn