Thursday, February 19, 2009

...whatever it takes...

Hello. It is sunny and warmer than it has been here in Chester County, PA this morning. Yesterday went swell and this morning i have to carefully order 25 Silhouette Shades that are all slightly different in size and inside mounts...which means that there is no room for error on my part. Don't fret tho'. I am meticulous when it comes to this type of window treatment. I also chose and the client accepted several fabrics for valances to go over the shades. They need them in three weeks so if my blogs turn into one word greetings and nothing more, please understand. I am kidding. There are 24 hours on each day and I rarely use too much time for sleeping. I opened my new IPOD base last night and played tunes while getting my jammies on. It is amazing the sound quaslity that comes out of that thing. Once a fan of the phonograph, and then cassettes and then CD's, now it seems that I am constantly using chips. Please don't roll over in your grave, Mr. Edison. He patented his invention on this day in 1878 and some DJ's still use phonographs. Interestingly on this day in 1847 the Donner Party was rescued near Sierra Nevada on their way to California. They became snow bound and had to resort to cannibalism in order to survive. On a happier note, today in 1913 the 1st prize was inserted into a Cracker Jack box. It was a tattoo of the latest American Idol! (this may or may not be fact). I loved Cracker Jacks as a child and now when I cat sit for my neighbors every summer, they bring me home the adult version from Ocean City, MD and I can usually chow down on a bucket in less than three days. I am not proud of this fact, I am simply stating it. Also on this day my Mom gave birth to me, but not in 1878. She is in Heaven now but pays me visits quite often. Today should be no different and I will report back to you on how she contacted me. It can be rather clever. It is often her perfume even when I am in the locker room at the gym, or repeat plays of 'Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel', that mid-seventies song that was playing on the radio when she kidnapped me and we played hookey from school or odd things like when my younger sister and I were playing Yahtzee on her deck and she said that she never gets visit's from Mom. I told her to ask Mom to visit. On her next dice roll she rolled all 6's. Hmmmm. Coincidence. Probably. Perfume in the men's locker room? Uhm, could be. Repeat plays of 70's dance music. Maybe after 2 at a gay bar... Please don't now cue the 'he's out of his gourd' music. I also believe in the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. That is why I work hard. Have a great day. Do whatever it takes to make your life great, without being dishonest or crappy to others. Oh, I got an email from Penn Dot that they would be calling me by 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Tick, tock...I forgot to ask which time zone. MyBad. Today's photo is of the cryptkeeper. Me.
'Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.' Mark Twain