Monday, February 16, 2009

...toddler's truce...

Greetings. It is a beautiful February day here in Chester County, PA. The sun is awake and ready to go. So are we but wanted to write a bit before we went outside. Yesterday was full of weekly chores and I am happy to report that mostly everything was completed. I hope you can report same. I had a little time later in the evening to channel surf and bot can that be an eye opening experience. Between the body parts of adult themed shows and the body parts of those health and plastic surgery shows one tales both his life and the remote in hand. I am not squeamish but geez...Luckily I didn't have a small child around, but I guess there are settings that one can put in place just for that reason. In fact, there used to be controversial television close down in the United Kingdom called the 'Toddler's Truce' that ended on this day in 1957. The Toddlers' Truce was a piece of early British TV scheduling policy which required transmission halt for an hour each weekday from 6-7 pm. This was from the end of children's TV and the beginning of the evening schedule so that young children could be put to bed. It makes good sense to me except...who puts their children to bed at that hour anymore? You do? Good for you. I finished the cream side panels yesterday and added the black tassel trim to the inside side hems and they look great if I do say so myself. I also shipped out a Birthday Box of goodies and K may be happy when she receives it. Someone gave me a large bottle of cheer and I was tempted to open it yesterday, but then decided to wait. Maybe tonight. Interestingly, and also in Britain, they abolished the death penalty on this day in 1956. Perhaps that is why programmers felt at ease and got rid of the Toddler's Truce so unabashedly. Have a great day, show caution when choosing a television show and get those children to bed at a reasonable Children's Hour. (one of my favorite films of all time). Today's photo is entitled Pole dance. It is nothing risque at all. The client is one of the nicest people that I have ever met. This is her kitchen.
'Tell me who admires and loves you, and I will tell you who you are.' Antoine de Saint-
P.S. It is also President's Day. All across America, President's Day is used as an excuse to sell mattresses and beds. Many stores advertise special Presidents Day Mattress Sales and Presidents Day Mattress Events. I don't know why. I don't make this stuff up. I am simply a blogger.