Tuesday, July 8, 2008

They're Here!!!!!!

Greetings! My great ex neighbors paid a visit yesterday and it was like they never left. Well, sort of. The boys are taller and more mature and the Mom hasn't changed a bit. It was great to see them and we had a fun evening. Not comparing their visit to what happened on this day in 1947 at all! but...Reports are broadcast that a UFO had crashed landed in Roswell, New Mexico. It is brilliantly beautiful today with the sun shining here in Chester County. I'd rather be at the beach or playing tennis but that trust fund check still hasn't arrived. What has arrived tho' is a brand new wallpaper book by Norwall entitled beautiful Flowers and the book is very well done. Why not hand some Leaf Splash Black Wallpaper in your Dining Room above the chair rail and really say something. EA had tooth work done yesterday so it is custard and wine for the duration of the meal week. That and a few Percodans. Last night we ended up going to Rocco's Pizza (hey Gordon) and it was great as usual. Today is supposed to be hot and this afternoon I am playing tennis with N. That should be fun. Have a great day everyone. Hi J and J and J and K and A. and TJ and T.