Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tammy Wynette and Lindsay Lohan

Sunny and Sleepless in Seattle. Well, I slept well in between strange and serious phone calls throughout the night. I had a great call at around 6 pm and it did my soul such good things that I fell asleep right after I hung up. That's not like me. Then the phone rang at 8:30 and I didn't know what day it was. turns out, a long time associate has decided on rehab. and that is a good thing. After settling some nerves I fell back to sleep! The around 10:30 the phone rang again and lo and behold dear friends surprised the bleep out of me, announcing their divorce. At that point I was up for the night. Ironically on this day in 1978 World News Tonight premieres on ABC. Today is Led Zepplin day at the shop. It just seems appropriate. Change is the only constant in our world and I need to get better at embracing it.
I feel a need for a cross right now and if anyone reading this feels the same way, please check out this Rustic Iron Rectangular Cross. You can use it to pray, check your make-up or see where you cut yourself shaving after not enough sleep. Have a great day no matter what changes are taking place in your life. Someone up there (and all around you) is making sure that you will be fine. On his terms, not ours.