Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Keys Please...

This may be getting tiresome but Happy day all to again a sunny, warm and beautiful morning. A great friend is coming in after gardening to choose some wall decor this afternoon so I will try to be brief here. L came in with J to pick up some boy's bathroom plaid wallpaper. They have been coming to me for years and I truly appreciate it. The sons were tots and now one is off to Villanova University this Fall. Que 'Times Of Your Life" by Paul Anka. I am surprised at the amount of wallpaper that I sell considering how supposedly 'out' of fashion some claim. Pshaw on that. Not true. It will always be in. A framed piece of art arrived at my front door late yesterday and I delivered it this morning much to the delight of the recipient, N. Last night I ate at EA's and it was fun as usual. Bijou was fresh from the groomers looking like the dandy that he is. He goes to Ruff Cuts . Warning! Turn your volume level down before clicking on that link. The barking will scare the *&&^% out of you! Then I again hung out on my neighbor's deck and had a relaxing nightcap. They had Pino Grigio and I had milk. What a bore...I mean..healthy bedtime beverage. I am refinishing an old desk given to me by JJJKATT and that is Key! Keyes also. Speaking of Keys, check out these wall art keys. Two items of interest happened on this day. In 1862 American Civil War: David Farragut became the first United States Navy rear admiral. Don't ask don't tell! And in 1880 Dr. Emily Stowe became the first woman licenced to practice medicine in Canada. Very cool.
Along with keys today I am peddling an antique bench with custom cushions in gold. Have a great day. Please say a good one for D and D S. Today is their hearing and I pray for justice for them. I also ran the vaccuum just before LR popped in to visit me. And it has been weeks since I have pushed the one given to me by AA and UD. The stars are in alignment.