Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Tuesday everybody. It is peaceful and sunny here in Chester County, Pa. The beach this weekend was a lot of fun and I really did not want to come back home. Late Friday there was a school of dolphins quite close to the beach and try as I might I could not capture them on film. I did get a photo of a lady pointing at them though. I had planned on installing those LightWeaves shades yesterday but the client postponed so I ended up taking my nephew and his friend to the creek at the park and we had a very nice time. Not quite the beach, but moving water nonetheless. The baby seagulls at the beach were so cute. They (blatant attempt to sell) somewhat remind me of the Flock of Birds Sculpture available in my 'Urban Zone' home fashions section. While on the subject of water locations; on this day in 1959 the United States Congress elected to add Hawaii as a state of the Union. The National Theme Song may have been 'Tiny Bubbles' by Don Ho but I cannot be certain. Have a great day.