Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hit The Gas

Good (sunny, hot, beautiful) day everyone. It took not much time at all to get to the beach on Saturday morning. I think I mentioned the minor inconvenience about the 'new' brakes that needed to be replaced end last week. Well, someone is watching over me. There was a back-up on the way down and people were moving at a rapid pace. "People' included me. Turns out, there was a sudden stop. I was able to get into the far left immediately 'cause no one was coming down that lane. That, combined with new brakes saved us from a lot of hassle and I am grateful for that. The weekend was absolutely great and I didn't want to come back, although once I was, life back home kicked in instantly. I threw my bag on the bed, grabbed the dogs and ELM and we tubed for a while in the river. Then I went to B and G's for dinner and a quick catch up, went home and ordered that carpeting and Black Gorgeous Stairway Runner. We didn't have dsl for some reason at the beach house. I think it was again someone watching over us and saying very sweetly...freaking relax for a couple of days. The client called me while I was on the beach, but no harm, no foul. That particular client is the one who did the flip flop border and polka dot wallpaper early this season for her summer house along with retro beach chair border and waves wallpaper. She is tried and true. Thanks to H for alerting me again to a typo on my website. I am leaving the error up for a day or two to (see if anyone buys it for that price, and I refer to Retro Framed Oil Painting) ahem... I meant so that people can get a nice laugh out of it. Speaking of overpriced things, gas is a bit less at the Jersey Shore. A couple of those sold and I'd probably never give gas prices another thought. During WW2, on this day in 1942 The United States government begins compulsory civilian gasoline rationing due to the wartime demands. I kind of remember the odd/even gas pump days in the 70's. I want to go back to the shore Friday morning early and hope that I can. I will get going here and catch up and wish everyone a great day.