Tuesday, September 1, 2009

...stick together...

Greetings. It is September 1st, and it is cool and crisp here in Chester County, PA. The boys need to get used to the big yellow taxis again, especially the Pom who likes to bite tires. I keep them on short leashes, together and controlled. Somewhat. Last evening someone hit a telephone pole, no serious injuries but it did take out the electricity for the night. Not quite as serious as on this day in1859 when a solar super storm affected electrical telegraph service. We ate and played Ping Pong by candle light and everyone stepped up to stick together. These past two days have been cool but I won't be fooled. Warm days are ahead as is a much needed day trip to the beach. The roads were closed last evening as PECO was breaking their backs to get service to the area but I had an errand to do. Luckily I know the back roads, lawns and creeks and have a large 4wd SUV so all went well. Sorry about those mums Mr. H! It was dark! LS and MS are in Washington scoping out colleges so we had Liam for the night and he gits right in to the pack. The bed was a bit crowded as it wasn't officially a four dogs night but I didn't mind at all. The cobalt blue ringed side panels with brush fringe are finished which will make NO happy. Talk about sticking together. They have the most wonderful family and I am probably not the only one who feels the warmth the moment I cross their thresh hold. I erroneously locked my cat out on the upper deck yesterday, rushing from place to place and one of my many great neighbors brought it to my attention as soon as I got back home. I called and called and found that he had let himself onto a neighboring deck and was none too happy with me. Good thing for good friends and neighbors. We need to stick together. And remember to let the cat in. Click on today's photo to enlarge if it's too small. It will be worth your while.
"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools." Martin Luther King Jr.