Thursday, September 10, 2009 what?

Hello. The cat came with us again this morning for part of our walk, much to the amazement of people around here who aren't used to that. He eats dog food for the most part and hangs with the boys so it seems natural to me. So do other things that many disagree with, but so what. Fabrics arrived late yesterday for two Flat Fold Roman Shades and for the boxed Chaise cushions and I must be in a green mood; or else the clients are. I can almost remember when I first sat down to try to thread a sewing machine. A business associate wouldn't even help me so I persevered on my own, as usual. It turns out that the machine was broken so I started again with another sewing machine and finally, little by little have taught myself much about sewing. That associate must have been peeved at my wanting to learn something new because, as I clearly recall, this person threatened to call the IRS and an attorney on me if I did begin sewing for my business. Huh, what? Patsy Cline said it best on her classic track, 'Crazy.' When you are through changing, you are through.Way back then, a client needed custom valances for a party and my workroom was unable to meet that deadline and the business associate was on another vacation so I did it, it looked great and I never turned back. Thanks to Elias Howe who, on this day in 1846 was granted a patent for the sewing machine, made this process available. He died at the age of 48, a multi millionaire. My cat has been crying at all hours of the night which, along with my infamous insomnia makes for a cheery morning. I go out to measure and choose paint colors this afternoon for a great gal, PN and then I will measure fabrics. How exciting! Singer and Howe thought so and excitedly ran all the way to the bank. Have an industrious day and, uhm, Doe a Deer. Today's photo is a Dining Room with a Brunschwig & Fils Adams style wallpaper, swags and jabots, curved chandelier and sheer panels. Notice the subtle curve theme going on? I knew you would.
"When you are through changing, you are through." Bruce Barton