Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Good day! Sitting outside last evening at EA's for dinner, I noticed three very red leaves on a huge tree with the remaining leaves still green. Today is the first day of Autumn and it is frequently the day of the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemishphere, and the Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. It will take a cold day in Chester County tho' for me to give up the shorts and give into long pants. This time of year always brings a melancholia because I love Summer. One day I hope to live where it is Summer year 'round but for now I need to embrace the seasonal changes. Last night I did watch some TV and it was a Ghost Story with all kinds of scary goblins, etc. and that genre always helps me to sleep well. I know, go figure. On this day in 1692, they hanged the last of the people suspected of witchcraft in the US. I finished another Roman Shade yesterday and have a new client this evening who needs color selection, wallpaper and some type of window treatments. I won't know until I get there and check out her closets (clothes, not skeletons) and talk to her for a bit to begin to create what I know will be something good for her. I had also better order some firewood as my supply is barren. I took Prince to the Vet last evening to see if his enlarged heart and collapsed trachea have improved and guess what! Nothing has improved. In fact, he is now believed to have Cushing's Disease and will need more blood work and who knows what else. As I waited for our appointment three youngsters came in with an adorable terrier puppy swaddled in a blanket looking very much like our beloved Max, and my first thought was, "this puppy is deceased." How horrible. I heard them talking among themselves as only the thoughtless non animal lovers would do as they texted friends back and forth and showed no signs of emotion. After receiving Prince's diagnosis and stood at the gate to pay for the services I learned that the puppy had indeed died. I didn't wait around to listen to what had happened, all I know is that not everyone is meant to care for animals and children. With my love for animals I have seriously been considering a career change but wonder now if I have the heart to study and practice in this field. I think that I would need a baseball bat and/or a handgun with appropriate licensing if you catch my drift. Sometimes Witches, Ghosts and Goblins come in very human forms.
"If an animal does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing for the same reason, we call it intelligence." Will Cuppy