Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Greetings. There was no escaping from the harnesses today and we also kept to the wooded back area and crossed no paths except from way up high where CK and CK waved to us from high atop their deck. I caught CK with a glass of red wine in her hand (at 7:14 am) but she quickly explained to me that it was 'leftover' from last evening. Sure CK. I believe you. Cheers to a brand new day! Speaking of 'high atop' a man named Charles Blondin apparently had no fear of heights. He was a french tightrope walker and acrobatist who had the brilliant idea of crossing Niagara Falls...on a tightrope. On this day in 1859, Mr. Blondin did his first 'crossing of the gorge' below Niagara Falls which measured 1100 feet long and 160 feet above the water. He did it several more times, always with different theatric variations: blindfold, in a sack, trundling a wheelbarrow, on stilts, carrying a man (his manager, Harry Colcord) on his back and sitting down midway while he cooked and ate an omelet. I'll have Swiss Cheese and Broccoli Mr. Blondin! Now that would make great reality TV.

Different personalities have different limitations when it comes to living one's life. Some people, like Charles Blondin did as I have previously reported have an adventurous outlook while others will not or cannot even visit a place like Niagara Falls due to certain fears, finances or other limitations. We need to keep pushing our limits and boundaries if we want to continue to grow. Let's never become stagnant. Let's face it, even stagnant water has an offensive scent. Chevrolet car designers kept pushing their limits and came up with a winner also on this day, but in 1953. The first Corvette rolled off of the assembly line in Flintstone, Michigan. I am a little off on the name, but isn't it funnier that way? Please don't limit my sense of humor. It is small enough as it stands now. I will work further on the black and saddle Living/Dining Room drapery treatments today...unless my car veers in the direction of Niagara Falls. If it does, I sure hope that I remember to pack a long clothes line, a skillet and a half dozen eggs. Have a great day. Set your own limits and don't rely on others to dictate them to you. And don't make them too safe either. It can be much more fun that way. Have a limitless day. Within reason. Today's photo is one of a few black and white wallpapers that look like a Rorshack test. I recommend on of them for your crazy Aunt Fascia's Dining Room. Go ahead, test her limits.

"We are always the same age inside." Gertrude Stein ...for me that's about 12.