Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...whatever happened...

Hello. The delivery yesterday went extremely well; even the rain waited until I was inside the client's home. Once in place and levelled, the Narrow Tall Cabinet was then ready to hold many bathroom items that people wish to be kept out of sight. Other things that I wish to be kept out of sight were not so easy to arrange. It seems that the ghost of Bette Davis made an appearance also yesterday, reprising her role as Baby Jane Hudson from 'What Ever Happened To Baby Jane" with the voice and mannerisms accurately down pat. I was thankful that she didn't begin singing "I've Written A Letter To Daddy'. There is a God. There were no ear plugs, but there is a God. A comment was made previously about the narrow cabinet looking like a 'coffin standing on end'. I was strongly tempted to turn it into such. Is it too early for a cocktail? On this day in 1800 U.S. President John Adams, (brother to Sam Adams of the beer distributor) this may or may not be true took up residence in Washington, DC in a tavern. The White House was not yet completed. How appropriate. I received one of the custom area rugs yesterday as I was loading the cabinet into my truck and it looks just right. Our walk this morning was great as I have been getting up an hour earlier due to the larger 'pack' and it seems to be working very well. Whatever happened to leashed dogs in this area seems to be a mystery but for the safety of the ones who reside in my home, I will stick to the rules. I have been painting Lily Pulitzer Pink and Green and it is no surprise that some of the housemates have new markings. It is water based paint, so not to worry. EA, CN, KD and CJ are all going through very stressful times. If you have a second to throw an extra prayer out there, please do so. Today's photo is the new "Bunny Rabbit 1 Needlepoint Pillow" simply because it is cute. Maybe not Baby Jane cute, but whatever...Have a great day and keep the crazies at bay.
"The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" Bette Davis