Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hello. We may as well be living in a fish pond today as the rains keep a comin'. I have Prince's cough somewhat under control, as long as I can keep the household calm and free of visitors, phone calls and activity from the rest. In other words, it is not a very calm household. Toy breeds tend toward genetic ailments but knowing that doesn't make the boys suffering any less for him. Our morning walk in the pouring rain may not have helped, but we have to go outside. I am feeling a bit Wallace/Darwinlike lately and check daily to see if I am morphing into an amphibian. Or a reptile. So far, the only thing vaguely reptilian about me are the Crocs that I wear a lot due to the weather and the scales forming from lack of sun and beach time. We do our best to survive and I do my best for the housemates. Yesterday a rude freak came into my shop looking for faux finishing business clients. She was downright nasty but I remained professional as I told her that I already had a faux finisher and had been recommending that person for (eghads) about two decades. She demanded to know who it was and I had to stop her from continuing her, uhm, sales pitch. Hint: If one is looking to build a business or attach themselves to someone else's, it is best not to be a foul mouthed *^&&#@. It's all about survival folks. On this day in 1858, Charles Darwin received a paper from Alfred E. Neuman, oops, no, not the guy from MAD Magazine, from Alfred Russel Wallace that included nearly identical conclusions about evolution as Darwin's own. This prompted Darwin to publish his theory. The Library of Congress may or may not have had a field day dividing the book's rights. I wasn't there, I was drying off dogs. My Dad is now home from his brief visit to Fairfax Hospital and is sounding and feeling great. He will celebrate his (ahem) 60th birthday in July and looks forward to it. Survive and remain fit. A lady came in to purchase stock wallpaper yesterday and was a real hoot. She was of a mildly advanced age and does the papering herself. Her grandchildren had promised to help her but she was tired of looking at the ladder, set up in her bathroom and took the situation into her own hands. That is survival of the fittest, and of the nicest. I love people who are real. Those with an agenda, well, back to survival of the fittest, not nastiest. I have the pleasure of delivering a chair this morning in the pouring rain so will wear my favorite rain hat. Most consider it one of the ugliest hats ever viewed and all I can say is, Don't rain on my parade, b#$ches! This ain't 'Project Runway' people. Have a great day and here's hoping that it is sunny where you are even if the sun comes in an attractive glass with a stem. Shown today is 'Caspian Arm Chair'. Survival of the Rattaniest.
P.S. For those of you hoping that today's heading was the man from 'Bewitched', I have provided a link. Click here on Darrin/Derwood.
"The surprising thing about young fools is how many survive to become old fools." Doug Larson